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postheadericon Mass Shooting at Kentucky Leaves 2 Dead, More Than a Dozen Injured…

BENTON, KY — A high school in Benton, Kentucky was rocked by a student that decided to attempt a shooting spree at the Marshall County High School early on Tuesday Morning, Fox News reports.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner Richard Sanders stated that the suspected shooter is a 15-year-old male student. He is now in custody, and will be charged with at least two counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder. The arrest reportedly took place without incident.

“He was apprehended by the sheriff’s department here on site, at the school, thankfully before any more lives could be taken,” Kentucky State Police Lt. Michael Webb said during a press conference according to Fox News.

There is currently some question whether or not the teen will be charged as a juvenile or an adult.

Speaking for the dead, it’s hard not to want the maximum penalty against the young murderer.

As Fox News reports, the shooting started as 8 a.m. when the shooter entered the school armed with a handgun. He immediately began to fire. In all, two died and 17 were wounded.

The two people killed at the time of Fox News’ report were 15-year-old female student Bailey Nicole Holt and 15-year-old male student, Preston Ryan Cope, Sanders said. Five others remained at the hospital in critical condition at the time of Sanders’ report.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin shared the community’s grief.

Mitch Garland reportedly told The Associated Press he saw 100 children running out of the school and seeking safety after the shots started going off.

“They was running and crying and screaming,” he said according to Fox news.

“They was just kids running down the highway. They were trying to get out of there.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with those devastated by this attack, as well.

This is an ongoing investigation, and I’m certain that we’ll be discussing this at greater lengths later, but for now — it’s paramount that we make sure that our kids can’t get to our firearms. We can’t have any part in tragedies like this.

Lives can very well depend on it.

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postheadericon Critical security flaw leaves Fortune 100 firms vulnerable

The discovered weakness would allow hackers to remotely run code on servers that utilize the REST plugin from Apache Struts, and it is reported that all versions since 2008 are affected.

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postheadericon Alligator Attack Leaves FL Woman (possibly) Wishing She Had A Gun

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

As someone who recently ignored his 58th birthday, I’m [still] here to say that the older you get, the older you think old is. When I read’s headline 71-year-old recovering after gator attack at Florida gated community, I thought, 71 isn’t that old! It’s not like she was eighty! Anyway . . .

Genie Witzel, who was gardening when a 10-foot alligator decided to come after her, is recovering at Lee Memorial Hospital, according to the Fort Myers News Press.

“She’s doing fine,” Witzel’s son, Sheldon Upchurch, told the News Press. “The gator grabbed her by the foot. She fought him off. She stabbed him in the nose with gardening shears.”

The gator was caught Sunday night and has been killed, Florida Fish & Wildlife officials told the Fort Myers News Press.

There is no obvious reason why Ms.Witzel shouldn’t have been carrying a gun while gardening. And one obvious reason why she should have: gators!

In fact, there’s plenty of wildlife in Florida — even in gated communities! — that can ruin your whole day. Leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone? What about a rabid cat, raccoon or bobcat (that attacked an 80-year-old woman, requiring 60 body stitches).

Not to mention coyotes. (I snapped the above sign just outside the playing field at Denver’s Colorado Academy.)  As former Texas Governor and current Energy Department jefe Rick Perry proved, even a Ruger .380 can be enough to eliminate that threat.

That’s an easy enough gun to carry that’s a pretty good choice for disincentivizing two-legged varmints, too. Hey, how old is Rick now? Wait, wait, don’t tell me . . .

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postheadericon Homeowner Shoots 2 Armed Intruders, One Leaves With His Life

TAWAS CITY, MICHIGAN — Police discovered a homeowner going door to door with a gun, seeking help after a violent home invasion left one suspect dead and another seriously injured. Officers investigating the scene saw one slain suspect still had his mask on while the other managed to get a small distance before collapsing.

via Michigan Live

“The initial investigation revealed the subject who was going door to door was seeking help regarding a home invasion and robbery which had just occurred in his residence,” said Special 1st Lt. David Kaiser in the press release.

The police initially responded to 911 calls relating to the sound of rifle fire. Because the crime occurred around 8:20 p.m., it was likely dark out and homeowners were naturally suspicious of anyone going door-to-door with a gun in his hand.

Thankfully, police arrived and were able to assess the situation and see that the homeowner had indeed defended himself against two armed attackers. He did not know either of them. According to his testimony, the two masked robbers broke down his door and were brandishing hunting knives. He retrieved a rifle and shot both of them — one of them critically and the other was immediately killed.

There’s a good chance the 66-year-old man was absolutely in shock after having to defend his life from two violent strangers.

This is one of the hard realities of defensive gun use. It can be hard to push aside the traumatic effects of the incident itself and seek help from those nearby. People may either be hesitant to help or be in fear themselves.

The suspect that was critically injured is currently undergoing medical treatment for his injuries. No further word on his status but if he survives, he will be in custody until charges are brought against him by the District Attorney’s office. The slain robber had his name kept from the original news article pending notification to his next-of-kin.

In either case, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that this scenario would have ended extremely poorly for this homeowner if he had not been able to get hold of a firearm. These two suspects were not at all interested in just stealing a few things and leaving. That’s why it’s so important to stay armed, every single day, especially in the house. It’s impossible to anticipate when you will need a firearm, so keep one close no matter where you go.

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postheadericon QuadRooter vulnerabilities leaves 900 million Android devices at risk of attack

Over 900 million Android smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to cyberattacks, as they contain a set of four vulnerabilities dubbed QuadRooter.

