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postheadericon Michigan Lawmakers Look At Permitless Carry

LANSING, MI — There appears to be an effort currently underway amongst some lawmakers in Michigan state legislature to secure Constitutional Carry for the state of Michigan.

M Live reports that the bill that would lift the needs for permits for concealed carry is part of a four-bill package co-sponsored by Representatives Michele Hoitenga, Pamela Hornberger, Sue Allor and Triston Cole.

Hoitenga said during testimony that the bill would not delete the requirement for background checks or change established gun free zones.

It would just eliminate the difference in legality on wearing a coat or not when you carry.

“It is currently legal in the state of Michigan for a law-abiding person to openly carry a firearm on their person without any training classes, fees or state bureaucracy,” she said according to M Live .

“It only becomes illegal when a person puts on a coat, because the gun then becomes concealed. One millimeter of clothing makes the difference between a criminal act and a legal act.”

And if you’ve never been to Michigan — they do tend to wear their coats more often than,say, your Florida residents.

“Women, elderly, vulnerable and economically disadvantaged people should not be excluded from concealed carry because they can’t afford the fees associated with the permit process,” she continued.

Now, I realize that some of our audience out there are not huge fans of Constitutional carry — instead advocating for the need for training before having the right to carry concealed. Although I disagree with that, I can certainly respect it.

But I think the important thing here to realize, that we can all agree on, is that there are lawmakers, right now, in, Michigan, who recognize the right to keep and bear arms as a certain and inalienable thing — and that’s awesome.

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postheadericon Your Bond With Your Carry Gun Should Look Something Like This

Loving the firearm that you carry is great. Knowing the firearm that you carry is essential.

There should be a bond between firearm and concealed carrier, and it should remain strong at all times. Sound funny? It’s not meant to. Knowing how you interact with your firearm, and how it interacts with you, is an extremely important part of successfully carrying that firearm.

Hold it close

Each pistol available to the public has a different feel. Generally, we decide on the perfect carry firearm by the way it feels in our hand. It’s not 100% of the reason, but it should be a huge deciding factor. After all, we don’t want to be practicing with something that’s continuously uncomfortable and doesn’t fit our hand. That’d be silly.

Know what to feed it

Some pistols are picky with what they eat. If you haven’t been shooting the same ammunition at the range as what you carry each day, you don’t have a good bond with your firearm. Making sure that the ammo you carry is properly fed through your firearm is a must, and I don’t mean just a few rounds. Take it through the paces and really feed it your carry ammo. I know it can sometimes be expensive, but I’d rather make sure my pistol eats the ammo instead of finding out that it chokes in front of the bad guy.

Let it breathe, but keep it secure

We’re talking about retention here. This bond is between yourself, the firearm and the holster you choose to carry. Retention is an important part of any carry system, and you don’t want that retention to be too strong or not strong enough. Your draw should be practiced daily, not only for muscle memory, but also to make sure that your holster is still in tip-top shape. For example, if a screw on your holster loosens up, it could change the retention drastically. That’s not good if you’re out and about, so be mindful of your retention each day.

Know how it feels and what it does when you sit down, lean over, or any other movements that you make. It should stay close at all times and show no signs of ever leaving you. It’s love, really.

Keep it clean

After each trip to the range, I like to give my firearm a good cleaning. Some call this overkill, but I call it cleanliness. It simply comes down to regular maintenance, because we all know that if we take care of things, they’re generally going to last longer than if they’re neglected.

Know how it handles

With your carry firearm, you should know exactly how it feels while you shoot your self-defense ammo. You should know exactly how much recoil there will be and you should know exactly when the trigger is going to break. You should also be aware of any malfunctions and if one is found, it should be fixed as soon as possible, before you ever carry it again.


You shouldn’t have any surprises with your carry firearm. You should be in-tune with it and know exactly what to expect when handling it. And, if something goes wrong, being able to remedy the issue is important as well.

