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postheadericon Best Back to School Gifts To Secure Your Tech

Heading back to school but worried about your Internet security? Secure your gadgets with some must have tech security and privacy protection items. .

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postheadericon School ransomware: A threat to be aware of

Ransomware that targets schools is a threat that needs to be understood, explains ESET’s Lysa Myers. Top cybersecurity efforts are needed to keep it at bay.

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postheadericon ISTE and Microsoft collaborate to provide new school planning and professional learning resources

DENVER – June 26, 2016 – At today’s ISTE 2016 opening general session, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) and Microsoft Corp. announced they plan to combine and expand a host of their world-class initiatives to ensure educators and school leaders around the world have access to school planning and professional development resources. This collaboration stems from a shared belief that technology has the power to transform learning, and can do so most effectively when it’s embedded in how a school or educator thinks about and drives new learning opportunities.

“This new collaboration between ISTE and Microsoft springs from our shared, genuine commitment to have a real impact on learners around the globe,” said ISTE CEO Brian Lewis. “It will leverage our respective strengths and allow our substantive work on student empowerment, digital citizenship, education leadership and professional learning to be multiplied.”

As part of this new multi-project initiative, ISTE and Microsoft will bring together resources from the education and technology fields to inspire educators to design and develop schools where technology is woven into the culture and environment. Three of these resources will include:

  • ISTE and Microsoft Blueprint for School Transformation: To support leaders as they pioneer innovation and digital transformation, Microsoft and ISTE will align respective professional development pathways supporting leadership, policy and 21st century pedagogy. Mapping of the ISTE Essential Conditions and Microsoft Transformation Framework has already begun and will provide common language and direction for future shared work.
  • Leadership courses designed in accordance with this blueprint: Microsoft has also partnered with edX, the nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT, and top global university innovation and education experts to develop a series of new courses in the areas of change leadership, design thinking, gameful learning, deep learning, and ambitious teaching and learning. They will be developed with the support and guidance of ISTE and Microsoft and will contain renowned curriculum created by leading edX university partners. The first course will be available for enrollment on starting in September 2016 and is scheduled to begin in December 2016. Additional courses will begin by March 2017. Stay updated about this offering at
  • Tools to help streamline the development of 21st century schools: Microsoft and ISTE plan to partner with schools around the world to further develop new Microsoft Showcase Schools, a global community of more than 600 schools engaged in digital transformation to improve learning and teaching. This community of schools plans to have additional support to further incorporate the ISTE Standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age and use the organization’s resources such as the ISTE Lead & Transform Diagnostic Tool and Microsoft’s Self Reflection Tool. Find out more about the Microsoft Showcase School program.

“Microsoft’s focus on supporting education transformation has great synergy with the work of ISTE,” said Anthony Salcito, vice president of Worldwide Education, Microsoft. “We are proud of the collaboration announced today and the opportunity we have together to empower students, educators and school leaders globally to achieve more.”

About ISTE                                                       

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®is the premier nonprofit membership organization serving educators and education leaders committed to empowering connected learners in a connected world. ISTE serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders throughout the world.

Innovative offerings include the widely adopted ISTE Standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age– as well as the ISTE Conference & Expo–the world’s most comprehensive ed tech event. The organization’s robust suite of professional learning resources feature online courses, consulting services for schools and districts, books, and peer-reviewed journals and publications. For more information, visit Connect with ISTE via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at

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postheadericon This Teacher Sneaks Her Gun Into School Each Day, Because She Doesn’t Want Anyone To Be A Statistic

Many school districts do not allow teachers to carry firearms into the classroom. For those teachers with a concealed carry permit, they have to make a daily decision to either protect themselves or hope nothing goes wrong. For one teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, she chooses to carry.

This is going to have to be a discussion amongst the concealed carry community.

