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postheadericon Man Forces Himself Into Woman’s Car With Knife, But She Has A Surprise Waiting For Him

MOLINE, ILLINOIS — No one wants to be faced with an armed criminal, especially one armed with a knife who just forced his way into your vehicle.

But that incident was stopped because the woman who was the intended victim was armed and ready to defend herself.

Local media reports;

During a struggle, the woman’s arm was cut, the statement said.  The armed man then forced her to drive him to a rural area of Rock Island County.

Once they stopped, the victim – who had a concealed carry permit – was able to get to her firearm, according to Griffin’s statement.  The armed man then ran off and the victim drove herself to the hospital, where police were then called.

Police were able to locate 61-year-old Floyd R. May, who was charged with numerous crimes stemming from the failed attempt.

May looks pretty sad in his mug shot above, and that’s probably because he knows that he was beat by an armed citizen who refused to be his victim.

Having your firearm close by and within easy reach inside your vehicle can sometimes be a tricky thing, but it’s important to have the plan in place before something like this happens. It’s fortunate that this woman was able to retrieve her firearm in time to get May to back off.

This woman, at some point in her life, made the choice to get her concealed carry permit. It was a wise one indeed, and we’re grateful that this incident turned out the way it did.

Here’s to armed citizens everywhere, and a reminder to criminals that we’re ready.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Knife Attack Turns Shots Fired In Apparent Self-Defense Shooting

SISSONVILLE, WV — A man is dead after a bizarre chase with a knife turned into a prime example on why you don’t ever bring a knife to a gunfight.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that a man shot and killed Tracy Stalnaker, 53, after being pursued with a knife.

“He was never right, but today he was really messed up in the head,” Debbie Carpenter, owner of the Raw Bar II, said.

About 15 minutes before his death, Stalnaker came into her bar and started an altercation.

He was carrying a can of beer not bought in the bar.

Carpenter told him to get rid of the beer, so he left. When he came back, she noticed that he was carrying a knife in his waistband.

Then she noticed that he was not carrying one knife, but several.

At one point, Stalnaker threatened her with a knife in each hand.

Although she could well have shot him and remained within legal bounds, she didn’t. That came shortly thereafter.

Stalnaker pursued another man, still armed with a knife, to the front of Smitty’s Auto Parts, when the man he was chasing turned, produced a firearm, and shot Stalnaker.

Stalnaker did not survive.

As for the man he was pursuing, it does not appear that he will be charged.

“No one is in custody,” said Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office’s Sgt. Brian Humphreys. “There is no ongoing danger.”

It is well that he was not charged — his life was clearly in danger, and it seems equally clear that the armed citizen couldn’t do a thing to break off from the engagement if had chose to evade rather than engage.

A relative of Stalnaker reported that he had a mental illness.

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postheadericon Truck Owner Tries To Stop Car Thief, Gets Knife Pulled On Him — Has A Gun

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — When a man saw a car thief attempting to break into his truck, he did what most people would instinctively do when they see their property being wrongfully taken: stop the thief. The thief had other plans.

According to WFMJ, the car thief allegedly pulled a knife on the owner of the vehicle. But this owner doesn’t want to be a victim. He drew his handgun and shot the thief. The criminal ran — as they are wont to do — but he didn’t make it far. Police picked him up farther on down the street with a head injury.

The car thief lived and will likely face charges. The property owner didn’t suffer any injuries whatsoever and maintained his property.

Wow, win-win.

The point of carrying a firearm isn’t to kill people — it’s to protect life and, at worst case scenario, neutralize a threat. The gun owner neutralized the threat. He shot him when he saw that the thief was not going to back down from trying to take his property.

He didn’t follow it up or chase after the thief. The thief retreated. Good enough. Now, it is apparent the thief did suffer a pretty grievous wound but it’s unknown whether this was due to a gunshot or something else.

In either case, this guy handled the situation correctly. It’s his property and someone doesn’t have the right to walk up and take it. Heck, he even tried to de-escalate the conflict by trying to stop the thief.

It was the thief’s mistake to draw a knife.

Carry everyday, neutralize the threat.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Home Intruder Brings A Knife To A Gun Fight — 50/50 Guess How It Ends

NORWALK, CALIFORNIA — Waking up at 2:30 a.m., a female occupant of a home in Norwalk was alerted to a potential home invasion when she heard noises coming from the front door. Finding no success with the front door, the alleged burglar moved around to double French doors in the back. He broke in and emerged with a knife in his hands.

A male occupant was thankfully armed. He shot the intruder once in the torso. The alleged suspect fled the scene but was picked up only a block away. Police had to take him to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment. San Gabriel Valley Tribune listed the intruder’s condition as stable.

Home intruders don’t have to be clever. They just need to be violent and fast. While any experienced thief worth his salt would use the cover of darkness and silence to achieve a non-violent ending, most armed burglars don’t worry about all that.

That’s a problem for a homeowner or a tenant. An easy solution is to stay armed and keep a gun close-by even while at home. This ensures that if you’re awoken in the dead of night, you can quickly respond.

If there’s family or other tenants, it’s always good to at least have a chat and have a contingency plan laid out. Who knows the disposition of the people coming to break in and it’s best if everyone knows where to stay put until police arrive.

Make no mistake — a person wielding a knife is a deadly threat. When police are minutes away, a handgun only takes seconds to resolve a deadly force conflict.

Concealed Nation