This is your baby, and potentially your life-line if you ever need to use it for self-defense. Having that understanding is an important step to successful carry.

Some people laugh when I say “Have a bond with your firearm”, and all I can do is sit back and hope the advice is taken.

The conclusion? Don’t just purchase your concealed carry firearm and throw it on your hip. Use it, learn about it, understand it. With that, you’ll be confident and ready.

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postheadericon Lifting the lid on Sednit: A closer look at the software it uses

ESET’s threat analysts have taken a closer look at the software used by Sednit to spy on its targets and steal confidential information.

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postheadericon 5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Concealed Carry Holster

The holster you choose to house your firearm is an important (and hopefully informed) decision with many different factors. It’s just as an important part of your rig as your firearm, belt or ammo are. Instead of listing some holsters that I hate and some that I love, I’ll provide you with 5 important things to look for when choosing the perfect holster.

When I pick a holster to use personally, I have a very strict set of guidelines that I follow. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Retention

Retention is the ability of your holster to keep the firearm where it should be. If you jump up and down, is your firearm going to fall to the ground? Let’s hope not. If it could, you’re going to want better retention. Too little could allow for this to happen, while too much retention could make it difficult to draw. A holster that allows for adjustable retention is helpful, but just make sure — at the very least — that the holster you choose as adequate retention for what you’re doing. Or could do.

2. Ride Height and Cant Adjustment

Generally for IWB holsters, the ride height can be an important part of getting things just right. While most factory settings will work for the majority, I’ve found myself adjusting the ride height of a few holsters to better fit my needs. This goes for the cant as well. While ride height adjusts up and down, the cant adjusts the angle at which your firearm will sit inside the holster.

3. Molded

You don’t want this to happen (scroll down on linked page), do you? A holster that is molded specifically for your firearm is such an important piece of the puzzle. If you’re using a ‘one size fits all’ type of holster, you’re doing it wrong. Moreover, those companies should stop making those types of holsters altogether.

4. Comfort

If it’s not comfortable, you’re less likely to carry on a regular basis. It’s one of the top items that comes up when finding out the reasons a person decides not to carry often. “Well, my holster isn’t that comfortable.” If that’s the case, it’s time to do some shopping. Contrary to what people may tell you, there are such things as comfortable holsters out there. They exist, I promise!

What’s comfortable for person A might be horrible for person B, and it’s a part of the process of finding that perfect holster to call your own. If you continue to end up with uncomfortable holsters, don’t give up the search. Keep pressing on, and you’ll find it. You can start here.

5. Quality

Just as with any other product you buy, you’ll want it to last. That’s where quality and craftsmanship come into play. Just as you spent good money on a solid and reliable firearm for concealed carry, don’t be afraid to invest in a solid and reliable holster to match.

What do you look for when choosing a holster for your firearm? Share your criteria in the comments below.

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postheadericon Managing agile virtual machine security across the enterprise: A closer look

It is important to understand how and when an agile approach to deploying your network defenses in real-time should be performed, says ESET’s Cameron Camp.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] What To Look For When Buying A Used Handgun

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postheadericon “How Do You Know Where Not To Carry (Or Do You Just Look For Signs)?” We Have Answers (And A Diagram!)

Ever walk up towards a building and see a faded sticker in the corner of the doorway?  As a concealed carrier, it’s always a momentary pause as we try to figure out at a distance whether the premise we’re entering … Continue reading
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postheadericon When Should You Re-Holster After A Self-Defense Shooting? Let’s Take A Look…

Once your concealed carry firearm has left its holster, you’re committed.  Right or wrong, legal or not, it’s out and about in public where it shouldn’t normally be.  You may as well ensure that before you re-holster, the situation is … Continue reading
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postheadericon Question: Do You Look Down Every Time You Holster/Re-holster Your Firearm?

Some will say yes, some will say no. Does it even matter, really? Well I guess it depends on a couple different factors, the two most important being the holster you use and your clothing. For those who say “If … Continue reading
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