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postheadericon Let’s call them… how two computer scientists made history

Can you imagine how Dr. Cohen actually created the virus or how Prof. Adleman came up with its name? The work of these men ended up inspiring a constant development of computer defense techniques, and constant research on computer threats

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Let’s Play A Game: Armed Robber Or Plain-Clothed Detective

A motorcyclist, who was apparently going a little too fast, had an encounter with a man when stopped at a red light. The encounter really shook up the driver, and you can see just what happened in the video above.

Local news tells us the story;

Alex Randall, the motorcyclist who posted the video on YouTube and Reddit, says the plain-clothed detective approached him on foot while pointing a pistol, and he says the detective did not identify himself, or show his badge.

In the video, Randall says he stops at a red light at NE 145th Street and 5th Avenue NE, and the detective is seen on Randall’s helmet cam pointing the gun while asking, “How you doing?” The detective told Randall he was driving his motorcycle recklessly, putting people in danger, Randall said.

I am sure that the officer was truly annoyed with the supposed high-rate of speed at which Randall was accused of traveling, but it doesn’t warrant the pulling of a firearm.

“I turned and looked, and he’s there with a gun,” Randall said. “I was totally unprepared for someone to be standing right next to me on the street like that.”

I am not defending Randall’s actions, of course, because he would have been putting lives at risk if he was being irresponsible with his driving. While I wouldn’t speed (like that), I have to wonder how I’d handle a situation where a plain-clothed officer drew his firearm on me.

Having seen no ID or any sort of confirmation, Randall had no idea who he was really talking to — and who really had a gun on him. Was this an armed robbery attempt, or was this truly an officer? In the video, there’s really no way to tell.

Sheriff John Urquhart spoke out about the video, saying that what he saw was very troubling and needed to be addressed.

“That’s not the culture I want, that’s not the culture I will tolerate, and I will take swift action when I hear about it,” Urquhart said, adding that the video will be a teaching tool.

“What I’m going to do with that video, is I’m going to show it to every single new recruit that comes into the sheriff’s office, and I have 70 or 80 a year. I want them to know specifically what they’re not allowed to do.”

What do you think about this encounter?

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postheadericon Elderly Man Accidentally Lets The Bad Guy Force Entry Into His Own Home — Still Fights His Way Out

DANVILLE, VA — A 71-year-old man was shot in the arm following an exchange of gunfire with an intruder who barged into his home. According to the victim, he said he heard a knock at his door at 10:15 p.m. When he opened the door, the intruder pushed his way through, pointed a gun at him, and demanded he hand over money. The homeowner opted to open fire instead.

According to, the elderly man was hit but the intruder fled after the fight. The homeowner was released following treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

It’s a good thing he was armed but a big mistake was made when he opened the door to a stranger. It’s an easy mistake that any of us could make. A lot of burglars tend to knock on a door first before barging in because it can let them know who’s home and their general disposition.

In this case, it also saves them the hassle of having to break down a door or crack open a window.

That’s not to say if you don’t answer the door, a burglar won’t proceed with a home invasion. After covering countless stories relating to intruders breaking and entering, it seems the knock on the door is just a perfunctory step in the process.

As a gun owner inside the home, this is an opportunity to take cover, barricade, and get your gun ready. If possible, get on the phone with 911 and get that ball rolling. Police, even in rural areas, can begin moving in your direction and that starts the stopwatch for the would-be intruders.

If the intruders decide to go ahead with the burglary despite no answer on your part, it’s to their own risk.

It’s a habit of a lot of people to assume the best about others. A knock on the door may be a relative or someone in need. To be perfectly honest, if someone intends to come over at a late hour, it would be preferable if he or she called first.

Calling out or inquiring who’s at the door only lets the bad guys know that someone is inside and that means they can prepare for a fight. It’s a delicate situation either way. That’s why I recommend getting at least one surveillance system set up over the doorways of the home. It may not cover every sector but it can at least let you know who’s at your door.

And, the second part is always true. Evade, barricade, communicate with police, and ready yourself for a fight if it comes to that.

Opening the door to a stranger is removing one layer of security you have that keeps bad guys out.

A lot of elderly folks live home alone or are taking care of their spouses. It’s a difficult position to be stuck in because help can be 5 to 30 minutes out and it’s anyone’s guess if the bad guys are willing to push for violence.

When you make that first call to police, you’re starting the countdown until they arrive. When they arrive — and they will eventually — make sure to identify yourself, identify that you’re armed, and definitely let them know if bad guys are in the home or believed to be around the property. This gives the police the best chance of figuring out the situation.

Glad to see this homeowner made it out of the situation alright and it’s a tragic thing that he had to take a hit while fighting for his life. It’s a sober reality for gun owners and everyday carriers alike.

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postheadericon Facebook, Instagram Ban Private Sales Of Firearms On Their Social Networks: Let’s Hear Your Thoughts

In an effort to “updating our regulated goods policies”, the massive social networks Facebook and Instagram have banned the private sales of firearms on their networks. This ban only applies to peer-to-peer transactions and does not affect any FFL holders, … Continue reading
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postheadericon iOS 9 security flaw lets attackers access device through Siri

Apple’s iOS 9 contains a security flaw that lets cybercriminals gain limited access to a device through Siri.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Let’s Take A Break From Concealed Carry With Some Dual Wielding Flamethrowers

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Let’s Take A Break From Concealed Carry With Some Dual Wielding Flamethrowers

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postheadericon When Should You Re-Holster After A Self-Defense Shooting? Let’s Take A Look…

Once your concealed carry firearm has left its holster, you’re committed.  Right or wrong, legal or not, it’s out and about in public where it shouldn’t normally be.  You may as well ensure that before you re-holster, the situation is … Continue reading
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