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postheadericon Robber Shot By His Own Gun While Trying To Rob Ride-Share Driver

CHICAGO, IL — While trying to rob his ride-share driver, one thug found himself on the wrong end of his own firearm when the driver decided to resist his attack.

I guess if you’re in Chicago and don’t own a firearm, you just have to make due with the bad guy’s sometimes. You gotta do what you gotta do.

As South Side Patch reports:

A man who attempted to rob his ride-share driver early Tuesday morning was shot while the driver attempted to disarm him. Police said a 25-year-old man was arrested and hospitalized following the incident at 2:02 a.m. in the 7200 block of South St. Lawrence, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The passenger attempted to rob the driver at gunpoint at that location when the driver,also a 25-year-old man, attempted to disarm him and the gun went off. The alleged robber was the one who was shot in the hand when the gun went off. Charges are pending Thursday, the Sun-Times reports.

The ride-share driver had a Lyft sticker on the vehicle, but he has not been an active Lyft driver for two months and the incident had nothing to do with Lyft.

Ah, Chicago. It’s been a minute since we last hear from our northern friends. Glad to hear that the crime hasn’t gotten less insane.

I think many share my combined sense of both astonishment and elation at the chronic ability of bad guys to keep their guns in their hands.

It’s really not that hard.

This situation would have been a great deal safer, however, if the driver had a firearm of their own. Granted, it’s a great deal harder to conceal carry in Chicago than other areas.

Stay safe, and stay armed, when and wherever you can.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Let’s Play A Game: Armed Robber Or Plain-Clothed Detective

A motorcyclist, who was apparently going a little too fast, had an encounter with a man when stopped at a red light. The encounter really shook up the driver, and you can see just what happened in the video above.

Local news tells us the story;

Alex Randall, the motorcyclist who posted the video on YouTube and Reddit, says the plain-clothed detective approached him on foot while pointing a pistol, and he says the detective did not identify himself, or show his badge.

In the video, Randall says he stops at a red light at NE 145th Street and 5th Avenue NE, and the detective is seen on Randall’s helmet cam pointing the gun while asking, “How you doing?” The detective told Randall he was driving his motorcycle recklessly, putting people in danger, Randall said.

I am sure that the officer was truly annoyed with the supposed high-rate of speed at which Randall was accused of traveling, but it doesn’t warrant the pulling of a firearm.

“I turned and looked, and he’s there with a gun,” Randall said. “I was totally unprepared for someone to be standing right next to me on the street like that.”

I am not defending Randall’s actions, of course, because he would have been putting lives at risk if he was being irresponsible with his driving. While I wouldn’t speed (like that), I have to wonder how I’d handle a situation where a plain-clothed officer drew his firearm on me.

Having seen no ID or any sort of confirmation, Randall had no idea who he was really talking to — and who really had a gun on him. Was this an armed robbery attempt, or was this truly an officer? In the video, there’s really no way to tell.

Sheriff John Urquhart spoke out about the video, saying that what he saw was very troubling and needed to be addressed.

“That’s not the culture I want, that’s not the culture I will tolerate, and I will take swift action when I hear about it,” Urquhart said, adding that the video will be a teaching tool.

“What I’m going to do with that video, is I’m going to show it to every single new recruit that comes into the sheriff’s office, and I have 70 or 80 a year. I want them to know specifically what they’re not allowed to do.”

What do you think about this encounter?

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postheadericon Robber Shoots And Kills Man, Bystander Shoots Robber

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — In the middle of last month, two individuals were shot one after the other when an armed robber shot a victim, and then was shot by a witness in return.

Unfortunately, the original victim was not defended quickly enough for his life.

As Local Memphis reports:

Memphis police are investigating after two people were shot late Wednesday night in south Memphis.

It happened about 10:30 p.m. in the 1200 block of McLemore. Officers arrived to find two people shot. They say an 18-year-old suspect robbed and shot a 24-year-old man. Police say a witness then shot the 18-year-old suspect. The person who shot the suspect is not in custody.

Police say the 24-year-old robbery victim was taken to Regional One, where he died. The suspect is in critical condition at Regional One. Police say this is the 107th homicide for 2017.

Memphis is not one of the safer cities in the United States, and this young thugs did his best to make sure the city kept its poor reputation on that front.

The suspect may only be 18, but he killed a man. He killed a man, and in being shot himself, somehow was able to escape with his own life.

Now, how is that fair?

It isn’t. Obviously.

What can we do about it? Well, we can pay attention to our surroundings. We can be responsibly-armed. If this witness had shot the murderous attacker faster than he had shot the victim, this wouldn’t have been the 107th homicide in the city this year.

