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postheadericon Alabama Senate Passes Permitless Carry Bill By 25-8 Vote

TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA — In a stunning win for concealed carriers everywhere, the Alabama senate has voted to allow the concealed carry of handguns without a permit.

Hail to the Constitution, baby.

Not only did the senate vote to allow permitless carry, but they voted to bring it in by a landslide.

WIAT reports that senators approved the bill with an incredible 25-8 vote on Tuesday afternoon.

Also according to WIAT, citing the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, there are currently 11 states that allow public, permitless concealment.

Melissa Baisden, Plus One Tactical Advantage gun store in Cottondale, is elated.

“It simplifies the ability for the average everyday citizen to understand what is legal and what is not legal while transporting that firearm,” she said according to WIAT.

“Many of (our) customers don’t understand the law, and if they leave here with a loaded gun without a permit and put it inside their vehicle they could possibly be subjected to criminal proceedings,” Baisden continued.

“If they get in trouble, or stopped by law enforcement they need to know the law, and this bill will help simplify things.”

Of course, this bill does a little bit more than clear up some legal fuzzy areas.

It acknowledges a right to bear arms guaranteed to American citizens by the Constitution.

The fact of the matter is — the Constitution claims we have the right to bear arms. The government putting limits on that is really tricky, because even the most basic limitations on bearing arms call into question the government’s authority to regulate the matter.

The approved bill is moving on to the house, according to WIAT, and hopefully to the history books.

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postheadericon Privacy ALERT: US Senate Privacy Resolution Means ISPs Can Now Share Data With Advertisers

The US Senate votes to share data to advertisers. Protect yourself by setting up a Dual Router Setup with a VPN FlashRouter.

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postheadericon New Hampshire Permitless Concealed Carry Passes Senate And Goes On To The House

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — In a close vote of 13-10, Senate Bill 12 passed the New Hampshire Senate and now must be reviewed by the House of Representatives before it arrives on the desk of newly elected Governor Chris Sununu.

The NRA has come out in support of the bill that would remove the need for an issued pistol/revolver license.

New Hampshire residents are able to open carry a handgun so long as it is clearly visible and no round is loaded in the chamber.

While we’re all happy to hear it, no doubt, there’s still quite a way to go. Last year, New Hampshire lawmakers passed a similar measure through the House and Senate and it was vetoed by former Governor Maggie Hassan.

This time, it appears that if the bill arrives on Gov. Sununu’s desk, it may have a real chance of getting signed.

New Hampshire would join the ranks of Vermont and Maine for permitless concealed carry. This would mean vacationers, tourists, hunters, and residents could travel over half of the geographic area of New England before needing a concealed carry permit.

This promises to be a bill that will enable hunters, sportsmen, and citizens the ability to travel freely throughout northern New England without having to worry about a permit.

We could still use your help, though. Contact your local State Representative and let them know you support SB 12 and you want to see it become law.

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postheadericon Texas Senate Passes Open Carry Bill

By Nick Leghorn. Republished with permission from Open carry is one step closer to reality for those in the Lone Star State. Late this evening the Senate passed SB17, a bill which would allow people to openly carry a … Continue reading
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postheadericon Florida State Campus Gun Bill Approved By Senate Committee

In another win for the pro-gun population, a Bill was approved in Florida that would allow people with concealed firearms licenses to carry on State College and University grounds. Another addendum was mentioned that will allow non-license holders to carry firearms … Continue reading
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