CafeMom published the original article which details this teacher’s decision to carry and her practice of carrying. She guesses the overall reaction of parents would be one of surprise but knows that between her and her husband, carrying a concealed handgun just makes sense for her.

However… It’s illegal.

We didn’t write the law and we sure as heck don’t enforce it on others. The point blank truth is that if she was caught with a concealed handgun, she’d likely lose her job and her permit.

Is the risk worth it?

This is a problem with “gun free zones”. Often times, the people who are put in the predicament of choosing safety over following the rules.

However, what is a law-abiding gun owner if he or she doesn’t follow the law?

There may be a lot of gun owners who understand this teacher’s predicament. Who truly knows how many otherwise law-abiding gun owners take their handguns into “gun free zones” every single day without a single issue or incident?

Is that something we want to condone and promote? I’d argue that responsible concealed carry practices require us to attack the laws which bind our hands — not act outside of the law.

There are school districts from California to Ohio that are fighting to allow teachers and administrators to legally protect themselves and their students.

We’ve also seen what happens when a teacher acts outside of the law.

In one incident, a teacher in Newtown, Connecticut, was arrested and lost his job because he was caught with a concealed carry pistol.

That teacher had a permit to carry but he was not authorized by his school system to carry in the classroom.

He was arrested and treated like a criminal when a security guard discovered his concealed handgun. That is precisely what this teacher will face if she is caught.

He’s not wrong for wanting to protect himself but he certainly isn’t right with the law.

This is an unfortunate position that our educators have been placed in. They can choose to protect themselves by carrying a concealed handgun and risk losing their jobs OR they can wait until the legislative process reforms.

Reforming the law is a painfully slow process.

The law is what separates criminals from good guys.

Which side of the law should we be on?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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postheadericon School leaders, new research say technology helps increase engagement and career readiness

REDMOND, Wash. — June 6, 2016 — Schools around the world are choosing Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 platforms to enable greater classroom engagement and drive improved learning outcomes. According to Futuresource Consulting, Windows is leading in global device sales for K–12 education and is projected to gain market share in 2016.

“Microsoft continues to be the global market leader within the K–12 market, reaching 46 percent of the OS market in the first quarter of 2016 and gaining 6 percent global market share year over year,” said Mike Fisher, associate director of education technology at Futuresource.

With a mission to empower every student to achieve more, Microsoft is providing Office 365 and a wide range of affordable devices so all students and educators have access to programs to develop skills in the classroom. While the skills in demand from top employers evolve to suit the current job market, a new IDC study analyzed more than 76 million 2015 job posts revealing that tomorrow’s best jobs require proficiency in Microsoft Office and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Just a few examples of Windows and Office 365 in schools include:

Flexibility for students to learn anytime and anywhere

  • The flexibility of Windows allows Renton Prep Christian School in Washington to “Do More.”
    • “Windows 10 gives us the flexibility to do more with student-directed learning where multiple forms of nontraditional assessment are essential to demonstrate knowledge, creativity, collaboration, persistence and design thinking in ways we can’t capture with traditional forms of assessment,” said Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, director.
  • Consolidating an operating system, hardware, applications and storage on Office 365 for a single education platform is how Lafayette School Corporation in Indiana allows students to work effectively and efficiently.
    • “Since many of our students go home to evening situations in which they need to work on school projects and assignments but do not have internet access, the ability for students to work on OneNote and then sync their work when they come back to school is liquid gold,” said Summer Winrotte, digital coach and math teacher.
  • Modesto City Schools in California adopted 12,000 Windows-based devices (growing to 45,000 within five years) and Office 365 to improve teaching and learning, to standardize access on devices, and to provide cloud-based access to the latest productivity and collaboration tools.
    • “With mobile Windows-based devices in the classroom, students can access more resources when and where they need them … they can look things up, read what interests them, dig deeper, ask more questions,” said Cindy Minter, senior director of Information and Technology Services.

