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postheadericon [UPDATED] Angry Ex-Employee Kills 5 At Orlando Business Before Killing Himself

UPDATE @ 3:00pm EST

The identities of four victims have been released by police. The victims are Robert Snyder, 69; Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44; Kevin Clark, 53; and Jeffrey Roberts, 57. The ID of one victim has not been released.

The gunman, who has been identified as John Robert Neumann Jr., was said to have specifically targeted people during the shooting. One of the witnesses told police that Neumann pointed his gun at her and told her to leave.

The shooting took place in multiple locations inside the business.

Original article:

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A man, who police say was fired from his job in April, went back to his old employer Monday morning and began shooting. The victims included his old boss, as well as 4 others who have not been identified.

From CNN:

Police have not named the dead gunman, 45, but say he has no ties to terror or subversive groups.

Police responded to the call about 8 a.m. at Fiamma Inc., which makes accessories for recreational vehicles, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said. The business is located in an industrial area northeast of downtown.

Three men and a woman were found dead at the scene, Demings said. Another man died at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Seven others were inside the business when the shootings took place.

The man responsible has not been identified, but was said to be 45 years old.

Around 8am, police went to the business after receiving a call of shots fired. By the time police arrived, the gunman had taken his own life. He was said to be armed with a knife and handgun.

In 2014, police were called to the same business for a ‘workplace violence’ incident involving the same man responsible for the killings, although no charges were filed.

Check this space for more information as it becomes available.

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postheadericon ‘Concealed Carry No Help In Orlando’ — We Disagree

In just the little time that has passed since a deadly mass shooting claimed the lives of several dozen men and women in a nightclub in Orlando, plenty of fodder has been added to the fire to stoke the flames of the gun control debate.

There have been ample debates online and even some political action towards pushing an agenda in the wake of an incident.

One thing we can definitely see from the preliminary FBI investigation results is that the man who conducted this attack had a history of suspicious activity and he targeted a place where the majority of people were likely to not have been armed. These are two ingredients which, alone, spell disaster.

Unfortunately, now we’re also starting to get into the debate of whether or not a concealed carrier would have been in a position to stop this attack.

The Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon, had an op-ed submitted by someone who reportedly has direct knowledge of dealing with firearms and suggests that a concealed carrier would have been ineffective against an attack of this magnitude.

We respectfully disagree.

Concealed carriers have and will continue to stop mass shootings.

We specifically made an article covering several specific instances where a concealed carrier stopped a shooter before he could inflict more casualties.

But we’ve also covered stories where a concealed carrier tries and fails to stop a mass shooter.

Even in that tragic case, which we covered in this article, he still managed to slow the attacker down and give time for people in the area to escape and seek shelter.

That’s where a concealed carrier comes into play.

If he cannot neutralize an attacker outright, he can at least buy time for others to get to safety.

Anything that slows down an attack or forces to the attacker to lose his initiative can directly translate into lives saved.

Would one or more concealed carriers in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando stopped the mass shooting from taking place? That’s impossible to know because there was no reported return fire. We can’t armchair general prior events and pretend one change here or there would have changed the outcome. If anyone was armed, they were more concerned with leaving than staying and fighting.

And, to be honest, that is completely the decision of the concealed carrier. The concealed carrier has the right to not come to the aid of others. If a man or woman inside the nightclub had been armed and chosen not to wait around to exchange fire with the attacker, that’s his prerogative. Concealed carriers are not sworn officers of the law and are under no obligation to rush to the assistance of anyone but themselves, their own family, and their property.

We’d like to think a concealed carrier would — but it’s impossible to know.

There’s also the chance that a concealed carrier is shot and neutralized before he or she has a chance to pull his gun and return fire. That is also a possibility. There’s numerous potential for missed opportunities to save lives.

However, to say that a concealed carrier would not have been effective is a direct underestimation of who we have historically been in our own community.

Train how to plan to fight. The basics of firearm safety and marksmanship will always apply. Now, apply them to advanced drills and techniques intended to give you the best defensive advantage while placing your attackers in the worst possible spot.

Train for realistic scenarios. No one is going to pick a gunfight with you at a shooting range. Your defensive gun use scenario, if it is going to occur, is going to occur in a place that’s likely inconvenient for you — like at the check-out line at a gas station or while you’re asleep on the couch in the living room. Train for the scenarios where you intend to fight.

Train for realistic expectations. If you think you’re going to pinpoint one dude right between the eyes in a crowded train station or restaurant, you may need to do some really advanced training schools to get those results. Don’t expect miracles if you’re not trained to perform them.

Firearm safety always exist. It doesn’t matter if it’s the range or a crowded bar, the basics of firearm safety always apply and the law always applies.

Bring a designated concealed carrier if you plan on drinking. If you’re going to be impaired, have a sober set of eyes as your backup.

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postheadericon Orlando Mass Shooting In Gay Club Leaves 50 Dead, 53 Injured

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — While final figures are still pending, it appears that fifty people have been killed and fifty three injured in an attack on a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, just before closing time around 2 a.m. on Sunday. To be clear, it’s the third attack perpetrated by an alleged Islamic terrorist who has claimed ISIS affiliation in the past two years. While media scramble to figure out how they’re going to spin this story, we’re going to cement the details as they’re presented.

Just before the attacks are alleged to have taken place, the shooter is confirmed to have called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS prior to engaging in the attack, according to NBC News. This and other details have strongly pushed the FBI’s stance in designating this an act of domestic terrorism.

Florida police have confirmed that he does have several firearms-related permits including a concealed carry license and a security guard permit — both of which he actively used in his profession as a security guard.

And that’s where the details pretty much end. As we’ve stated in the past: we don’t care about the shooter. His personal ideology, philosophy, or whatever it was that drove him to prematurely ending the lives of several dozen people are really of little concern.

What is concerning is there appears to be an increase in these types of incidents in the last two years.


  • The first one we covered happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the target was a Marine Corps recruiting depot and reserve center.
  • The second was the San Bernardino shootings in a mental health facility, carried out by a man and his wife for supposed ideological reasons.

And now there’s this.

While anti-gun media will focus on what type of firearm the shooter used, perhaps we need to be discussing a bigger picture of how we can better protect ourselves from these sorts of attacks in the future.

The problem is that the government is not good at identifying these types of individuals prior to them executing their vile attacks. We’ve seen it in both domestic terrorism cases as well as just routine cases as well.

The government cannot protect you. You must make steps to protect yourself.

We cannot openly advocate for people to carry concealed while going out into situations that involve an altered state of thinking. That said, perhaps it’s time to have a designated buddy. We have designated drivers when we go out to drink, perhaps we need designated concealed carriers — guys and gals who don’t mind being sober and don’t mind staying equipped with a daily carry handgun.

Before anyone boo-hoos this idea: it’s worked in the past to stop a mass shooting in a bar. In 2008, one bar patron who was legally carrying a concealed handgun, successfully stopped a man who indiscriminately opened fire in a bar. These types of stories don’t fit the media narrative, so don’t expect people to be talking about it all the time — but a good guy or gal with a gun is truly the only defense for a bad guy with a gun. It’s inconvenient for the media narrative, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

You can wait for the FBI to identify the next domestic terrorist prior to that terrorist attacking a place that’s arguably a gun free zone… But if you’re holding your breath, that’ll be quite a feat.

The best solution is having a well armed, well trained populace that is knowledgeable and accountable with firearms. Our condolences go out to the families affected in Orlando and we pray for a speedy recovery to the injured.

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