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postheadericon WATCH: Store Owner Shoots At Armed Robbers, Sends One To The Ground

WHITEHAVEN, TN — When a pair of thugs entered a phone store looking to make some cash, they were soundly beaten by the store’s owner.

They were already brandishing their guns, and that was all the warning the owner needed to counter the attack.

As FOX 13 reports:

A Whitehaven store owner fought back when two armed robbers came into his store. It happened just Friday evening just before 6:00 p.m. on Millbranch near Shelby Drive.

The store owner fired his gun and started shooting at the two men. He hit one of the suspects who immediately dropped to the ground. The man was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. The other suspect is at large.

By the time the would-be robbers made it a few feet inside the door, they were being fired on.

As the surveillance video below shows, the fight was decidedly one-sided.

One of the suspects was reportedly hit, and found at the hospital later.

Take a look at the surveillance video below:

These thugs didn’t know what hit them.

This is another example of the importance of carrying firearms at work. These robbers were clearly ready to shoot the workers at the store.

Everyone in the area was threatened because someone thought it was a good idea to attack a local businessman, and if no one was armed except for the robbers, there’s a better than average chance an innocent person would end up seriously injured, or worse.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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postheadericon *WATCH* Two Armed Robbers Dead After Father, While Holding Infant Son, Shoots After Having Gun Pointed At Him

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — An off-duty police officer in Brazil happened to be inside a pharmacy when two armed robbers came in looking to score big.

Both of those robbers, aged 24 and 22, didn’t leave the pharmacy alive.

The officer, identified as Sgt. Rafael Souza, wasted no time with his response, even while holding his child.

Inside Edition reports;

In the footage, Souza is seen holding his son with one arm and pointing a gun with his opposite hand.

He shoots one man as the suspect runs around a floor display. He runs and fires again, then disappears out of the frame.

The cop’s wife is seen cowering behind another merchandise display, then stretching out her arms toward her husband, who hands off the baby and continues chasing the suspects.

Watch the surveillance video below:

Our friends at TTAG asked their readers a question based on the video: What would you do with your kid(s) during a self-defense gun use?

Well, it’s hard to say, and I imagine that this officer acted the best he could in the given situation. This likely began very quickly, and who’s to say setting the child down first would have been a good or bad decision. If there’s no apparent place to put the child in a split second, it seems that this is the next best option.

What are your thoughts? Where would your kids go if you found yourself in a similar situation? Chime in below.

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postheadericon 70-Year-Old Store Owner Shoots Robbery Suspects, Killing One; Not As Soft A Target As The Robbers Had Hoped

HOUSTON, TEXAS — As a local Houston store owner tried to get into his car, two armed robbers ambushed him. He drew his handgun and shot at both of them, killing at least one. Houston police arrived at the scene to find a deceased male matching the description given by the store owner. The whereabouts of the second robber are unknown at this time.

via ABC 13 Houston News

“When the first units arrived they found a black male shot on the ground behind the business,” said officer T.R. Jackson. “That man was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. It’s possible that male and another male attempted to rob our complainant out here.”

The store owner is a 70-year-old male who had just closed down his store for the evening. He was licensed to carry a handgun and police have filed no charges against him as they believe it was an act done justifiably out of self defense.

Despite his age, the man was more than capable of handling himself. That’s situational awareness and the daily reminder to always carry a gun.

It’s amazing how armed robbers have a tough time hitting someone who can hit back. Their success rate goes up exponentially when the person they’re ambushing is unarmed and afraid.

No doubt, if that man had owned a store in the Houston area, he’s seen his share of robberies and attempted robberies in vicinity of his place of business. This brings a real sense of grounded reality to a person because the idea of criminals attempting to hurt or kill people for their possessions is no longer theoretical. It’s a guaranteed probability.

That’s a big reason why business owners and everyday citizens decide to carry a handgun. It’s as simple as knowing that some day, it could be you that the bad guys come to rob. They’re not afraid of using deadly force against you — why shouldn’t you have the ability to protect yourself?