Preparing students for 21st century jobs

  • CDI College Inc. in Canada believes that the Windows operating system is more likely to provide its students with skills they’ll need after graduation, so it decided to use Surface devices running on Windows.
    • “By offering Surface devices with Office 365 in one high-quality package, we validate our brand promise of a first-rate education for students and high-caliber graduates for industry,” said Edward Bagg, vice president of IT.
  • Brescia House School in South Africa uses Windows and Office 365 to prepare students for the workplace.
    • “These tools, designed with teachers, students and classrooms in mind, help to change the paradigm of the traditional classroom,” said Lyneth Crighton, head of innovation and staff development.
  • Simon de Senlis Primary School in the United Kingdom provides on-demand access to a virtual version of the classroom, using a range of tools available through the Windows platform.
    • “Everyone talks about 21st century learning and what our children need for the future,” said Tom Rees, head teacher. “For us, it’s about our children shaping the future and being creative with it, and there’s so much that they need to know that sits outside of a formal curriculum: ways to work together, ways to use technology to communicate, to be creative.”

Freeing up time to learn

  • Saint Stephens College in Australia moved to an Office 2016 unified environment after using a combination of solutions for many years.
    • “The benefits [of a unified environment] are already becoming obvious with easier training and less support time, which will result in more learning time for students and less time out of class for IT support,” said Peter West, director of eLearning.
  • Newly opened school Claregalway College in Ireland wanted to create a text-free environment, so it used OneNote and Office 365 as primary admin tools and adopted Surface Pro 3 for students.
    • “We have seen that this change in approach empowers students to feel confident in their own abilities to construct knowledge from reliable sources,” said Gareth Callan, teacher.

Fostering stronger collaboration

  • Omaha Public Schools in Nebraska has led an effort to transform instructional technology through a partnership with Microsoft over the past two years. The district is using Microsoft School Data Sync and Microsoft Class Dashboard as part of its Office 365 Education subscription.
    • “Teachers now have the classes from our Student Information System synchronized with our Office 365 environment in a way that provides a collaboration space, a file storage space, a grading space — it’s always there, it’s always available,” said Jonathan Becker, system engineer.
  • River Dell Regional School District in New Jersey has had a 1:1 device program in place for over 10 years, but for the 2015–2016 school year, every teacher received a Surface Pro 3 and students received new fully equipped HP laptops. The combination of touch- and pen-enabled networked devices and Office 365 and OneNote has empowered teachers and students to take collaborative learning to a new level.
    • “We’re all in with Surface, Office 365 and OneNote on the students’ fully loaded HP laptops. It’s just the way we do business,” said Marianthe Williams, director of Technology.

Increasing reliability for real-time learning

  • Appleby College in Canada enjoys the reliability of Windows.
    • “Having used Windows in class the past few months, we’ve noticed it is a more knowledgeable and aware system running in the background to make the foreground easier, faster and more fluid,” said Cal Armstrong, mathematics teacher.
  • K–12 students at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Kentucky rely on Windows 10 running on Surface devices for their daily schoolwork.
    • “The best thing for us in the Windows 10 upgrade has been the most seamless Windows upgrade I’ve ever experienced. Windows has been a win all the way around at CCA,” said Stephanie Sorrell, IT director.
  • Qatar University turned to Office 365 to provide cloud-based email and access to apps anytime, anywhere.
    • “Having large storage capacity for each mailbox is an enormous benefit, and we have freed up significant time and management resources, which were really weighing us down before Office 365 was introduced,” said Trevor Moore, CIO.

