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postheadericon BAD FORM: Man Shoots At Suspected Thief, Bullets End Up In Nearby Apartment With Children

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA — A gun owner was arrested by Wilmington police after he discharged his gun towards a thief attempting to steal items off of his truck. The bullets missed the thief and penetrated into a nearby apartment that was occupied by children. None of the occupants were hurt but police have charged the gun owner with felony offenses related to the incident.

According to WWAY3 Wilmington News, Daniel Chon Corbett VI was charged with two counts felony discharge firearm into an occupied dwelling, two counts misdemeanor injury to real property and one count misdemeanor city ordinance violation.

If he is found guilty of those charges, he will be considered a felon and thus not allowed to possess firearms. Even if he successfully shot the thief and the bullets didn’t end up traveling into a nearby apartment, he would still likely be facing charges.

Wilmington is a city with local and state ordinances prohibiting the discharge of a firearm within city limits. Without a special permit or overturning the ordinance, the individual ends up having to prove his case as to why he felt he needed to fire a gun.

This inevitably means that unless you’re actively using justified deadly force against an individual or individuals, you’re going to face charges.

Is that particularly fair in of itself? It actually makes sense in an urban environment.

Wilmington’s downtown is a mish-mash of civil war-era architecture and the buildings outside of historic downtown are mostly stick and brick. Bullets can do an incredible amount of damage in that environment. That’s why, as a gun owner, if you intend to discharge your firearm in an occupied area, you better make damn sure your rounds hit your target.

This guy didn’t.

Do I think the thief now has some magical right to steal property? Absolutely not. Shooting at him didn’t fix the problem, though. That is one of those split-second poor judgement decisions that ends in bad things happening.

Thankfully, those bad things didn’t include hurting or killing of innocent bystanders and children. Thankfully.

And that’s why, as everyday concealed carriers and gun owners, we’re obliged to consider the safety of those around us in addition to ourselves. Every round that leaves our firearms will be accounted for by law enforcement in a real life situation. If you’re not confident that round is going to directly save the life of you or a family member, don’t fire it.

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postheadericon [NSFW] Security Guard Shoots Suicide Bomber Before He Can Detonate Vest With People Nearby

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — A coordinated attack involving a number of suicide bombers took place at the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Thirty one people are confirmed dead and as many as sixty injured. In one harrowing video, a security guard is able to shoot one of the suicide bombers before he was able to detonate.

Another police officer allegedly dove onto another suicide bomber but was consumed in the blast.

The attack kicked off in the entranceway of the airport — well before the security screening area. It’s a harrowing reminder that Islamic State militants are able to perpetrate extreme attacks far from their base of operations in Syria and Iraq.

News agencies like NBC and Sky News can give you greater insight onto the event, but we wanted to discuss the security guard who was able to save countless lives by neutralizing the attacker with his gun.

The suicide bomber was still able to detonate but the quick reflexes of this security officer was able to neutralize him long enough to evacuate people from the area.

News reports disagree about precisely how many explosions took place, how many suicide bombers participated, and a number of other elements. It’s giving us a real understanding that these types of attacks — whether in a nightclub or an airport — do not reveal themselves easily.

Just because one suicide bomber was neutralized, there may be more. Just because one shooter is taken down doesn’t mean there aren’t more behind him or lying in wait.

If the events in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and countless of other places reveal anything is that the enemy will be unpredictable.

This directly applies to concealed carry practices here in the United States.

If you are so fortunate as to neutralize an attacker before he can do you harm, never assume he is acting alone.

A trend I remember from my days in Iraq was the use of follow-up attacks after a main attack. In any coordinated attack, you have the main elements that kick it off and then you sometimes have groups of men who show up to fight once the fight is believed to be over. Often times they can target emergency services, police officers, and even innocent civilians.

Any target that is a “target of opportunity” is a valid target. And we unfortunately live in a world where we are beginning to see that we can be targets of opportunity.

Our jobs, collectively, is to make those targets hardened.

There are good people out there in this world that will rise to the occasion when bad guys attack. And I guarantee there will be concealed carriers amongst them willing to answer that call.

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postheadericon After Violent Gunfight, Armed Criminals Flee To Nearby House And Encounter Armed Homeowner

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA — Officer David Brady of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was engaged by small arms fire originating from two men whom are believed to have been trying to steal a sail boat out on St. Andrews’ … Continue reading
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