A decision to carry a gun every single day is one made out of great responsibility. It’s not just about protecting your business or your customers, it’s also about protecting your family. If they lose you, nothing in the world can replace that. When you get up in the morning and put that concealed handgun in your holster, you’re making the willful decision to come back to them.

Good work on behalf of this business owner. For the robber who got away, he’ll not likely be returning any time soon. And for the one that stayed, he’ll never hurt anyone ever again.

Carry every single day — at your place of business, in your home, and everywhere else in between.

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postheadericon Two Gun Range Employees Return Fire After Detaining Two Armed Robbers and Taking Fire From Two More

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Two employees volunteered to stay behind at an indoor gun range after a rash of reported burglaries in the area. Around 12:30 a.m., surveillance cameras picked up two vehicles entering the parking lot. The employees watched as four people got out and attempted to break into one of the employee’s vehicles. That’s when they sprang into action.

According to ABC 13 News, the employees detained two of the robbers but the other two jumped into a car and drove off. During their escape, the two escaped suspects opened fire at the employees. The employees then returned fire with AR-15 rifles.

One of the suspects is believed to be detained after he showed up at a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. Police investigators are still trying to link up the injury to the reported crime. As for the two that were detained, one of them is a prior convicted felon armed with a gun.

This was sort of an unexpected move. On one hand, it’s Texas. You’re allowed to defend yourself and you don’t have any duty to retreat from a threat. Four guys showed up to continue to harass, steal, and threaten gun range employees and probably customers as well.

At some point, enough is enough.

But that’s some dangerous ground to tread. Walking out onto the street, armed with AR-15s and facing down four potentially armed opponents is not one lick less than I’d expect from Texans but it’s not a road you should feel compelled to go down.

State laws will dictate a lot of nuance with how people are able to defend themselves and their property. Trying this can also get you killed.

That needs to be said.

If you walk out into a known hostile situation, visibly armed, there’s a lot of room for bad things to happen. Even worse, should you survive, the police may not see it your way. This case is still under review. We have yet to receive word whether or not a prosecutor wants to take this case on. Based upon the article, I’m going to guess not — but that’s still a lot more room to mess up one’s life than I’d think would be worth it.

That said, both employees had each other’s backs, managed to emerge from the situation unharmed, and even detained two bad guys and shot a third. These bad guys were a special breed of dumb to continually threaten gun range employees. The unfortunate part about reality is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put a round on target and I’d personally hate to see a law-abiding gun owner get hurt or killed because he wanted to go toe-to-toe with a numerically superior force under poor conditions.

Carry everyday and be safe. Honestly, if you see something like the aforementioned scenario playing out in front of you, take down some license plate numbers and call the police. If you have video surveillance cameras, get them right on the suspects. Defend yourself if attacked, obviously, but if you can stay out of the action, your chances of not getting shot go up dramatically.

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postheadericon Death Of Two Armed Robbers In Unrelated Home Invasions Ruled As Self-Defense — A Tale Of Two Crooks

HENRICO COUNTY, VIRGINIA — Two unrelated home invasions, two justifiable homicides. That’s the verdict from a recent ruling by the Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. Taivon M. Fox, 19, was a star high school quarterback that recently graduated and the other, Jarrelle J. Pringle, 21, wasn’t really known for much at all. Now they’re both dead after each took it upon himself to violently break into other people’s homes.

via Richmond Times-Dispatch

“After reviewing the facts of each case, we found that, in both cases, the evidence was clear that the person who discharged the weapon did so in self-defense,” Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor said in an email.

In Fox’s case, he used a woman to lure a man out from his home. The woman claimed she had accidentally bumped into the man’s vehicle. When he went out to inspect damages, Fox and an accomplice snuck into the home. When they discovered the occupant’s girlfriend on the couch, Fox began beating her with a baseball bat.

Sensing something was off, the man returned to his apartment to find the door locked — which he confirmed he had left open when he walked outside. According to the man’s affidavit to police, he saw Fox standing over his girlfriend with a baseball bat.

The second intruder was upstairs rummaging through the couple’s belongings. The man entered the apartment and retrieved a gun from the kitchen. When Fox made a move towards the man, he opened fire. The girlfriend then got up and retrieved another handgun and shot Fox and the other intruder. Both intruders escaped the home but collapsed shortly thereafter. Fox succumbed to his injuries and died.

