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postheadericon [VIDEO] Kimber Micro 9 Review

Andrew over at GY6vids has put together a great video review of the Kimber Micro 9, and even puts it through a torture test.

Earlier, we reviewed the Kimber Micro 9 CDP and really enjoyed the firearm. If you enjoy Kimber, guns, and/or awesome videos, give this one a watch. Andrew does a great job with his videos, and we appreciate his hard work and dedication.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Ronald and his Kimber CDP ii Pro in a Galco Holster


1) I carry a Kimber CDP ii Pro.

2) I carry it in a Galco Leather OWB holster.

3) I carry a Kimber because I want only the best when it comes to protecting my life and those around me.  I holster up in Leather because I only want the best for my best friend.  I don’t care for the type of wear that Kydex puts on my other weapons.  I monitor my holster to ensure there’s no excessive wearing/stretching to compromise the integrity of the safety.  If/when that occurs, I’ll replace it with a new identical one.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Dominick and his Kimber Solo Carry in a Winthrop Holster


I carry a Kimber Solo Carry.

I wanted an all metal carry gun, I love striker fire, and I wanted both of those options in the smallest 9mm package available. It’s light, it’s trigger is amazing, it’s frame is manageable without the extended mag. My problem was that I have conceal and carry but didn’t actually carry it as much as I should. The Solo delivers all of your wants in a convenient and easy to carry pistol.

I carry a Winthrop in the waist band, right hand draw from a left handed holster, from the small of my back. Its perfectly unnoticed wearing a T-shirt over jeans.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Dale and his Kimber ULTRA CDP II

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR #DIGTHERIG | SEE MORE SUBMISSIONS HERE 1. Kimber ULTRA CDP II 2. Galco King tuk, bianchi 100, waiting for a bravo concealment dos in the mail. 3. The King tuk is really comfortable. The bianchi is … Continue reading
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