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postheadericon Intruders Give Homeowner Options: Give Gold Or Get Lead — He Chose Option C: Give Lead

SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE — Three armed intruders broke into a man’s home around 2 a.m. and demanded money from him. At gun point, he got out his own handgun and opened fire with a single round. The two suspects fled the scene but one managed to strike the man’s hand with a bullet before departing. Police got the man to a hospital where he received treatment.

Springfield police told WKRN News that all three intruders wore bandanas over their faces but are believed to be young men. No one showed up to the hospital following the incident so it’s believed that the single shot must not have caused significant damage.

It happens. One against three at two o’clock in the morning? It’s amazing this man was able to defend himself at all. Thanks to having a gun nearby, he could.

He did get shot in the hand. That will take a long time to come back from and there will be lingering damage. But he retains his life, his property, and sends a pretty strong message to the three intruders that he won’t passively lie down and accept whatever happens.

Standing up for yourself can have direct consequences. Whether it’s an armed confrontation or some other conflict, there’s no guarantee of success. What you’re doing is asserting the opportunity.

There is always an opportunity to come out on top — whether that’s defined as simply being alive, not being robbed, or some life goal in mind.

Respect is not a default condition for humans. Respect is earned and it is given when appropriate. Demanding respect from strangers is moronic and from armed intruders, arguably insane. They owe you nothing — not even the common decency of safety in exchange for compliance.

The idea that respect should be given freely amongst all is little more than bad propaganda that holds absolutely no weight in the cold light of reality. If you treat strangers with respect, that’s a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s something I personally try to strive for. It’s not a guarantee. And I would not expect someone who is willing to kick my door down and put a gun in my face to give me any more or less.

In those situations, a person has to make a choice — defend himself and be hurt or killed or don’t defend himself and still be hurt or killed.

With both options leading mostly to the same place, I’ll chose A. Most concealed carriers and gun owners do. And that’s why we always keep a gun nearby at night and we carry a gun every single day.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon S4UVPNSurfer DD-WRT Routers- The Best Option For UK Streamers Abroad

S4UVPNSurfer Routers Now Available From FlashRouters

S4UVPNSurfer DD-WRT Routers Now Available From FlashRouters

Looking for a VPN service with a UK focus? S4UVPNSurfer is the VPN provider for you.

Based in the United Kingdom, S4UVPNSurfer is the best option for UK streamers living abroad trying to watch their favorite programs. Wishing you could watch ITV, BBC Sport, or 4oD from the Middle East or Asia? Spending a few months in the United States but want to take advantage of your SkyTV or NowTV subscription? S4UVPN Surfer can solve these issues and more.

S4UVPNSurfer Subscription Options

S4UVPNSurfer provides several subscription options for their service. The “UK VPN” option  is available for £3.99 a month and provides access to UK VPN servers. This plan also comes with S4UVPNSurfer’s Smart Streaming DNS service. Smart Streaming DNS is an alternative to VPN that functions as more of a “trick”, unblocking specific sites and services as opposed to connecting and disconnecting to VPN servers. It is available with all S4UVPNSurfer subscriptions. As services like Hulu have been cracking down on VPN services by blocking IP addresses, using Smart Streaming DNS is a great way to guarantee continual access to your favorite streaming media. With UK VPN access and Smart Streaming DNS for less than £4 a month, streamers looking to watch their favorite UK programs have found a very promising option.

Looking to do more than watch your favorite UK channels? S4UVPNSurfer provides a £5.99 a month “US & UK VPN Plan” that includes access to 3 US servers alongside 8 UK servers. This plan is a definite for anyone trying to take advantage of the differences in programming offered by US and UK streaming services.

For a monthly fee of £6, you can purchase a subscription to the “Multi-VPN Plan”, which includes more than 48 servers in over 28 countries, including Germany, France, Sweden,  Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Australia, Poland, Chile, Ireland, Switzerland, and of course, the United Kingdom. Whether you are trying to secure your IP address, watch your favorite programs from abroad, or take advantage of Smart Streaming DNS, S4UVPNSurfer has you covered.

S4UVPN Surfer - Top Uk VPN & SmartDNS Service

Best S4UVPNSurfer DD-WRT Routers

Looking to use S4UVPNSurfer to watch your favorite UK media on your Xbox One, Amazon Fire, Samsung Smart TV, Ps4, or AppleTV?

Adding a DD-WRT router configured for S4UVPNSurfer service will allow you to use your VPN account on all of your devices with one account. No need to get rid of your current router, either. Utilize the popular Dual Router Setup to use your current router as a connection to the IP address provided to you by your Internet Service Provider while creating a second network for VPN use with a S4UVPNSurfer DD-WRT FlashRouter. This setup not only allows you to keep your current router, but creates two networks.

The advantage of having two networks is that you will not have to flood for your VPN connection with wireless devices that will work just fine without a VPN connection, as they can be connected to your local network. Let’s take at some of the best S4UVPNSurfer Routers

S4USurferVPN Asus RT-AC68U


  1. S4USurferVPN Asus RT-AC66U DD-WRT Router – A high-powered Wireless-AC router perfect for streaming football matches on BBC Sport in high definition.
  2. S4USurferVPN Netgear WNDR3700 DD-WRT Router – An affordable router with a powerful 680 MHz processor, the WNDR3700 is one of the top selling FlashRouters, and for good reason.
  3. S4USurferVPN Netgear R6300 V2 DD-WRT Router – Armed with a 800 MHz processor, Wireless-AC, and high-end DD-WRT ARM firmware, the R6300 is a fantastic networking centerpiece.
  4. S4USurferVPN Linksys E1200 DD-WRT Router – The most popular economy line FlashRouter. Looking for consistent performance at an accessible price range? The E1200 is a great entry level router.

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