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postheadericon Intruders Give Homeowner Options: Give Gold Or Get Lead — He Chose Option C: Give Lead

SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE — Three armed intruders broke into a man’s home around 2 a.m. and demanded money from him. At gun point, he got out his own handgun and opened fire with a single round. The two suspects fled the scene but one managed to strike the man’s hand with a bullet before departing. Police got the man to a hospital where he received treatment.

Springfield police told WKRN News that all three intruders wore bandanas over their faces but are believed to be young men. No one showed up to the hospital following the incident so it’s believed that the single shot must not have caused significant damage.

It happens. One against three at two o’clock in the morning? It’s amazing this man was able to defend himself at all. Thanks to having a gun nearby, he could.

He did get shot in the hand. That will take a long time to come back from and there will be lingering damage. But he retains his life, his property, and sends a pretty strong message to the three intruders that he won’t passively lie down and accept whatever happens.

Standing up for yourself can have direct consequences. Whether it’s an armed confrontation or some other conflict, there’s no guarantee of success. What you’re doing is asserting the opportunity.

There is always an opportunity to come out on top — whether that’s defined as simply being alive, not being robbed, or some life goal in mind.

Respect is not a default condition for humans. Respect is earned and it is given when appropriate. Demanding respect from strangers is moronic and from armed intruders, arguably insane. They owe you nothing — not even the common decency of safety in exchange for compliance.

The idea that respect should be given freely amongst all is little more than bad propaganda that holds absolutely no weight in the cold light of reality. If you treat strangers with respect, that’s a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s something I personally try to strive for. It’s not a guarantee. And I would not expect someone who is willing to kick my door down and put a gun in my face to give me any more or less.

In those situations, a person has to make a choice — defend himself and be hurt or killed or don’t defend himself and still be hurt or killed.

With both options leading mostly to the same place, I’ll chose A. Most concealed carriers and gun owners do. And that’s why we always keep a gun nearby at night and we carry a gun every single day.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Less Lethal Weapons for the Armed Citizen Part II: Options

In the first installment of this article we discussed the details to consider prior to adopting a less lethal weapon into your everyday carry system as an armed citizen. In this installment we will take a look at the alternatives available. This is by no means an exhaustive list of less lethal weapons, but here I attempt to touch on the most common and obtainable options for the armed citizen to adopt for carry.

Chemical Sprays

Perhaps the most commonly carried less lethal option are chemical sprays of some type. The most used, and arguable most effective, is OC spray, which stands for oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray), made from the hot abstract of peppers. As you would imagine, this spray works by causing significant, and often downright sever, pain and inflammation to the recipient if sprayed in the eyes and face, and it often forces the eyes shut. It also can cause uncontrollable hacking and coughing when inhaled, and it inflames mucus membranes. This less lethal option tends to be my top recommendation for most people for a couple of reasons. First, unlike a contact weapon, the spray gives you the ability to avoid making contact with the threat, at least in some circumstances. Second, the spray takes no significant physical strength to use.

There are a number of considerations when choosing spray: First, the size of the canister. As you would guess, the smaller the canister the easier to carry, but generally less spray quantity and less range will be available in the delivery system. Second, there are several different spray patterns. A stream pattern is like a squirt gun and fires a solid stream, and provides the most range. A cone or fog pattern is like a burst from a hair spray can and makes it easier to hit the face more consistently. A cone pattern also makes inhalation more likely and is thus a bit more effective in that regard. The cone, however, is more prone to contaminating you along with the person you shoot with it, and can blow right back at you in wind. All of the available options have their benefits, but some time and effort should be put into choosing the right size and the right spray pattern for your needs.

While OC spray is my top recommendation to others as a less lethal alternative, there are some significant downsides to it. First of all, it can contaminate you along with the aggressor. Even if you don’t experience blow-back, if you spray a person who then closes on you and makes contact, you may end up wearing OC spray. The second limitation is this: it is simply not effective some of the time. Now, that can be the case with any weapon, but in particular OC spray needs to be kept in realistic perspective. Many individuals will cease hostilities after being sprayed but others may shrug it off with little effect at all. This is particularly true if dealing with someone under the influence of certain narcotics or even someone who is intoxicated. There needs to be a plan B if you deploy spray and it does not cease hostilities.

