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postheadericon Man Breaks Into Home, Screams, Then Shot By Occupant… And That Was Only The Second Home He Broke Into That Night

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — Memphis police were called to a residential block of Sherwood Forest in response to a shooting at a residence. Occupants of the residence report a man attempting to gain entry through their front door. When one of the occupants encountered him, he was screaming and reaching into his jacket. The occupant shot him.

Another person in the home attempted to strike the suspect with his pistol to stop him from fleeing the scene, according to Local Memphis News. That didn’t work. The suspect fled and attempted to break into another home while he was already previously shot. Police detained him at that home.

While police were investigating the scene, they discovered yet another homeowner who reported that the suspect broke into her home. She heard him enter, scream, and then leave.

Police identified the suspect as Emmanuel Lane, 28. The three separate incidents all occurred around 2:30 a.m.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say drugs were involved. If not drugs, then some very severe psychological problems may have been at play. It’s not normal human behavior to repeatedly walk into other people’s homes, scream, and then leave.

The man was taken to a hospital and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. It is sincerely my hope that he’s able to get some sort of treatment because breaking into people’s homes to upset them is no way to go through life.

Just a little while back, we had another story involving a man high on methamphetamines. He entered a business and threatened the owner and customers with a rock. After he was shot, he wandered around outside until police picked him up.

There’s a common trend with methamphetamines. The user gets whacked out of his mind, acts psychotic, and people have a hard time interpreting this as a temporary condition. And it’s hard to interpret someone’s actions as temporary when he is acting in a threatening manner, intruding onto private property, and even directly threatening force.

Meth. It’s a hell of a drug.

For this story, each homeowner took a different approach. The first one stayed in her room and waited for the intruder to leave. The second one responded with justifiable use of deadly force per Tennessee regulations. And the third, likely confused as hell as to why there’s a bleeding man attempting to break into his home, simply called police and waited for them to handle it.

Which one was the correct answer? Whichever keeps you safe. When some folk get high on meth or PCP or any number of other hard street drugs, they can act erratically and violently. This is a bad combination when you add home invasion into the mix. Protect yourself accordingly, don’t put yourself in harm’s way any more than you absolutely need to, and definitely notify authorities.

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postheadericon Two Home Invasions In One Night In Houston — See If You Can Spot The Difference On How They Played Out

HOUSTON, TEXAS — We just finished covering a home invasion where a man had to wrestle control of a gun from one of the armed intruders before he could fight back to defend himself and his family. Go figure, that same night, another home got broken into in Houston and the homeowner was armed. It worked out a bit differently…

We already reported on that first home invasion here. The guy did what he had to do to defend himself and we’ll never fault him for that. However, in the second event of the evening, the homeowner was armed with a .22 caliber rifle and shot the intruder twice in the chest before the intruder fled.

According to MySanAntonio News, the suspect was apprehended outside the home and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for his gunshot wounds. He’ll likely face criminal charges relating to the unlawful intrusion into that man’s property.

One homeowner doesn’t have a gun and is forced to fight for control of one to defeat two armed intruders pointing guns at him and his family. He takes a bullet to the hand and a grazing wound to his head. The other homeowner suffers no injuries.

This is where guns come into play, folks. It’s better to have one and never need it than to need it and not have it. The level of pain and misery required to overpower two intruders bent on violence is completely different than neutralizing the threat with your own gun.

Everyday carry of a firearm just isn’t in the cards for some people. While I would personally hope that any law-abiding citizen that can hold a gun, should, I fully realize there will be people who just simply won’t. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a gun for your own personal protection in your home. In fact, I strongly encourage it.

If an ambulance has to pull up outside your home after a violent home invasion, I would always hope it would be the other guys getting loaded in and not you. That’s a whole heck of a lot easier if you’re the person with the gun.

Personal protection in the home as well as out in the regular world is downright necessary. If not you, who will defend you, your family and your home? Make the conscious decision for it to be you and keep that gun nearby while you’re in the home. It’s a decision that could save your very life.

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postheadericon Two Burglaries, One Night — Two Very Different Results. Are You Ready To Keep A Firearm Yet?

BANGOR, MAINE — In one night in Bangor, two households were broken into and the homeowners threatened. In the first incident of the evening, 12:37 a.m., the homeowner sent the intruders running after he presented a gun while calling police. In the second incident, the homeowner didn’t have a gun and instead decided to fight the intruders. The intruders beat him up and he luckily was able to flee to a neighbor’s home and talk to police.

Guess which one was easier? The one that doesn’t end with bruises, cuts, lacerations, and general health intact.

According to WCSH 6 News, the homeowner who confronted the suspects with nothing but his bare hands ended up with minor injuries that were treatable. The suspects broke in through his back door and demanded money or drugs or both. They didn’t seem quite sure. We’re going out on a limb here and say they probably aren’t the type of guys to think their actions through. If one of them had inclination to do real damage, he likely would have.

For that first home, though, the guy with the gun didn’t even have to break a sweat before it was over. No sooner than the two suspects saw he was armed and on the phone with police, they knew time was a short commodity. Plus, from the sounds of it, they knew a second place they could break into anyways.

That second guy… Those two hoods chose right. If they had stuck with Door #1, they both would have been lucky to leave walking upright. In Door #2, however, was a homeowner who thought he could go toe-to-toe with two unknown men in his own home with nothing more than a macho attitude and a mean left hook.

Say it with me. Guns. Save. Lives.

It’s okay to say it. As concealed carriers and gun owners, we know damn well why we carry a gun in the home and outside of it. It’s because when faced with multiple attackers who are obviously too dumb to think their actions through, we don’t want to have to wonder if they’re going to play nice and leave on their own accord.

No. That’s what the gun is for. And with some training and a bit of intestinal fortitude, you can join the countless others who have successfully defended their homes with a gun. Added bonus points if you take it to the outside world and defend yourself no matter where you go.

Consider it. Door #1 or Door #2. Which one would you rather have to go through?

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