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postheadericon Your Android lock screen pattern isn’t as safe as a PIN code

What’s safer? Using a numeric PIN code to unlock your Android smartphone or relying on a finger squiggle? The answer might surprise you.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] How Much Truth Is There To Shooting A Lock Off A Door Like You See In The Movies?

DemolitionRanch takes us through an entertaining video to see how much truth there is to something we’ve seen a hundred times while watching TV and movies: Can you really shoot a lock on a door and break it to gain … Continue reading
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postheadericon Lock and track your iPhone remotely.

If you can’t find your iPhone, use Lost Mode right away to lock and track it. Sign in to Find My iPhone and select the device you want. Tap to see your options. Tap Lost Mode and follow the onscreen instructions. iPhone locks immediately if it’s online. If not, locking and tracking will take effect the next time it’s online. More: Find My iPhone overview
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postheadericon Use the Camera from the lock screen.

To quickly open the Camera when your iPhone is locked, swipe  up.
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