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postheadericon Michigan Lawmakers Look At Permitless Carry

LANSING, MI — There appears to be an effort currently underway amongst some lawmakers in Michigan state legislature to secure Constitutional Carry for the state of Michigan.

M Live reports that the bill that would lift the needs for permits for concealed carry is part of a four-bill package co-sponsored by Representatives Michele Hoitenga, Pamela Hornberger, Sue Allor and Triston Cole.

Hoitenga said during testimony that the bill would not delete the requirement for background checks or change established gun free zones.

It would just eliminate the difference in legality on wearing a coat or not when you carry.

“It is currently legal in the state of Michigan for a law-abiding person to openly carry a firearm on their person without any training classes, fees or state bureaucracy,” she said according to M Live .

“It only becomes illegal when a person puts on a coat, because the gun then becomes concealed. One millimeter of clothing makes the difference between a criminal act and a legal act.”

And if you’ve never been to Michigan — they do tend to wear their coats more often than,say, your Florida residents.

“Women, elderly, vulnerable and economically disadvantaged people should not be excluded from concealed carry because they can’t afford the fees associated with the permit process,” she continued.

Now, I realize that some of our audience out there are not huge fans of Constitutional carry — instead advocating for the need for training before having the right to carry concealed. Although I disagree with that, I can certainly respect it.

But I think the important thing here to realize, that we can all agree on, is that there are lawmakers, right now, in, Michigan, who recognize the right to keep and bear arms as a certain and inalienable thing — and that’s awesome.

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postheadericon Alabama Senate Passes Permitless Carry Bill By 25-8 Vote

TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA — In a stunning win for concealed carriers everywhere, the Alabama senate has voted to allow the concealed carry of handguns without a permit.

Hail to the Constitution, baby.

Not only did the senate vote to allow permitless carry, but they voted to bring it in by a landslide.

WIAT reports that senators approved the bill with an incredible 25-8 vote on Tuesday afternoon.

Also according to WIAT, citing the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, there are currently 11 states that allow public, permitless concealment.

Melissa Baisden, Plus One Tactical Advantage gun store in Cottondale, is elated.

“It simplifies the ability for the average everyday citizen to understand what is legal and what is not legal while transporting that firearm,” she said according to WIAT.

“Many of (our) customers don’t understand the law, and if they leave here with a loaded gun without a permit and put it inside their vehicle they could possibly be subjected to criminal proceedings,” Baisden continued.

“If they get in trouble, or stopped by law enforcement they need to know the law, and this bill will help simplify things.”

Of course, this bill does a little bit more than clear up some legal fuzzy areas.

It acknowledges a right to bear arms guaranteed to American citizens by the Constitution.

The fact of the matter is — the Constitution claims we have the right to bear arms. The government putting limits on that is really tricky, because even the most basic limitations on bearing arms call into question the government’s authority to regulate the matter.

The approved bill is moving on to the house, according to WIAT, and hopefully to the history books.

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postheadericon Surprise, Surprise, Iowa Residents: Iowa Bill Would Eliminate Background Checks, Allow Permitless Carry

DES MOINES, IOWA — Legislators in the Iowa House are currently looking at a bill that would eliminate background checks as a prerequisite for a concealed carry permit. It would also allow Iowa residents who are legally allowed to possess firearms to carry concealed without a permit. In effect, Iowa could be looking at becoming the next permitless concealed carry state.

According to the Daily Caller, House Study Bill 133 looks to abolish previous requirements for a permit. It also allows teenagers of 14 years-of-age and older to use firearms under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

This opens up the Second Amendment to more Americans and also promotes child education of firearms — something that’s always needed.

As we discussed in a previous article, why don’t we introduce gun education as basic education? In a country that promotes responsible, law-abiding carrying of firearms, why wouldn’t we want teenagers to get the opportunity to actively learn about firearms first-hand?

The Iowa House Judiciary Committee approved HB 133 to go to the floor for debate. If passed, it would still need to pass the Senate and then the governor’s desk before getting signed into law.

While the permitting process would still remain for Iowans who want to travel out of state, it would drastically reduce the requirements for the average citizen to carry concealed at home.

Initial debate points issued by concerned Iowans include arguments such as police misidentifying law-abiding citizens.

Laural Clinton, of Des Moines, is concerned her three African-American children will be targeted as criminals even when they’re following legal procedure.

“I want you to understand that when you see my child, you’re not going to see a law-abiding citizen, and that’s inherently the history of our country,” Clinton said.

This fear could be appropriately addressed by instituting training initiatives within local and state police to ensure police are equipped with the necessary skills to handle those situations.

Education should and will always be a major component of responsible gun ownership.

This extends from law enforcement to the individual.

Just because Iowa is looking at permitless concealed carry shouldn’t mean an individual avoids training. For a lot of first-time and experienced gun owners, firearm safety courses can be both a method to expand and correct previous knowledge as well as be the incentive for an individual to practice more vigorously.

The rights of the citizen ought not be infringed where no significant, verifiable claim exists to act as argument to impede it. As of present, no quantifiable arguments appear on the horizon. We may, as Americans, have to acknowledge the fact that despite gun violence and gun injury rates, we are ready, willing, and able to tackle responsible concealed carry.

