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postheadericon Fast Acting Convenience Store Clerk Saves Own Life By Taking Robber’s Instead

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA — When an armed suspect entered a convenience store, one concealed carrier knew he had seconds to determine if he was friend or foe. The clerk, who has a permit to carry a concealed handgun, saw a man park in front of the store and leave his car running, he suspected something nefarious was brewing. By the time the suspected robber revealed he had a loaded handgun, the clerk drew his pistol and shot him center mass.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased has been identified as 29-year-old William Kyle Smith. The incident was captured by video surveillance at the scene but has not been released to the general public. The clerk had his name withheld from the story on account of his lawful use of a handgun in protecting himself and stopping the commission of a violent felony.

This happens only two weeks from an internet cafe clerk having to use deadly force to protect himself from an armed robber and nearly two months from another incident at a gas station nearby. In that incident, both the clerk and the suspect were shot.

Concealed carriers — and especially clerks working behind the counter — in the state of Florida seem to need that everyday carry gun more and more.

In this particular case, the clerk is not expected to be charged with any crime but the gas station’s management has withheld comment.

This is an increasing reality of life or death situations. Small clues, such as a man quickly pulling up in his car and jumping out with a gun, only give us mere seconds to respond.

Believe it or not, that’s not a lot to go on when you’re contemplating whether or not you need to use deadly force to protect yourself. One thing is for certain, this clerk refused to be a victim.

That only happens when the concealed carrier makes a conscious decision to carry everyday, everywhere legally possible. At a place like a convenience store, it just makes sense to protect yourself and those around you. This guy did it right. While we hope no one else will need to, we know it’s going to happen.

Why not prepare for it? Carry concealed everyday.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Security Guard Saves Nightclub Crowd From Violent Driver

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Outside a nightclub in Birmingham, a security guard had moments to react after a driver rammed a person against a parked vehicle. The driver backed off the person and was about to direct his vehicle towards the rest of the crowd when the security guard took out a legally concealed handgun and shot him.

According to WSFA 12 News, the driver died at the scene and the man he hit was hospitalized. This is a situation that could have been a lot worse if that security guard had not been ready and able to address the situation.

“We are thankful for the heroic actions of the security guard. Further loss of life could have happened, but his quick, responsible actions prevented that. Now we will try to understand motive or reasoning, if any, behind the victim’s reckless actions,” said Sgt. Bryan Shelton with Birmingham police.

Police credit the security guard’s actions with saving the lives of the people outside the nightclub and preventing further injury or death. The motives of the driver are unknown at this time but as we’ve seen with other historic nightclub shootings, a bad situation can get a whole lot worse if there isn’t a responsible person with a gun willing and able to put a stop to it.

Chances are good that anyone planning on staying out late and partying is not likely to be armed or coherent enough to respond to a threatening situation like this. That’s where the role of armed security should be. For those who are of sober mind and good disposition, they are best able to respond to violent threats.

This guy judiciously decided to put an end to the attack when he saw that the driver was not going to stop until he hurt or killed more people. Watching a man being pinned to a parked car and getting crushed is evidence enough that there’s a time to act. Good on this security guard and our condolences to the man who happened to be the canary in the coal mine on a rough situation.

Carry everyday, maintain your situational awareness, and carry responsibly.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Good Guy With A Gun Saves A Woman, Infant, And Injured Good Samaritan; Kills One Bad Guy, Sends Second Running

SHAWNEE, KANSAS — A mother leaving Walmart went to put her infant into her car when she was approached by two strangers. Both men struck her repeatedly in the head, dropping her. When a Good Samaritan saw what happened, he tried to intervene. He was brutally shot in broad daylight. Thankfully, another man saw what happened to the first and shot the suspect who shot the Good Samaritan. The other suspect fled the scene.

This is a developing story.

The woman and the Good Samaritan were both critically injured. They were taken to the hospital. The Good Samaritan is still in the intensive care unit after receiving life-saving surgery and the woman was allowed to leave later the same day.


“You know our hearts and prayers go out to both of them for a speedy recovery. I know we have many people out right now, many teams of officers and detectives. We had to make contact with the family of good Samaritan number one to get them to the hospital to be with him, but apparently good Samaritan number one is able to talk,” said Maj. Dan Tennis, of the Shawnee Police Department.

Two Good Samaritans happened to be in the parking lot of a Shawnee Walmart at the same time. It’s tragic the first got shot but that allowed the second to know beyond any reasonable doubt that these were two bad guys that needed to be taken out. Judicious marksmanship secured the first and, having no shot on the second, Good Samaritan Number Two held his fire and let police take care of the rest.

The police are still on the look-out for the second armed suspect.

This is why we need you to carry everyday. This is why we train and we stay prepared every single day. Because there’s not enough of us willing to stand up to scum and defend ourselves from violence.

What, pray tell, does a man get when he attempts to rob and injure a mother in front of her infant in a parking lot of Walmart? Where is the ability to diplomatically negotiate that?

There isn’t.

It comes down to the ability to judiciously use deadly force when it applies. And in this case, it most certainly did.

The deceased suspect is believed to be John W. Simmons, III. He was 28 years of age at the time of his passing and from the sounds of it, that was ten more years than he needed.

K-9 officers attempted to track the second suspect but the dogs incorrectly identified the wrong person. The second suspect is likely to remain hidden because he doesn’t have a gunshot wound to tend to. That was his accomplice’s problem.

