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postheadericon Concealed Weapon Detection System Being Implemented For The First Time. Coming To A Neighborhood Near You?

In Las Vegas, Nevada, it is perfectly legal to carry your concealed firearm into a casino. If they find out and ask you to leave, however, you’ll need to oblige or face trespassing charges. If you’ve carried inside a casino before undetected, that’s about to change.

Patriot One Technologies, Inc. is about to kick off an experiment of it’s new detection system. They’ve partnered with Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino to implement the system in public for the first time. But what does it do?

The system integrates with current security systems to alert the property of any visitors who are carrying a concealed weapon. In short, the system uses “Cognitive Microwave Radar” to detect any unwanted items, and “related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises.”

If this test proves to be successful in their eyes, it could open the flood gates for companies looking to use this technology in their own locations.

I envision a lot of law-abiding citizens being approached by security and then being asked to leave the property, simply for concealing their legal firearm. Alternatively, they could be asked to leave their firearm in their car, opening it up to theft. Or, as many casinos have, they will let visitors store their firearm in a safe deposit box on property. Lots of good it’ll do, though, if you need it.

Let’s make this easy:

A bad guy walks into a casino with a gun. By the time security sees that he’s carrying a firearm and gets to him, he’s already shot 6 people.

A good guy walks into a casino with a gun. By the time security sees that he’s carrying a firearm and gets to him, he’s already sitting down at a table and minding his own business.

Not to mention if the system doesn’t detect the firearm at all, in which case the only issue is still the bad guy with the gun.

To any businesses who implement this new technology, I can assure you that I won’t be a visitor to any of your properties. I feel that I’m not alone.

Furthermore, I feel it’s only fair that a participating business be required to post a sign that alerts visitors of the invasive technology.

Press Release:

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Mar 23, 2017) – Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: PAT) (OTCQB: PTOTF) (FRANKFURT: 0PL) (“Patriot One” or the “Company”), developer of a revolutionary concealed weapons detection system, today announced an agreement with Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino for a trial of its technology in order to evaluate integration capabilities with existing in-house security systems.

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino has long been an iconic landmark, comprised of nearly 3,000 hotel rooms, including 305 suites located on 64 acres with a 74,000-square foot casino and 200,000 sq. ft. convention center. The property is owned by Florida-based Westgate Resorts, the largest privately held company in Central Florida. Today, Westgate Resorts encompasses 28 resorts with more than 13,500 villas across the United States.

Westgate’s Chief Operating Officer Mark Waltrip said, “With this partnership, we are pleased to be moving ahead and look forward to deploying the product on-site and to integrating it with our existing security infrastructure. Hopefully this is the first of many deployments across our locations around the United States.”

Patriot One CEO, Martin Cronin comments, “We believe our innovative concealed weapons detection software solution and related hardware offers a very significant step forward in security technology. Naturally, Las Vegas offers us a chance to really put our solution to the test in a premier global destination. As a first class showcase for our company, we thank the Westgate team for their vision and leadership in providing us the opportunity to deploy the installation in front of a key audience. During the upcoming ISC West Conference in April, we plan to demonstrate the system under real operating conditions to the visiting security community from across the nation. This is a wonderful opportunity for us and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Westgate Resorts.”


“Martin Cronin”
President & Director

About Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: PAT) (OTCQB: PTOTF) (FRANKFURT: 0PL):
Patriot One has developed a first-of-its-kind Cognitive Microwave Radar concealed weapons detection system as an effective tool to combat active shooter threats before they occur. Designed for cost-effective deployment in weapon-restricted buildings and facilities, the innovative software solution and related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises. Owner/operators of private and certain public facilities can now prominently post anti-weapons policies with compliance assured. The Company’s motto Deter, Detect and Defend is based on the belief that widespread use of its technology will act as an effective deterrent, thereby diminishing the epidemic phenomena of active shooters across the globe. For more information, visit:

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postheadericon Suspect Fatally Shot By 23-Year-Old Woman During Robbery Near Convenience Store

GLENDALE, ARIZONA — A 23-year-old woman probably didn’t expect to ever have to use her self-defense gun to protect her own life. Thankfully, she carried it anyway — and used it to save her life from an armed robber.

According to FOX 10 Phoenix, 27-year-old Frank Taylor drew his gun and pointed it squarely at her head while she was seated in the driver’s seat of her car outside a Circle K convenience store. Knowing her life was in direct jeopardy, she drew her pistol from a hip holster and fired one shot into Taylor. Taylor collapsed. By the time emergency services got him to the hospital, he was dead.

This was fast thinking on her part. With a gun already pointed at you, there’s no safe option. However, when both choices include victimization, any chance at self-defense is a good bet.

This is why we carry everyday, folks. Because statistically, the chances of this ever happening to us, our mother, sons, daughters, or significant other is small. But the only time statistics get tabulated is after a crime takes place. Personally, I’d rather not wait to get tabulated into those statistics. This woman didn’t, either.

Training, situational awareness, and being prepared to commit to defending your life — that’s how people get through these situations. It’s a battle of will. In Taylor’s case, he picked the wrong soft target.

And that brings us to a next piece — how do you think criminals choose their victims?

In a world occupied by predators and prey, a predator will almost always select what he believes to be the easiest meal. When injuries get treated in hospitals and failure usually results in prison time, criminals don’t have a lot to lose in these violent crime scenarios. They stand to get everything and lose practically nothing.

Well, this woman wasn’t about to be an easy target for anyone. She did a great job reacting to the situation and undoubtedly did what she had to do to stay alive.

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