Jarrelle J. Pringle died in a separate home invasion. Both he and an accomplice broke into a home only to discover a guest sleeping on the couch. When they pointed their guns at him, he used his own handgun to shoot both of them. Pringle died at the scene.

We’re covering this story to highlight an important detail about home defense.

The situations surrounding each case were extremely different. In the first case, the victim was lured out from his home. They used a simple ruse and it backfired. In the second, the crooks came in guns drawn.

That’s how fast and insidious these situations can be. There’s not a whole lot of warning and even with the killing of both of these intruders ruled as self-defense, there can still be a lengthy investigation process that can take months to fully wrap up.

Prepare for the moment. It’s the only reliable way you can deal with a situation that completely spirals out of control. Whenever possible, the closer that gun is to you, the better the chance you can use it should the need arise.

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postheadericon Fast Acting Convenience Store Clerk Saves Own Life By Taking Robber’s Instead

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA — When an armed suspect entered a convenience store, one concealed carrier knew he had seconds to determine if he was friend or foe. The clerk, who has a permit to carry a concealed handgun, saw a man park in front of the store and leave his car running, he suspected something nefarious was brewing. By the time the suspected robber revealed he had a loaded handgun, the clerk drew his pistol and shot him center mass.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased has been identified as 29-year-old William Kyle Smith. The incident was captured by video surveillance at the scene but has not been released to the general public. The clerk had his name withheld from the story on account of his lawful use of a handgun in protecting himself and stopping the commission of a violent felony.

This happens only two weeks from an internet cafe clerk having to use deadly force to protect himself from an armed robber and nearly two months from another incident at a gas station nearby. In that incident, both the clerk and the suspect were shot.

Concealed carriers — and especially clerks working behind the counter — in the state of Florida seem to need that everyday carry gun more and more.

In this particular case, the clerk is not expected to be charged with any crime but the gas station’s management has withheld comment.

This is an increasing reality of life or death situations. Small clues, such as a man quickly pulling up in his car and jumping out with a gun, only give us mere seconds to respond.

Believe it or not, that’s not a lot to go on when you’re contemplating whether or not you need to use deadly force to protect yourself. One thing is for certain, this clerk refused to be a victim.

That only happens when the concealed carrier makes a conscious decision to carry everyday, everywhere legally possible. At a place like a convenience store, it just makes sense to protect yourself and those around you. This guy did it right. While we hope no one else will need to, we know it’s going to happen.

Why not prepare for it? Carry concealed everyday.

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postheadericon Delivery Driver Wrestles Gun Out Of Robber’s Hands

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — A delivery driver making a food delivery at 3 a.m. was surprised to be greeted by a man with a gun. He showed up at the listed address with an order for $ 37 worth of food. Instead of paying for the food, the occupant decided to rob him at gunpoint.

According to NBC Connecticut, the victim was threatened multiple times throughout the robbery that he would be shot and killed by the armed robber. At first, the robber just wanted the food and then some soda from the back of the victim’s car. Then he wanted his cell phone. Then he wanted his wallet…

You see where this is heading?

The armed robber wouldn’t be satisfied with just a glass of milk and a cookie. You give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk. And eventually, it ends when he takes your car, your home, and if he’s feeling angry that day — your life. That’s where the robber was headed and the delivery driver knew it.

At some point in the encounter, the delivery driver realized it wasn’t going to get any easier than it already was. A gun pointed at him by an unstable, idiotic youth that doesn’t know any better — take your chances with no gun. He allegedly overpowered the youth, took his gun, and opened fire on him with it.

The robber fled into the night. Police showed up and took the handgun and filed their reports. Surprise, surprise, Shawn Pauls, 23, shows up in the hospital the next morning after someone dropped him off. He has a single non-life-threatening gunshot wound and somehow knows nothing about all the events from last night.

Pauls is a felon with a prior record that indicates if anyone was dumb enough to push his luck with a delivery driver, he surely would be dumb enough for that. And it turns out the New Haven police think the same. They’ve since charged him with criminal possession of a firearm, first-degree robbery, second-degree larceny and first-degree threatening in connection with the incident.

