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postheadericon Home Invader Shot Multiple Times, Learns The Thug Life Sucks

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A man in his 40’s, which is too old to be breaking into homes, was quickly stopped when the homeowner opened fire as he tried to break in.

Local media reports;

A 44-year-old man suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body at 10:54 p.m. as he was trying to break into a home in the 4500 block of South St. Lawrence, according to Chicago Police.

The homeowner told investigators that he opened fire after the man forced his way into the home with a crowbar, police said. The suspect then jumped into a vehicle, which fled to Mercy Hospital. The man was expected to be transferred in critical condition to Stroger Hospital.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say about this story, except for this; What I don’t understand with thugs is the following:

  • They think they’re tough
  • When faced with an armed ‘victim’, they run
  • That makes them not so tough
  • Then, they want medical attention after being shot

A true thug would go home with his bullet wounds and pull the bullets out himself after chugging some hard liquor to dull the pain. That’s true thug life. But alas, these criminals are pansies and want proper medical attention so they don’t die. What kind of thug is that?

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postheadericon Man Storms Church And Shoots Multiple People, Is Then Stopped By Armed Usher

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — One person is dead and eight others wounded after a masked gunman stormed into a church and opened fire. The scenario is one that many fear, and is nearly impossible to predict. This incident, however, could have been much worse if it weren’t for a brave –and armed– usher who sprung into action.

From local news;

The shooter, identified as {REDACTED BY CONCEALED NATION}, a 25-year-old Rutherford County man, accidentally shot himself after he was confronted by an armed member of the congregation. {REDACTED} was treated at an area hospital and was released into police custody, according to Metro Nashville Police.

{REDACTED} will be charged with one count of murder, additional charges will come later, police said. Police say he previously attended the church.

The woman killed has been identified as Melanie Smith, 39. Smith was a mother who lived in Smyrna.

The gunman is believed to have been shooting indiscriminately, and probably wasn’t expecting someone to be armed and ready to fight back.

Police say the gunman wore a neoprene ski mask when he shot and killed Smith in the parking lot of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, as the service ended shortly after 11 a.m.

With his blue Nissan Xterra still running, the gunman then entered the rear sanctuary doors of the church and began “indiscriminately” shooting, police said.

Not long after the shooting started, an usher by the name of Caleb Engle engaged the gunman and was pistol-whipped as a result. During the engagement, the gunman accidentally shot himself in the chest.

At this point, Engle left the church and b-lined it to his vehicle, where he had a handgun. He grabbed the gun and ran back into the church, holding the gunman at gunpoint until police arrived.

The gunman was taken to the hospital for his injury and ultimately arrested on charges of homicide and attempted homicide.

If Mr. Engle is out there reading this, we thank you for your bravery during this horrible incident and wish your church the best in the days to come. You are a hero, no doubt, and saved countless lives.

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postheadericon Egypt Blocks VPN Providers, Multiple News Websites

Egypt blocks VPN providers and major news websites. Concerned about cybersecurity in the Middle East? FlashRouters is here to help.

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postheadericon How To Be One Of The Worst Gun Owners Ever: Shoot Multiple People After Inviting Them Over To Fight

WARREN, OHIO — In a perfect example of irresponsibility with firearms, a man stands accused of killing two people and injuring three others during an altercation at his home in February. The man, 47-year-old Nasser Hamad, did something that no gun owner should ever do… or, to be more specific, he did something that no one should ever do.

In a family dispute, Hamad is said to have wanted to fight while talking with the other involved parties on social media. Letting them know that he’d like a brawl, five people arrived at his home in a van to do just that. In an affidavit released shortly after the incident, it detailed the accounts of what actually happened that afternoon.

From Tribune Chronicle;

A gold minivan with Florida license plates arrived. The occupants exited and a fist fight began between Hamad and 17-year-old John Shively, one of the gunshot victims. The fight ended and the five went back to their van, which was parked near the apex of the driveway.

According to witnesses, Hamad then went into his house to grab a 9mm handgun from his bedroom. The affidavit said Hamad told police, “I just shot them. I got tired of this (expletive). They have been (expletive) with me for a long time and they shouldn’t have come over.”

Hamad said he unloaded the entire magazine from the firearm. Witnesses said Hamad walked from his front porch to the passenger side of the van firing the gun.

Hamad told police he saw a knife in the van but didn’t see a gun, according to the affidavit.

After returning to the home to reload, Hamad then came back out and encountered an off-duty emergency medical technician who had pulled into the driveway after seeing what he thought was a traffic accident. In a recorded statement to investigators, the EMT said he saw one person bleeding from his mouth and thought that person was involved in an automobile crash.

The EMT grabbed his medical bag and saw Hamad approaching the van. When the EMT asked the man what happened, the affidavit said Hamad responded by saying “I’ll show you what happened” and saw the man reach between his legs appearing to rack a round into a gun. The EMT said the man then shot into the passenger side of the van toward the female driver. As the EMT driver got back into his vehicle, he told police he saw a man wearing pajama pants standing face to face with the shooter right in front of the van’s sliding door.