Solutions that are easy to deploy and use

  • Aiken County Public School District in South Carolina upgraded existing Windows devices to Windows 10 and it cost it nothing.
    • “Upgrading to Windows 10 on existing Windows 7 and 8 devices has proven the devices not only run faster, but they are even more reliable,” said Andrew Cox, J.D., director of Technology. “The consistency with Windows 10 across all types of devices — whether it be a tablet, a laptop or a desktop — means that students spend less time learning the operating system and more time learning the lesson materials.”
  • Escuela del Deporte de San Juan in Puerto Rico uses Windows to promote communication, collaboration and creativity.
    • Windows is “the foundation of our innovative practices, allowing for us to extend learning even beyond the classroom,” said Yaiza Burgoa, English teacher. “It is an operating system that is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to build on.”
  • Özel Dünya Koleji in western Turkey worked with Microsoft to introduce a wide variety of new software and services that have helped teachers utilize cutting-edge educational tools and methods.
    • “Microsoft solutions were an ideal fit for our school. Our teachers and staff were already familiar with Windows and the Microsoft Office productivity suite, so they quickly became proficient with all the new tools,” said Serkan Atesol, IT manager.

Schools can receive free Office 365 today by visiting here. Qualifying schools can upgrade to Windows 10 for free until July 29 by visiting here.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at

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postheadericon Proposed School District Policy Would Allow 5 Armed Faculty Members On Campus

KINGSBURG, CALIFORNIA — Pulling a sheet from the Ohio district school system’s play book, one California school district is allowing up to five armed faculty members to be on campus. The school superintendent was one of the main proponents of a new measure which would allow a select group of staff members to carry concealed handguns to protect children and other faculty members.

As ABC 30 Action News reports, Superintendent Randy Morris believes that a rise in the targeting of schools by armed criminals is at the center of this proposal.

“The intent is to put the message out there,” Morris explained. “‘Hey, we are in a position where we would really like to be committed to protecting our staff and our kids, and we take that obligation very seriously.’”

The superintendent is currently in the process of getting his own concealed carry permit — which can be an arduous and difficult journey for some Californian residents. He believes, in addition to appointing five concealed carriers for the district, those people would also receive extensive training from local law enforcement so they can coordinate and work together in the event of an emergency.

“God forbid this happens and one of our staff members does draw a weapon. If police show up, they need to know how to respond and what to do,” said Morris.

If you ask me, that sounds like somebody being proactive in deterring criminals and bad guys from targeting schools in that district. While it’s sure to meet some resistance, the proposal has been read once at its first meeting and will be read and voted on a second time in a short while.

Here’s hoping that proactive measures to defeat potential armed threats takes root both in California and across the country.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Colorado Middle School Teaches Students About Guns; “I think that it’s better for them to have a respect for it.”

A recent segment on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt discusses a Colorado middle school’s different approach on guns, which is being hailed as a great way to introduce children to firearms and more importantly, allowing them the proper exposure to respect them and know how to safely operate them. “I think that it’s better for them to have a respect for it.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Back in the old days, firearm classes for kids used to be on the normal agenda. Sadly, it’s been stripped away over the decades and is no longer a routine class for many kids across the country. If it starts to come back and spread around, you can bet we’ll be seeing the beginning of a better country.

If the video below does not load immediately, wait 30 seconds. If the video still does not load, you may view it here.

WATCH: This school is taking a different approach to guns and gun safety: "I think that it's better for them to have a respect for it."

Posted by NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on Thursday, March 17, 2016

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postheadericon Student arrested for grade changing school data breach

A 17-year-old student in American has been arrested and charged with illegally accessing government computers, months after the data breach took place.

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postheadericon Despite Statewide Ban, This CA School District Is Keeping Its Staff Armed

ANDERSON, CALIFORNIA — California’s Senate Bill 707 was thought to be the proverbial “nail in the coffin” when it came to the gun debate over school zones.  That bill effectively lobotomized any attempt for a lawful concealed carrier to be … Continue reading
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postheadericon CA Assembly Passes The Banning Of Concealed Firearms On School Grounds

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — In a 42-23 vote, lawmakers on Tuesday pushed through SB707, which would make it illegal for anyone with a concealed carry permit to carry their firearm on the grounds of schools and universities across the state. This … Continue reading
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