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postheadericon Medical Marijuana User In Honolulu? Give Us Your Guns, No Permit For You.

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

“The Honolulu Police Department is reviewing a policy requiring medical marijuana users to turn over their firearms,” reports. “The department sent letters to at least 30 gun owners last month, saying they had 30 days to surrender or transfer ownership of their guns.” That caused something of an uproar in the Aloha State…and beyond! ‘Cause if Hawaii actually sent cops ’round to gun owners holding a medical marijuana card . . .

A dangerous precedent would be set. Lest we forget, Hawaii isn’t the only state to maintain a database of both medical marijuana users and gun owners. The great state of New York also keeps track of legal tokers and gat holders. And yes, federal law makes it illegal to be a weed smoker and a gun owner.


Hawaii Police Chief Paul Ferreira

The state’s largest law-enforcement organization said it will continue to deny future gun permit applications for medical marijuana patients.

Hawaii Police Chief Paul Ferreira [above] said his department’s form letter is sent only in response to admitted medical marijuana patients who apply for a permit to acquire a firearm. Ferreira said he signs them himself.

“When someone applies for a permit to acquire a firearm and they indicate they’re a medical marijuana patient, pursuant to a 2011 opinion from the (U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), they’re no longer qualified to possess a firearm. At that point, we send out the letter telling them their permit to acquire has been denied . . .

If you’re in possession of any firearms or ammunition, you need to turn them in,” Ferreira said Wednesday. “Over the course of this past year, I don’t recall signing more than one or two of those letters.

“We do not go out and look for medical marijuana patients. We don’t go out and ask anybody for information on medical marijuana patients, or send them letters arbitrarily. It’s only in conjunction with when they apply for a permit to acquire.”

Let’s ignore for a moment the outrageous idea that Hawaii residents need a state permit to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. And the fact that the last state to join the union hasn’t issued a single concealed carry permit in eighteen years. Or the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol, on every level (save criminal involvement in its cultivation and distribution).

Honolulu SWAT Team (courtesy

Let’s focus on the Honolulu PD’s decision to scan the state’s gun and marijuana registries for overlap, and then threaten to send gun confiscation goons (Honolulu SWAT team above) to enforce the federal ban on pot smoking gun owners.

What kind of law enforcement official would even think it’s a good idea to poke that bear? Never mind send his — make that her — officers into harm’s way to git ‘er done?

That would be Virginia-born, North Carolina-raised Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard (above). The officer chosen to replace Chief Kealoha after he was arrested for 20 counts of abuse of power and public corruption.

Anyway, it seems clear that Uncle Sam needs to legalize marijuana, stat. Before someone gets hurt. I mean, someone else . . .

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postheadericon NY Fails To Process 20,000 Public Disclosure Opt-Out Forms For Permit Holders

By Mike Doran via USA Carry

Nearly everyone recognized that when New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, commonly known as the SAFE Act, was signed into law by Gov. Cuomo, it would put more burdens on lawful gun owners.

Perhaps the only benefit to the law was that permit holders now had a way to opt-out of having their names and addresses being public information subject to public records requests, as they had been since 1981. All they would need to do is fill out a form with their county clerk’s office to ensure their permit information would not be released as a result of public records requests.

The Monroe County Clerk’s Office, however, has some 20,000 unprocessed forms dating back three years, The Democrat & Chronicle reports.

The opt-out provision was the result of The Journal News, a newspaper in Westchester County, publishing the names, addresses, and a map of permit holders in its readership area following the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings.

The publication of so much personal information put a target on the backs of lawful gun owners and drew public outrage, leading to the opt-out forms.

So why weren’t the forms processed? Well, like most paperwork problems in government, it’s all comes down to the bureaucracy.

Cheryl Dinolfo, the county clerk when the law was passed, called on the state to pay for the cost of processing them, and estimated the cost to be $ 16.10 per form. When the state declined to pick up the tab, the forms were shelved with the intention to process them all as a block.

Most of the forms have never been seen by a judge and those that did were never matched to their permits. They now sit in drawers in chronological order, making it impossible for staff to know whether a specific permit holder requested privacy without searching through thousands of forms.

20,000 opt-out forms later, the estimated cost for processing them is $ 322,000.

“No matter where you are in terms of whether you think pistol permits should be public records or not, this is a troubling situation,” said current County Clerk Adam Bello, who took office in March after Dinolfo was elected county executive (proving once again, in government you fail upward).

