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postheadericon Follow Up: Video of Hero Thomas Yoxall Describing How He Saved a Police Officer’s Life

You may remember a story last year in which a concealed carrier — one who had had his gun rights restored after a felony conviction — came to the aid of an Arizona trooper who was being attacked by an illegal alien. Thomas Yoxall no doubt saved trooper Ed Andersson’s life by the side of the road that day as the attacker, Leonard Penuelas-Escobar, had already shot him once and was beating him when Yoxall arrived on the scene.

Andersson, a 28-year department veteran who underwent multiple surgeries for his injuries and hasn’t yet returned to work, was asked during a police interview what would have been the outcome if the driver hadn’t stopped the attack.

“Probably a funeral. He wasn’t gonna stop,” Andersson told investigators, crediting the passer-by with saving his life.

Now video has been release of Yoxall relaying his story to investigators in the aftermath of the shooting.

Thomas Yoxall describes saving Arizona trooper Ed Andersson's life
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Yoxall’s emotional response while recounting the shooting to detectives is worth noting. Reading comments posted throughout the gunblogosphere, you’ll see plenty of keyboard commandos proclaim they’d have no problem using their concealed carry gun to shoot anyone who threatens them, their family or their property. And that they’d sleep like a baby in the aftermath.

As Yoxall’s reaction demonstrates, it’s not as easy to shoot another human being as many gun owners think. His defensive gun use was a clear a case of justified deadly force if ever there was  was one. Yet the effect of shooting and killing another person — no mater how clear cut the situation– is something every person who carries a firearm needs to consider when they strap theirs on every morning.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] One Officer’s Views on Constitutional Carry; Does it make sense in the eyes of Law Enforcement?

Radix Tactical recently published a video on YouTube discussing the thoughts and opinions of Constitutional Carry through the eyes of a Police Officer. Does it make sense? Does he support the idea?

The short; Yes. Of course he can’t speak for every single member of law enforcement around the country, but his points are spot-on.

It’s the age-old argument that will never end, but it’s pretty simple when I dissect the facts, and the facts remain constant throughout.

  • If the bad guy wants to carry a gun illegally, he’s going to do it anyway. There is no regard for the law.
  • Allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves is a deterrent to those who wish to commit crimes.
  • Gun Free Zones are Sitting Duck Zones, because those who wish to do harm are well aware of the fact that they will not likely face any significant resistance.

Ah well. We’ll always have people who don’t agree. Give the video above a watch and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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postheadericon Sworn Law Enforcement Officers Unarmed And Trained To Run And Hide In The Event Of Active Shooter At Chicago Airports

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Filed under ‘things we will never understand’, a reader sent us the above news clip that discusses the day in a life of an Aviation Officer at Chicago International Airport. The recipe: Sworn law enforcement officers who … Continue reading
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