Paul’s gun obviously wasn’t bought at the local gun shop. This should help inform anyone curious that there isn’t an armed criminal out there who will hesitate to get his hands on a stolen or illegal gun and use it. Thus, any law-abiding person wandering about may as well strongly consider the same.

That delivery driver was tough as nails. That’s not a safe bet for the average person. It’s better to be prepared than rely on a lucky break in a bad situation. Carry everyday — especially in Connecticut.

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postheadericon Armed Robber’s Plan Goes Wrong When Employee Snatches Gun From Bad Guy; Why It’s Best To Have Your Own Gun

CLEVELAND, OHIO — A group of armed thugs had the tables turned while they attempted to rob a MetroPCS store, when the store employee they were trying to rob grabbed the gun from one of the robbers.

The men walked in and asked how much a hoverboard on display cost, police said.

An employee behind the counter told them the device cost $ 800, and one of the men pulled a gun and said “give me everything you got,” according to police.

That’s when the employee quickly reached over and grabbed the gun, snatching it from the man and pointing it in their direction. As you can imagine, this sent the three thugs running for safety.

Hopefully, this employee will look down the road of self-defense and get himself a firearm in case something like this were to happen again. Relying on the bad guy’s gun isn’t the best solution, but in this case it worked out.

As for the thugs, what a bunch of wimps. If you’re going to play ‘hardened criminal’, you look like a ***** when you run from your own gun. Just sayin’.

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postheadericon Two Armed Robbers Wisely Give Up After Deli Worker Draws Gun

CLEVELAND, OHIO — One deli owner was in for quite a surprise when two armed robbers attempted to clear him of $ 300 only to have a friend run in at the last minute, save him, and get both robbers to surrender. This is why you don’t knock off your neighborhood deli — people are really finicky about who makes their sandwiches and tend to get aggressive when anyone else tries to mess with the deli who gets it right.

The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, tells a harrowing story of getting robbed at gun point in his shop towards closing to a Cleveland news source. And who can blame him? Closing up his shop at around 10 pm, he was confronted by two men at gun point with absolutely no way to defend himself.

“I was so panicked and scared,” he said. “They would have killed both of us. What’s going to stop them?”

Thankfully, a passerby saw the robbers in the store and flagged down an officer. This guy wasn’t content to just sit by and watch as the deli owner got robbed, though. According to the news, he ran in and grabbed a firearm from behind the counter of the shopkeep’s desk and chased the two armed robbers into the backroom.

Once there, police confirm he slammed one of the guys up against a wall and the other one hid in the bathroom.

Police quote that the armed man warned the hiding robber to surrender by saying, “my gun is bigger than yours.”

Alright folks, we’ve departed from the normal concealed carrier narrative into a whole new avenue. This guy has what some may call cajones. That’s not precisely what we’d prescribe our average audience participant. In the vast majority of cases, we’d urge to stick your distance, protect yourself, your family, and your property but do not give chase and definitely do not taunt a potentially violent armed robber while he’s holed up and has nowhere to go.

That said, this is the sort of situation we’re glad to see ended well for all parties. The police were already on scene and secured everything down. Guns were recovered, robbers were put in jail, and we’re sure the money got placed into evidence. In any case, this was definitely a good guy with a gun story — it’s just anything but the practical way we’d normally see it.

Stay safe, definitely protect yourself, your family, and your property and definitely let police know when you see someone committing a violent felony (which this most certainly was). Do not feel impressed to have to go charging in after them and try to be the hero. It’s great when it works out but it’s very easy to trip the fine line and have it end up horribly tragic.

But, in conclusion, “surrender — my gun is bigger than yours” is certainly a quote to remember someone by. Hope he gets a free sandwich out of the deal.

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postheadericon Armed Robbers Show Up Demanding Money And Drugs — One Leaves In A Bag

MERRITT, NORTH CAROLINA — An armed home invader was shot and killed following an armed incursion on a homeowner and his party.  The Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office was called in by a 911 call in vicinity of 3 am after … Continue reading
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