The EMT heard the man say “you shot my mom (expletive).” The two men did not engage in any physical confrontation, but the affidavit states the man with the gun then pointed it at the man in pajama pants, who was scrambling to get back into the van. The shooter fired three times.

The EMT said he drove his vehicle down the driveway, parked it and ran from the scene.

As the second round of gunfire went into the van, the affidavit states John Shively and Bryce Hendrickson ran away from the vehicle. Shively ran south down the west side of state Route 46, while Hendrickson ran eastbound across all five lanes of traffic on the heavily traveled roadway. Hamad told investigators he was shooting at both men as they were running way.

Based upon numerous videos obtained in the investigation, many vehicles were traveling on Route 46 at the time of the shootings.

Police said the van had numerous bullet holes in it. As officers arrived at the scene, they saw Hamad near the front entrance of his home with a firearm in his hand. He walked into the home, and later came out unarmed with his hands up. Police later found the 9mm handgun, the affidavit states.

The affidavit states that as a police officer was escorting Hamad to a cruiser, they walked past victim Bryce Hendrickson and Hamad shouted at him “that’s what you get, you little (expletive)! How do you like that!”

What we have here is an altercation that should have never occurred in the first place. While Hamad is claiming self defense, that’s a stretch considering that he went back into his home to retrieve his pistol, and the fact that the van was about to leave when he came back outside with the pistol.

Let’s take the fact that Hamad wanted to fight out of the equation. If the five people showed up at his home and he came outside to go fist-to-fist, fine. Then, if he went back into his home and called police, that’d be great. THEN, if one or more of the five individuals tried to enter the home forcefully and Hamad displayed his firearm at that time, that’d be great as well. But instead, we have an angry Hamad who does the unthinkable and goes outside to shoot at people who are not a current threat to his life. It was pure anger and emotion that seems to have created this situation, and it’s a damn shame.

One of Hamad’s attorneys, Geoffrey Oglesby, claims that ethnicity is a factor in the charges filed against his client.

“It appears to be a situation of a person standing their ground, and the question is, can minorities stand their ground like other people? And it seems like when minorities stand their ground, they get charged,” he said. “And it appears to be, I hate to say it, based on his ethnicity in this particular case, and it’s truly unfortunate. But, we feel that he’ll be exonerated.”

Standing your ground inside your home is one thing, but going to get your firearm and then shooting at people inside a vehicle that looks to be leaving is a whole other story.

Nice try, defense attorney, but this is one man that should be held accountable for his hugely poor judgement.

Sit tight, because Hamad’s trial has been pushed back until September 18th.

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postheadericon How to handle multiple devices and passwords at once

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of devices and passwords you have to manage and remember? Here are four top tips how to help handle this tech overload.

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postheadericon Bobcat Attacks Multiple People In Albany, Shot And Killed By Homeowner

NEW SCOTLAND, NEW YORK — A couple visiting the beautiful countryside outside Albany got a bigger taste of the wild than they would have liked. A bobcat viciously attacked a woman before her husband and the homeowner could come to her rescue. The husband was attacked as well before the men pinned down the wild animal and put it down with a close range shot.

“The wife was sitting outside on a few rocks playing with the family dog when she heard a hissing noise and turned around and there was a bobcat,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said to WRGB-TV.

State wildlife management showed up on the scene to take the dead cat to the lab for testing. There is some possibility it may have been sick because, as conservationists noted, attacks from bobcats are very rare.

As one wildlife pathologist said to WNYT, these sorts of attacks may be linked with rabies.

via WNYT

“I can recall several cases where people were working in their garages and they ran into rabid bobcats and they were attacked,” said retired wildlife pathologist Dr. Ward Stone.

Even out in relatively secluded areas, there is always a threat potentially lurking. Keeping your gun handy is just one way to stay safe this summer. Before the results come back as to whether or not this bobcat did indeed have rabies, let’s ensure that we’re always armed, always ready to handle whatever threat gets thrown at us — from Mother Nature and otherwise.

“A lot of farms abandoned,” Stone said. “A lot of woodlands have come back, there have been more habitat and more places for bobcats. And I think the population is higher now than it has been in the last hundred years or so,” he said.

Old time conservationists used to have bounties for hunting various predators in the woods to keep their populations in check. Through a mixture of trapping, hunting and other, predatory animals were kept in check to make sure they couldn’t be a nuissance to farmers and those living out in the country. With the removal of such programs, predators have no natural obstacle stopping their rapid expanse.

In many cases, wolves, coyotes, bobcats and even bears can get to unsustainable population levels. This means their interaction with mankind is made all the more likely. Add rabies to the mix, and it means that personal protection just took on a new flavor of importance.