Carrying firearms are about exercising your rights, and they are about protecting yourself and your loved ones, first and foremost.

After that, however, using your defensive tool to help the innocent is certainly the next-highest priority.

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postheadericon Store Manager Shoots And Kills Armed Robber During Gunfire Exchange

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA — When two suspects entered the Coliseum Bingo and Games Wednesday around 5 a.m., the night manager knew he only had moments to draw his gun and get on target. The two armed suspects exchanged shots with the manager. The manager took a hit in the shoulder but was able to mortally wound Deshaun Rashaud Fisher-McCullum. Both armed robbers attempted to flee but Fisher-McCullum was found approximately 300 yards from the scene, expired from his injuries.

According to WFMY News 2, police say that Fisher-McCullum died as a result of gunshots received during the armed robbery. If his accomplice is caught, he will likely face murder charges related to his colleague’s death. The manager’s name hasn’t been released and police are treating this as a self-defense case.

In North Carolina, there are some adult games centers that are targeted due to the influx of cash they receive. Hitting a place in the early morning was likely a calculated move to try to get as much money as possible from the business. These two armed robbers likely thought that having guns was enough to keep anyone from acting ‘out of line’. It wasn’t. When criminals feel that they can threaten the lives of customers and employees, you can bet they’ll do it again.

Thankfully, this business hired the right night manager. Protecting a business with a gun is just a smart move — especially when cash volume makes it a high priority target for hoodlums. Winston-Salem isn’t a particularly violence-prone city in North Carolina but it still has plenty of people who refuse to be victims.

Another factor that likely worked in this manager’s favor was his familiarity with his firearm. There’s a good chance that man had fired his gun before he was stuck in that exchange of gunfire. Basic familiarity, taking cover, and putting rounds on target are often times the only factors that separate the quick from the dead.

When armed robbers enter a place of business, their first thoughts aren’t taking cover. For employees, it should be. Any amount of cover between you and the guy attempting to kill you can play an advantage. There’s less space for the bad guy to hit you and he’s still left exposed to your gunshots.

Good work on behalf of the manager. I hope he recovers from his wounds and gets a bonus for protecting the lives of his patrons.

If you work in a business that deals with either high volumes of cash and/or foot traffic, getting trained up on the proper use of a handgun is the first step to protecting yourself. The second step is to carry that gun every single day, everywhere you’re legally able to. The lives of those around you may well depend on your ability to use that gun properly.

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postheadericon Armed Robber At A Denny’s Ends Up Shooting Himself In The Face After Victim Runs Him Down In His Car

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — At least three robbers, one of whom was armed, attempted to hold up a victim outside a Denny’s restaurant on 132nd and Hawthorne Boulevard. The victim escaped into his car. During the escape, the armed robber got in between the victim and his escape so the victim ran him down.

According to Mercury News, the armed robber shot himself in the mouth when he was struck by the car. Police admitted the robber into the hospital where they say it appears the gunshot was accidental in nature.

“Right now it sounds like it was an accidental, self-inflicted (shooting) when he got hit by the car,” Lt. Steve Romero said. “The suspect shot himself accidentally.”

The round is believed to have gone through the robber’s mouth and come out the front of his face. He missed the training class where they taught that you take your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

It’s another example of victims refusing to be victims and bad guys with guns not knowing how to properly use them. No surprises there. And it’s no surprise his buddies left him behind. After all, when a violent felony takes place and one of the criminals dies or gets injured, his accomplices are charged with that damage.

Looks like more than one criminal skipped out on the check at that Denny’s.

For those targets by armed robbers, it’s hard to know what comes of an attempt to escape or fight back. It’s a constant worry in a lot of people’s minds as to whether they’ll just roll over and play dead or attempt to flee.

Here’s the thing: when you have three bad guys and their own vehicle, there’s the opportunity to be taken hostage in addition to simply robbed or assaulted. And let’s not eliminate the option of getting shot. If this armed robber wasn’t smart enough to keep his finger off the trigger, there’s a real chance that we encounter a Pulp Fiction backseat scenario.

Fight, flee, or play dead. Those are the three options when staring down the face of a group of armed criminals. This victim chose to do the first two and leave the third option for his attacker.

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postheadericon Armed Robber Holds Occupants Hostage In Their Own Home… Until One Of Them Got A Gun

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA — It’s terrifying enough discovering an intruder in your home, but what happens when that intruder is armed and has you and other people in your home hostage? One homeowner realized that when seconds count, a gun in his hands may be the only chance he has to survive.