Dinolfo said she hadn’t released any permit holders’ information since the enactment of the SAFE Act “to protect the safety and security of all pistol permit holders.”

However, even gun rights advocates like Ken Mathison, a spokesman for the Monroe County branch of the Shooters Committee on Political Education, say that what Dinolfo did was “gross incompetence.”

The result of Dinolfo’s actions, Mathison says, only weakened the protections for gun permit holders and opens the county up to legal challenges.

“I think it’s presumptuous on (Dinolfo’s) part to think she’d get away with this,” Mathison said. “I think she passed a can of worms on to (Bello).”

Bello said his office is attempting to speed up the processing of the forms and has requested an additional $ 25,000 from the County Legislature to hire two part-time employees. He anticipates that it will take two years to catch up, making the one benefit of the SAFE Act, at least for Monroe County, yet another burden.

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postheadericon Two Permit Holders Get Into A Car Accident. The Rest Of The Story Is Unsettling.

WESTLAKE, KENTUCKY — Just because a permit is issued doesn’t mean anyone has the right to use it to provoke and intimidate other people. That’s a hard lesson one concealed carrier learned when he reportedly got into a verbal altercation with a couple at a traffic light. Westlake police allege the man purposefully crashed into the couple’s vehicle multiple times before the driver of the vehicle pulled over. William Keener, 67, the alleged perpetrator of the event, got out of his vehicle and approached the couple with a drawn .45 caliber Kimber semiautomatic pistol.

A passenger in the vehicle announced he had a concealed carry permit and handgun, to which the offender then announced that he did as well and challenged the elderly gentleman, 71, to draw.

Thankfully, five police officers arrived to break up the incident and Keener was charged with two counts of felonious assault, two counts of aggravated menacing, two counts of possession of criminal tools and criminal mischief according to court transcripts obtained by WKYC 3.

He also has a protective order against him to keep him away from the couple.

Who the heck knows what got into this man… Keener is somebody who probably shouldn’t be allowed to carry concealed if that’s the way he’s going to act.

We all get stuck in frustrating situations but with the responsibility of a concealed carry permit and firearm, it’s our responsibility to resolve those differences reasonably. Brandishing is something we’ve ardently spoken out against and it’s a practice used by bullies and idiots to intimidate. People defending their own lives have no need to brandish — they just aim for center mass when the time comes.

As for the concealed carrier on the victim’s side, he took every opportunity to try to avoid the fight and complied with police. The couple avoided the conflict for as long as possible, as well, from what little is known through the news report.

We never know who we’re going to be confronting but definitely exercising caution, contacting authorities, and trying to de-escalate are pretty safe strategies to avoid an outright conflict that can be avoided.

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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Permit Holder Shoots At Man And Woman After Being Assaulted

CINCINNATI, OHIO — This is why it pays to carry concealed every day, where-ever possible by law. A lone concealed carrier was allegedly assaulted by a man and two women in an undisclosed location near North Hill College. When police arrived, they found the victim of the assault near the scene with his valid concealed carry permit and his firearm. He complied with their requests and was taken to the station for questioning. The assailant that was wounded by the bullet had fled the scene along with his accomplices.

via Cincinnati’s Enquirer

“[The concealed carrier] stated he was scared, he may have [had] a weapon and fired one round from his firearm at the (male) victim,” the North College Hill police release said.

The guy who got shot was taken to the hospital and questioned by police. There have been no further reports of this investigation but police are reporting it as a defensive gun use subject to oversight by the local prosecutor’s office.

Defensive gun use events are rarely a simple matter. There’s a whole host of factors from the assailants to the situation itself. The biggest factor you can’t always control for is your own recollection of the events themselves.

One important lesson is knowing that post-defensive gun use, your brain chemistry is extremely different than it was prior to the incident. There’s a hormone called Cortisol and your system is flooded with it as a reaction to the fight-or-flight mechanism in your brain.

That hormone has been attributed with temporary changes of the crystalline lens on your eyeballs. Based upon our present understanding of this hormone and its reaction with people, it is thought that Cortisol can help you with visual acuity but it can also affect memories and the way you recall events. It’s always best to advise law enforcement that the statements you are making of the incident are based upon your present best understanding of the situation and may be subject to verification. Your attorneys and legal team, if necessary, will likely appreciate this because a lot of a case will be hinged upon those initial statements you make to police. If you are ever uncertain about your memories or the chain of events leading up to a defensive gun use, please do consult with an attorney — it’s both your right and a good idea.

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