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postheadericon A Woman Was Being Stabbed Multiple Times, But Then Her Attacker Was Held At Gunpoint By An Armed Citizen

LARIMER COUNTY, COLORADO — The victim of a brutal stabbing is alleging the attack began during an argument which took place in the perpetrator’s vehicle. The argument went from bad to worse when he pulled out a knife and began stabbing her repeatedly. She fled the vehicle, calling wildly for help, and he got out to pursue her. It was only then by grace she was saved by an armed citizen who happened to be nearby and witness the event unfold.

According to 9 News, Evan Shockley was confronted by an armed man who told him to stay put until police arrived. He complied but became violent when police finally did arrive. They had to use a stun gun on him to subdue him and he was taken in with superficial injuries related to his resisting arrest.

The victim was transported to a nearby medical center where she was treated for non-life-threatening wounds to her neck and hands.

She’s likely alive because someone was willing to come to her aid. If no one had heeded the call or worse, no one had been armed and ready to face the threat, the event would have likely spiraled out into an even worse situation.

This attack occurred at approximately 10:35 pm. Some brave armed citizen was willing to walk out into the dead of night to protect a lone woman from being slashed and hacked to death.

Evan Shockley will be tried for first degree assault and resisting arrest and has plenty of time in the Larimer County Jail to think about his crimes.

This is what happens when we live in a world where the citizenry are armed and ready to help one another. We encounter spontaneous situations where bad guys are suddenly confronted with the cold, hard reality that they are not alone in their capacity to enact deadly force. It’s a sobering thought when you realize we live in a world that increasingly wants us to rely on outside third parties to defend our own very lives. If not us, then who can be trusted to do that monumental task? Who is best suited to defend you, your family, and your property?

The answer is you. You are the first line of defense that can take a stand against bad guys committed to breaking laws and hurting people. And in some occasion, perhaps it will be your neighbor, a bystander, or a complete stranger that you end up saving because you were ready.

It also reinforces the need for each us who are legally able to carry a handgun to do so.

The life you save may be your own. Carry everyday.

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postheadericon BREAKING: Multiple Dead After Suspect Fires Indiscriminately At People In FL While Driving Around With Shotgun

UPDATE 2: WINK News is live-streaming the police press conference below:

UPDATE: Police confirmed they have shot and killed the suspect. A press conference is scheduled for 9pm EST tonight.

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA — An unidentified suspect apparently drove around the Cape Coral FL area Sunday evening, firing a shotgun from his window at unsuspecting victims.

At least 2 people are confirmed dead, with another 3 injured. The suspect was stopped by police, but very little details are being provided at the moment.

Here is a Facebook live video, posted by WINK News just moments ago that provides the details that are currently known:

Check this space for updates.

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postheadericon Gangland Shooting In Pittsburgh: At Least Five Dead And Multiple Injured

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — A coordinated gangland-style shooting left four women and a man dead as investigators allege that the attack came from two separate directions and specifically targeted a late-night backyard barbecue. Pittsburgh police are being assisted by state investigators and forensics as they try to piece together the motive of this brutal assault.

via FOX News

“The murders were planned. They were calculated, brutal,” District Attorney Stephen Zappala said of the Wednesday nighttime shootings in Wilkinsburg.

Police were able to piece together that the attackers used heavier caliber 7.62 x 39mm rounds and reportedly “aimed high” (head shots). Both must have had some experience because they basically herded the entire group into a kill zone on the back porch where most of the victims died.

“It looks like right now they were all fleeing toward the back door of the residence when the second gunman fired from the side of the yard,” said Lt. Andrew Schurman of the Allegheny County homicide unit. “They all seemed to get caught on the back porch.”

It really doesn’t matter if drugs were involved or not. They most likely were but that part really doesn’t matter. We’re dealing with more heavy hitters out there, these days. And these guys aren’t interested in taking prisoners or giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. Police allege that one of the shooters specifically targeted a few of the victims but the remainder were pretty much caught being “in the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

As concealed carriers, we have to realize that throughout our travels, we don’t always know the company that we break bread with. And as such, it is incumbent upon us to maintain a level head and a steady state of situational awareness. Never assume anything.

These shooters acted with a type of coordination and precision that is absolutely deadly in a real-life scenario. When people panic, they bunch up into a herd and they act like animals. In an active shooter environment, don’t bunch up and cluster. Look for cover and hopefully concealment. Return fire judiciously. Spraying and praying does not work. As the Marine Corps Rifleman’s creed loves to remind us,

“My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…

I love backyard barbecues as much as the next red-blooded American male. In an upcoming article, let’s discuss a few very simple pistol techniques that will give you the option of hopefully being able to get some hits down range when it really matters.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Woman Rams Multiple Cars Including Police Before Rolling Over, Bystander Yells “SHOOT THAT WOMAN”

In this video, released via Ebaum’s World, a female driver is pulled over by a police officer.  While it’s unknown what she’s saying (or what she’s on), she appears to wave her arm frantically out the window before proceeding to … Continue reading
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