According to WBRZ News, the armed intruder forced his way into the residence and held both the homeowner and other occupants at gunpoint. The homeowner managed to retrieve a handgun and shoot the armed robber. The robber, once hit, fled. He fell only a few short steps from the doorway.

The deceased robber was identified as 19-year-old Terione Williams. He had prior convictions related to a prior home invasion. No stranger to violence, Williams certainly posed a significant threat to both the homeowner and the other people inside the home with him.

This was not a scenario that was going to play out without someone being significantly injured or even killed. In those moments, it’s a choice: you or him.

The homeowner took the calculated risk that if he didn’t get a gun, he was living on borrowed time.

Criminals depend exclusively on having unilateral choice of force. Let me explain that previous sentence a bit better. When an armed intruder enters another person’s building, he knows he’s at risk from the second his foot crosses the threshold. He knows he can be killed. That’s why he needs to convince everyone inside that home that fighting back against him is a guaranteed loss. It’s not important that fighting back isn’t necessarily a loss, it’s just important he ensures they believe that.

To get to that state, he will exert however much force he thinks is necessary. That could include shooting and killing a hostage. It could include killing everyone inside. That’s his mentality.

As a gun owner, unfortunately we have to understand the mentality of a bad guy because it’s important to overcome that natural fear of harm coming to ourselves or others. We need to get to the gun and use it effectively.

That’s made exceedingly easier if the gun is already physically on your body. If your gun is in a holster and that holster is on your body, you don’t have far to go to bring deadly force to bear on your intruder.

Always carry — especially in the home.

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postheadericon Shopkeeper Critically Injured In Gun Fight With Armed Robber

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — Late on Thursday night, an armed robber entered an auto shop and attempted to rob the owner at gun point. The owner pulled out his own gun and the two exchanged rounds. During the exchange of gunfire, the owner was hit twice and taken to a hospital in serious condition. The armed robber fled and it is unknown the extent of his injuries.

According to ABC News Channel 13, the owner is believed to be recovering from his wounds. Police are still on the look out for the armed robber.

As a business owner, it has to be especially hard to see your life’s work jeopardized in an instant because some criminal thinks he can take it. Tools, equipment, and most of all — your own life — are all up for grabs when a bad guy walks in the door.

This owner was injured and that is a shame. However, it’s a chance any person takes when he tries to defend himself. It shouldn’t mean we stop trying. If anything, after this man recovers, he’ll probably be more emboldened in his self defense.

Surviving failure is important. Learning from that failure to lessen the chances of it happening again is how we improve.

After a long day’s work, the senses are dulled. The mind and body are both tired. Having to push those things aside to maintain situational awareness takes exceptional discipline and self-awareness. That’s our first tool — our mind. A gun without a mind to use it properly is useless.

If anything, let this be a stark reminder to all those hard workers out there. Just because the end of the day has arrived, it doesn’t mean we throw our guard down. Situational awareness is the one key factor that can tip us off to a threat before that threat is upon us. What we can’t see, we can’t react to. Worse, we’re left in a truly horrible situation of needing to react and, instead, staring down the barrel of a bad guy’s gun.

Don’t be disheartened when a law-abiding citizen gets injured defending his life and his life’s work. It should be a reminder that we’re never ever at the top of our training and ability. That only comes through continuous, ardent practice.

I hope the owner makes a swift recovery. Carry everyday, everywhere.

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postheadericon Convenience Store Clerk Shoots An Armed Robber After Robber Sets Gun On Counter

LAVEEN, ARIZONA — When a 17-year-old armed robber entered a convenience store outside Phoenix, he probably counted too heavily on his gun doing the talking for him. Fortunately for the clerk had an opportunity to draw his own gun when the robber set the gun down on the counter.

According to ABC 15 Arizona News, the convenience store clerk drew his gun and shot the teenager. The robber ran from the store but was found near the location by police. They got him to a hospital where he is expected to recover and face charges.

Police believe the teen involved in the incident has no prior criminal history and this may have been his first go-round. Hopefully, surviving the experience will teach him that adult decisions carry adult consequences. Threatening a man’s life over a few hundred dollars in cash isn’t worth throwing your life away. That’s what I hope he gets from this encounter. If he doesn’t, I’m sad to say the prognosis for the long term isn’t so good.

As for the clerk, he did what he had to do to defend himself. You can’t take a gun pointed in your face by an armed robber as anything less than a direct threat upon your life.