Focused Impact Weapons

The second category of less lethal options that I point people to is focused impact weapons. A tactical pen is a very solidly built pen that can function as a focused impact weapon. A kubaton is simply a small stick, often made of metal or some kind of polymer that accomplishes the same thing. These weapons are not made to puncture or cut like a knife, rather they are designed to focus impact into a small and hard tip, as opposed to your opened hand or fist, which makes the strike much more formidable and also protects your hand. I am personally a big fan of tactical pens as I find them to be substantial weapons if you get proper training in their use. I prefer the pen to the kubaton because it is not identifiable as specifically a weapon, and it is also a pen, which is always useful to have on a daily basis.

Because a blow with such an object can generate significant force you would actually need to strike less dangerous areas of the body with a tactical pen or kubaton for less lethal use as striking certain areas of the head can very quickly constitute lethal force. The downsides are, unlike sprays, you are forced to make contact with an aggressor with these weapons and using them requires physical strength and commitment. Generally, more training is required with focused impact weapons than with sprays and they often work best for individuals with a martial arts background. Collapsible batons can also be placed into this category, but many jurisdictions prohibit carrying these devises. They are also larger and more difficult to carry than tactical pens or kubatons but prove very effective with training.

Conducted Electric Weapons

This class of weapon typically refers to stun guns and Tasers. I have rather mixed feelings about these devices and am not a proponent for civilian use as they are precarious to use and often fail. Stun guns require you to make contact with an aggressor and for the shock to be effective you have to make rather precise contact. Generally these devices prove limited. The Taser type systems are better, and they provide a means of firing electrodes at the opponent so that you don’t have to make contact. The Taser systems are quite effective at what they do, but I think they are realistically limited for civilian deployment. First of all, they are bulky to carry and usually provide only one shot and the electrodes can fail to penetrate and make contact consistently. Also, while considered less lethal, Tasers are quite violent and can cause permanent injury or death easier than the other less lethal options and their overall applicability for the armed citizen is limited. Significant consideration and research is warranted before adopting a conducted electric weapon into your carry.


Overall, I think carrying a less lethal option is a wise decision for most armed citizens and can be valuable for certain situations. You must know the laws pertaining to the use of force. Less lethal weapons live between the much preferred option of de-escalation and avoidance, and the final resort to lethal force. It can become a confusing area. As such, educate yourself and choose your less lethal weapon according to your needs and abilities.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Open Source Warranty Options Now Available On ALL FlashRouters

FlashRouters is proud to announce that we are officially offering warranties on any and all FlashRouters.

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postheadericon FlashRouters Adds FedEx Overnight & International Express Shipping Options

FlashRouters now offers Fedex Overnight and International Express Shipping

Faster International Shipping for Tomato and DD-WRT Routers with FedEx

Big Express Shipping News at FlashRouters

You know what we do here. You love our open-sourced DD-WRT and Tomato routers and the way they transform your wireless network. You love them so much that maybe you need one immediately. Like, overnight. Even if you’re not in the same country as us.

We’ve had customers make this request and ask us about this for years now, and it’s high time we delivered. At long last, get ready for…

FlashRouters adds FexEx Overnight & International Express Shipping Options

FedEx Overnight & International Express Shipping from FlashRouters

That’s right. You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered. If you’ve held up on purchasing because, you really preferred FedEx as your carrier, well that stumbling block has just been excised.

Need a Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT or an Asus RT-AC66U Tomato by the end of tomorrow? Or maybe one of our new discounted open box routers as soon as possible. Now that we offer FedEx Overnight US & International Express shipping on our products, we can deliver.

How Does FedEx International Compare to USPS?

Sure, we’ve relied on USPS so far, and their sometimes cheaper international shipping options, but FedEx provides speedier ship times to clamoring users across the world and we are proud to have started offering their services. Having the customs and logistical expertise of FedEx on our sideallows delivery times to be dropped significantly to almost anywhere in the world.

Just to give you an idea of how FedEx International will improve our worldwide DD-WRT & Tomato router delivery speeds:

If you live in Toronto and order a router via FedEx International Priority by 3 PM EST today, delivery would be estimated the next day by noon.

Order that same high-powered network-revolutionizing with FedEx International Economy express shipping and you’ll get it by Tuesday.

With USPS, this package usually takes anywhere from 3-7 days depending on customs. Similarly for most of Europe it will take delivery from 7-14 days down to the 3-5 days. What more could you ask for?

Questions? Review our shipping FAQ or Contact our support team by clicking the BIG ORANGE SUPPORT BUTTON on the left hand side of any page. they are standing by, ready to alleviate any of your networking or shipping logistic concerns.

So FlashRouters fans from Boise to Beijing, prepare yourself for the most efficient express shipping we’ve ever offered! Take advantage and get your quote right in the shopping cart today!

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