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postheadericon Orlando Mass Shooting In Gay Club Leaves 50 Dead, 53 Injured

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — While final figures are still pending, it appears that fifty people have been killed and fifty three injured in an attack on a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, just before closing time around 2 a.m. on Sunday. To be clear, it’s the third attack perpetrated by an alleged Islamic terrorist who has claimed ISIS affiliation in the past two years. While media scramble to figure out how they’re going to spin this story, we’re going to cement the details as they’re presented.

Just before the attacks are alleged to have taken place, the shooter is confirmed to have called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS prior to engaging in the attack, according to NBC News. This and other details have strongly pushed the FBI’s stance in designating this an act of domestic terrorism.

Florida police have confirmed that he does have several firearms-related permits including a concealed carry license and a security guard permit — both of which he actively used in his profession as a security guard.

And that’s where the details pretty much end. As we’ve stated in the past: we don’t care about the shooter. His personal ideology, philosophy, or whatever it was that drove him to prematurely ending the lives of several dozen people are really of little concern.

What is concerning is there appears to be an increase in these types of incidents in the last two years.


  • The first one we covered happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the target was a Marine Corps recruiting depot and reserve center.
  • The second was the San Bernardino shootings in a mental health facility, carried out by a man and his wife for supposed ideological reasons.

And now there’s this.

While anti-gun media will focus on what type of firearm the shooter used, perhaps we need to be discussing a bigger picture of how we can better protect ourselves from these sorts of attacks in the future.

The problem is that the government is not good at identifying these types of individuals prior to them executing their vile attacks. We’ve seen it in both domestic terrorism cases as well as just routine cases as well.

The government cannot protect you. You must make steps to protect yourself.

We cannot openly advocate for people to carry concealed while going out into situations that involve an altered state of thinking. That said, perhaps it’s time to have a designated buddy. We have designated drivers when we go out to drink, perhaps we need designated concealed carriers — guys and gals who don’t mind being sober and don’t mind staying equipped with a daily carry handgun.

Before anyone boo-hoos this idea: it’s worked in the past to stop a mass shooting in a bar. In 2008, one bar patron who was legally carrying a concealed handgun, successfully stopped a man who indiscriminately opened fire in a bar. These types of stories don’t fit the media narrative, so don’t expect people to be talking about it all the time — but a good guy or gal with a gun is truly the only defense for a bad guy with a gun. It’s inconvenient for the media narrative, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

You can wait for the FBI to identify the next domestic terrorist prior to that terrorist attacking a place that’s arguably a gun free zone… But if you’re holding your breath, that’ll be quite a feat.

The best solution is having a well armed, well trained populace that is knowledgeable and accountable with firearms. Our condolences go out to the families affected in Orlando and we pray for a speedy recovery to the injured.

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postheadericon UPDATE: UCLA Shooting Leaves Two Dead, Gunman Believed Dead

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Two are reported dead after being shot to death by an unidentified assailant on the campus of UCLA in the Engineering IV building. Students are being evacuated while law enforcement clear the campus. With the campus located in downtown Los Angeles, police are expected to have a monumental task in locking down and securing the campus area from the rest of the metropolis.

According to CNN, Los Angeles Police Department has issued a “tactical alert” which will extend out their police force across the city.

via CNN

“So far we don’t know the nature of the shooting,” CNN senior law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said. “If it’s a personal thing between a couple of students, then it will be a local police matter. If by chance it turned into a terrorist situation, then the FBI would have primary justification over that.”

The two people who died on campus as a result of this shooting have not been identified as either students or faculty. It is unknown if the shooting suspect is still on campus. And factors revolving around actually finding out if the assailant is still on campus or if he has escaped are pretty hard to pin down in a major metropolitan university campus.

UPDATE: The person responsible for the gun-related deaths is believed to be dead. LAPD officers have recovered a firearm from the scene and have identified what they believe to be the person who perpetrated the attacks.

We can rule out law-abiding concealed carriers on the campus of UCLA as the UCLA campus is “protected” by California’s Gun Free School Zone Act which prohibits all legal carry of firearms onto the campuses of universities and schools across the state.

So the only person on campus with a gun has to be a bad guy because there’s nobody left. And let’s take a wild guess and say he probably didn’t stop to contemplate the gravity of all the laws he was about to break by carrying illegally onto the UCLA campus.

Students received an alert some time after the shooting occurred.

via CNN

“We got the alert and a woman said, ‘This is not a joke, everyone get to the back of the dining hall because we have to stay away from the windows,’” Freshman Teddi Mattox told CNN. “We’re crowded back here, we’ve been here for at least an hour and a half. People are crying, they’re nervous, they’re shaking.”

Students are still sheltering in place while law enforcement go from building to building.
Because of the nature of this case, it highlights the importance of allowing law abiding citizens with the legal ability to carry concealed to do so where ever possible.

Coming from the state that decided to require background checks for ammunition purchases, it’s probably time for the citizens of California to seriously consider who they have placed their legislative trust in.

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postheadericon Armed Robbers Show Up Demanding Money And Drugs — One Leaves In A Bag

MERRITT, NORTH CAROLINA — An armed home invader was shot and killed following an armed incursion on a homeowner and his party.  The Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office was called in by a 911 call in vicinity of 3 am after … Continue reading
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postheadericon False sense of security leaves American homes vulnerable to cybercriminals

Many American homes have a false sense of security when it comes to their devices and networks – their digital doors could do with better protection.

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postheadericon How’s Black Hat in 2015? It grows up (and leaves mom’s basement)

Blackhat grew! Not only did the hacker types leave their mom’s basement and get jobs, some even were forced to start explaining security to the CEO. A few succeeded in this new role, but enough to convince the execs that if something bad happens in IT, it happens to the execs shortly thereafter.

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