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postheadericon Permitless Concealed Carry In Utah Dies In House Committee Thanks To Lobbyists — Better Luck Next Time, Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — We recently covered Utah’s exploration of permitless concealed carry in a previous article. As House Bill 237 headed to the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee, we expected quite a bit of push-back from anti-gun lobbyists such as Moms Demand Action and others. Sadly, we weren’t disappointed.

After emotional appeals and anecdotes delivered by both sides of the argument, Moms Demand Action managed to dredge up yet another victim of a shooting incident that could have easily been solved by a good guy or gal with a gun.

via Salt Lake Tribune

“HB237 potentially allows dangerous people to easily carry concealed loaded weapons in our state in public places, such as Trolley Square,” Anne Bagley, a survivor of the Trolley Square mass shooting, representing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense said, and “allows people who have not passed a background check or have proper safety training to carry loaded weapons around children and all of us.”

A tie vote, 5-5, in the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee ended discussion on the bill for now.

We covered our discussion about this bill in this article.

To be blunt, this was deft political maneuvering on behalf of Gov. Herbert to avoid having to veto the third time such legislation has been raised in Utah.

By delaying discussion and delaying a House vote, Herbert essentially avoids having to make a political stand on the issue. His prior complaints were related to the ability of domestic abusers to have access to firearms without a permit. This version of the bill mandates that law enforcement would take a much more active role in reporting domestic abuse cases and informing those accused of domestic abuse, or subject to protective orders, would not legally have access to guns.

If any of us are under the mistaken impression that organizations such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense and any other shell non-profit are actually interested in gun-related issues, we really need to start dismantling that notion. These are political apparatuses. Like weeds in the desert, they only spring up when conditions are suited and fade back into the ground the second the water dries up.

For Utahns that have a legitimate right to keep and bear arms, tabling this sort of discussion is tantamount to politicians being afraid to tackle real issues.

On the other side of the argument, another woman gave her story of how she was forced to illegally carry concealed after her abusive ex-husband poised a serious risk to her life and well-being. She did pursue and eventually obtain a permit to carry concealed in Utah, but not before having to violate the law to protect herself.

This is a real life example of someone who can use permitless concealed carry.

Needless to say, I sincerely hope the Utah legislature reconsiders this bill in the future and maybe has a more proactive conversation regarding permitless concealed carry. It would be even better if they used facts and data to back up their arguments.

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postheadericon New Hampshire Permitless Concealed Carry Passes Senate And Goes On To The House

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — In a close vote of 13-10, Senate Bill 12 passed the New Hampshire Senate and now must be reviewed by the House of Representatives before it arrives on the desk of newly elected Governor Chris Sununu.

The NRA has come out in support of the bill that would remove the need for an issued pistol/revolver license.

New Hampshire residents are able to open carry a handgun so long as it is clearly visible and no round is loaded in the chamber.

While we’re all happy to hear it, no doubt, there’s still quite a way to go. Last year, New Hampshire lawmakers passed a similar measure through the House and Senate and it was vetoed by former Governor Maggie Hassan.

This time, it appears that if the bill arrives on Gov. Sununu’s desk, it may have a real chance of getting signed.

New Hampshire would join the ranks of Vermont and Maine for permitless concealed carry. This would mean vacationers, tourists, hunters, and residents could travel over half of the geographic area of New England before needing a concealed carry permit.

This promises to be a bill that will enable hunters, sportsmen, and citizens the ability to travel freely throughout northern New England without having to worry about a permit.

We could still use your help, though. Contact your local State Representative and let them know you support SB 12 and you want to see it become law.

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postheadericon Nearly 20% Of The Country Is Now Permitless Carry, But Make Sure You’re Still Training

With Idaho passing permitless concealed carry recently, they became the 9th state in the Country to allow this. That’s a lot of people under the no-permit carry umbrella. But what about training? Should they still do it / seek it?

In reality, many states with permit requirements do not have any requirements for training. Some simply have you sit in a 4 or 8 hour class to receive your permit (after submitting your application and passing a background check as well, of course), but they do not have any requirement to show proficiency with firearms.

That’s where the individual comes into play. And IMHO, training is something that every concealed carrier should be serious about.

While I don’t feel it should be a requirement, I see it as a personal responsibility –as a responsible gun owner– to make sure that we’re proficient with our firearms. It’s common sense. If you make the decision to carry, you should damn well be able to hit a target with a high rate of success.

Not only target proficiency, but what about drawing from concealment and shooting under stress? There are courses and classes all over the country that teach just that, and most of them are worth the money and time to check out. Plus, you enjoy shooting, right? Then it should be fun anyway!

If you aren’t seeking out professional training, routine trips to the range should be on your todo list at the very least. Shooting is a perishable skill, and we will only get better and more proficient the more we practice.

What about you? Do you train on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments section below.

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postheadericon Gun Control Group Urges Maine Residents To Defeat Bill That Would Allow Permitless Concealed Carry By Using Fear

AUGUSTA, MAINE — Are you seeing a trend like I am? Two gun control groups, Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown for Gun Safety, have released TV, radio and digital ads Thursday that say the proposal would … Continue reading
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