Judicious marksmanship and the readiness to come to the aid of your fellow man… That’s just a few of the ingredients that makes this country the best in the world. We have the inalienable right to defend ourselves from harm and, in some cases, come to the aid of our neighbor as well.

To both Good Samaritans who stepped up when someone called for help: our sincerest thanks and gratitude go out to you and a speedy recovery to the first man who responded and was seriously injured.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Concealed Carry Licensee Saves Store Clerk from Hatchet-Wielding Man

BURIEN, WASHINGTON — A masked hatchet-wielding man wreaking havoc in a Washington 7-11 was shot and killed this morning by a good Samaritan with a concealed firearm.

Though the motive is unclear, the as-yet unidentified suspect entered the store shortly before 5:45 am and, without saying a word, immediately started swinging the hatchet. He first attacked a customer before turning his sights on the clerk, who suffered only minor injuries to his stomach before a good Samaritan stepped in.

The 60-year-old morning regular was seated in the store drinking his coffee when the attacker came in. Responding immediately, the unnamed man pulled out his firearm and shot the assailant, who died at the scene.

King County Sheriff Sergeant Cindi West, called the man a hero, saying, “Fortunately, because of this customer with his weapon, this could have been a lot worse… we believe had this good Samaritan not acted, we might have a dead clerk on our hands right now. The clerk could be the one laying there dead on the floor right now.”

Investigators describe the areas as a “quite neighborhood,” saying this is the “first violent incident at the store in recent memory.”

Though the need to be prepared to defend yourself couldn’t be more obvious in some areas (think Chicago, New York City, Detroit, et al.), the importance of remaining vigilant, even in “quiet neighborhoods,” cannot be overstated.

Every quite area… every nice neighborhood… every quaint little town… has the potential to see its first violent crime. If you live there, through proper training and preparation, you can decide not to be its first victim.

I know a lot of concealed carry licensees who only carry when they’re headed to an unfamiliar or known dangerous area. Had the good Samaritan in this story had that same mindset, things would almost certainly turned out much worse.

If you’re licensed to carry a concealed firearm, make sure you have, not only the license to carry it, but also the training to use it should you need to. And make it a habit to carry it every single day, no matter where you’re going.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Concealed Carrier Saves Woman From Brutal Attack In PA Neighborhood

ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA — A trio of neighbors are credited for helping save a woman from a brutal beating by the hands of her ex-boyfriend. The ex, identified as Henry Yancey, held his girlfriend hostage for 20 hours and allegedly physically assaulted her … Continue reading
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postheadericon Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (Helsinki Bus Transportation Company) saves money, boosts customer satisfaction with Power BI for Office 365

Helsinki Bus Transportation Company uses big data and analytics to improve fuel economy, driver performance, and to save money.
Helsinki Bus Transportation Company uses big data and analytics to improve fuel economy, driver performance, and to save money.

HELSINKI , Finland April 21, 201 4 Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (Helsinki Bus Transportation Co.), in Finland, has selected Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 to analyze operational data to improve business decision-making, fuel economy and customer satisfaction. Using a data warehouse solution developed with CGI (formerly Logica) and using Microsoft software, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Power Map, Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy is able to track traffic data, driver performance and gas usage. Within the first two years of implementation, the company has been able to recoup its investment because of the entire solution, seeing as much as 5 percent savings in fuel costs due to more careful driving and improved maintenance. This is no small matter for a business that uses approximately 12 million liters (or approximately 3 million gallons) of gasoline per year, in a country where gas can cost up to three times as much as it does in the United States. There has also been a 7 percent increase in customer satisfaction since deployment.

In May 2013, the company added Power Map to the solution, providing a visualization of operational performance by a single driver or across the system. Mapping the data allows Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy to see which routes experience the most delays and breakdowns and to associate data on individual driver performance with specific traffic incidents or customer feedback. Supervisors can bring map data into conversations with drivers, making it easier to review performance and outline steps for improvement. Power Map visualizations also enable executives to more quickly understand the factors that contribute to cost or performance issues and make more informed long-term decisions.

“There are fleet tracking systems already in the marketplace, but they are only solving for the issue of tracking per vehicle,” said Michael Andersson, technical director at Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy. “Our data warehouse solution can combine the data across all buses and lines, which gives us snapshots of data that are easy to understand and helpful in solving business problems.”

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy competes for transportation routes through a public tender process with the city. Once a seven-year contract is awarded, the company is not permitted to raise rates for its duration, meaning that any new revenue goals or unexpected expenditures must be offset with cost savings. To help streamline cost analysis, Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy established a data warehouse system to track financial and operational data; at the same time, the company installed sensors on its fleet of buses to capture real-time performance data such as geographic location, braking or accelerating, and fuel consumption. Working with CGI, Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy used Microsoft software to bring together the massive data being collected. The organization used analytics and visual tools to enable a nuanced understanding of fleet operations across the city and over time.

Helsinki Bus Transportation Company uses PowerBI for Excel to visualize emergency braking hotspots.
Helsinki Bus Transportation Company uses PowerBI for Excel to visualize emergency braking hotspots.

“For upper management, it is revealing to visualize the findings in map format,” Andersson said. “The analyst can concentrate on describing what’s behind the figures.”

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy has seen significant benefits from the solution, including the above-mentioned savings of as much as 5 percent in fuel costs, and customer satisfaction, measured through surveys and interviews, has increased by 7 percent. The company expects to be able to use the data to analyze and establish the specific details of traffic incidents — for example, whether a bus was in motion or whether the driver was braking at the time of a collision.

More information about how organizations are turning to Microsoft technology is available on the Microsoft Customer Spotlight newsroom.

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