There’s a term I keep hearing tossed around. It’s called “self-correcting behavior”. It’s a dark term referring to the fact that when idiots do dumb, illegal things, they either learn or they don’t get to be around long enough to be a threat to anyone else.

Every time I report on a story where a teenager steals a gun to go rob a person or break into a person’s home, I hope he lives long enough to learn the error of his ways. But, for the man with that gun pointed in his face, his choice is to live.

The clerk probably wasn’t expecting the robber to put his gun on the counter. When that happens, though, it’s maybe the only opportunity a law-abiding gun owner has to turn the tables.

I’d much rather the guy defending his life win the fight than the bad guy. It only happens if we carry every single day — on the job, at home, and anywhere else legally possible.

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postheadericon Subway Employee Shoots, Critically Injures Armed Robber In Broad Daylight Attempted Robbery

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — A Subway sandwich artist successfully defended himself and others within a franchise location when he shot an armed robber. The armed robber is in critical condition and two other suspects connected with the case have also been arrested.

via Pittsburgh Action News 4

The worker “apparently felt threatened for him and the other employee in the store and shot the actor at least once,” Public Safety spokeswoman Emily Schaffer said.

The armed robber came in during breakfast hours and demanded money from the employee. The employee, a legally licensed concealed carrier, pulled his own gun and shot the man at least once before the man turned and fled the location. Police arrived at the location and tracked down the suspected robber to a vehicle and a residence. Both the robber and two other people were apprehended in connection to the crime.

The robber is currently in critical condition in a nearby hospital. He was dropped off by a driver in a private vehicle. Once he recovers, he will likely be charged with the attempted armed robbery of that Subway location.

“We received information that the vehicle involved may possibly be parked in front of a residence on Lovitt Way here on the North Side,” Schaffer said. “For the safety of the officers and for the community, we called out SWAT. They were able to get two residents out of one of the houses on Lovitt Way, and they were taken into custody.”

So the bad guy gets dropped off at the hospital and the driver somehow thinks he or she is just going to drive off without any repercussions. That doesn’t work so well when the person you’re dropping off is fading in and out of consciousness due to a gunshot wound.

As for the employee, he had moments to decide whether him and his fellow employee were going to be passive victims or if he was going to try to defend himself. He thankfully did and survived to tell the story.

Because the case looks like a pretty clear self-defensive gun use situation, police are not expected to press charges against the Subway employee. The neighborhood where the crime occurred is generally considered to be a quiet area of the city. Customers were caught off guard by the robbery attempt.

If anything, this Subway location is one place robbers should probably steer clear of.

This is yet another example of a law-abiding citizen who was willing to defend himself and others by using a concealed handgun. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee at Subway or the largest restaurant in Pittsburgh — your life is worth it. Thugs don’t care but, at the end of the day, you should.

That’s why we keep promoting responsible, everyday concealed carry. We never know when bad guys show up but we certainly know how we want to leave — alive.

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postheadericon Armed Robber Shot By Armed Nail Salon Employee

LITHIA SPRINGS, GEORGIA — Two armed robbers attempted to stick up a nail salon only to discover a bit too late that one of the employees was also armed. One of the robbers was shot in an exchange of gunfire and the other is believed to have fled the scene.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the robber that was hit was taken to a nearby medical center for treatment. He will be charged after he gets out… If he gets out. As for the people in the nail salon, nobody was hurt.

This is what happens when bad guys forget that people have a right to defend themselves. See, when people have the option of fighting back, they seem pretty interested in taking that route. It’s almost like nobody enjoys being a victim of a violent crime. Crazy, right?

That’s why we carry every day, everywhere we legally are able. Whether it’s defending ourselves at our place of work, home, or just out in town, a gun certainly comes in handy.

For those that may not be familiar with the area, Lithia Springs is about 40 minutes outside Atlanta. It’s not a terribly dangerous place, normally, but there is some isolated crime that keeps happening. Atlanta, itself, is a different animal entirely and can’t even be arguably compared to Decatur, its next door neighbor. It doesn’t matter where you are, though, Georgia gun laws are extremely permissible. Outside of college campuses and a few other places, concealed carriers can move around pretty unobstructed. And Georgia loves its gun rights. It reciprocates its concealed carry agreement with 31 other states as of the time of this article.

So, if you want to visit Georgia, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll acknowledge your right to carry a handgun so long as you’re not otherwise legally prohibited from doing so. And, may we just add, it’s a great place to go hunting once you get well outside city limits. Ducks, in particular. The deer are alright once you start heading up towards the Appalachian Mountains. And trout and bass fishing is a big thing on any of Georgia’s major streams and lakes up towards Kennesaw.

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