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postheadericon Why we should fight for Net Neutrality

Granting ISPs the right to shape traffic, allowing for some traffic to be prioritized due to a commercial agreement, may have a negative effect on the outcome of using the service for both the consumer and the company providing the service.

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postheadericon What Should You Be Using: 9mm or .357 Magnum?

This is my personal favorite of all of the great (or not-so-great) caliber debates: Which is better for self-defense: the 9mm or the .357 magnum?

Although I own other caliber firearms, these are by far my favorite two calibers to shoot, have around, and buy guns in.

The 9mm is a highly-adaptable round, with all sorts of custom ammo to get the job done. The .357 magnum is, well, legendary.

So what’ll it be? What’s better — the .357 magnum or the 9mm?

Once again, I’m going to refer us to the YouTuber/veteran/firearms expert Paul Harrell for his input.

His discussion on the topic is interesting, and although few of you are likely to change/make your mind in the little more than 15 minutes it’ll take to watch this video, I think you’ll find it highly informative!

Take a look:

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postheadericon Why you should view torrents as a threat

Despite their popularity among users, torrents are a very risky “business”. Apart from the obvious legal trouble you could face for violating the copyright of musicians, filmmakers or software developers, there are security issues as well.

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postheadericon Adobe Flash Player users should update their software NOW

Critical security holes keep being found in Adobe Flash Player. Have you updated yours yet?

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postheadericon Colion Noir: Philando Castile Should Not Have Been Shot

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“What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck!” We were four black teens in a shitty station wagon looking for a place to play basketball until we realized we were lost. All I can hear is my best friend in the backseat yelling over and over again, “What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck!” and the cop outside of the station wagon with his gun pointed directly at me yelling, “Don’t fucking move, roll the window down, don’t fucking move!”

We pulled up next to a parked cop car to ask him for directions. When we realized there was no one in the car, we reversed to leave, but before my friend could put the vehicle in drive, a cop jumps out of a van next to the police car with his gun pointed right at me.

To this day I still feel a little guilty about the relief I felt when the cop made his way from my side to the driver side of the car and pointed the gun inches away from my friends head instead of mine.

My friend’s eyes were closed, and his hands were straight up. I could see the gun inches from his temple. My friend rambled, “we’re lost, we’re lost, directions, directions, we just wanted directions.” My friend in the back seat was still yelling. I just stared at the gun waiting for my life to change forever.

Eventually, everything was sorted out, but the whole ordeal messed me up. We were good kids who never got in any trouble. All we wanted to do was ask for directions. I couldn’t understand why the cop felt so threatened by us.

I remember asking myself, if we were four white teens would he have acted the same way? I don’t know, but the fact that I have to ask that question at such an age should tell you something.

I despise race baiting. Race baiting cheapens and undermines every legitimate cry of racial injustice and breeds a sense of apathy in people who would otherwise be sympathetic to such cries but feel the discussion of race is a zero-sum game they can never win.

However, there is also a problem with some people in this country dismissing racism wholesale when it isn’t overt racial slurs or crosses burning on front lawns. Covert racism is a real thing and is very dangerous. Covert racism works the same way anti-gunners use coded language to push gun control. They say common sense gun measures, but we know what they really mean.

We gun advocates spend our time trying to prove to the people that they don’t just want background checks they want to ban guns. The problem is, they don’t come right out and say,”give me all your guns” so no one believes us, but we know the effects are incredibly real. That’s what covert racism is and does.

In the case of officer Jeronimo Yanez, I don’t feel he woke up that day wanting to shoot a black person. However, I keep asking myself, would he have done the same thing if Philando were white? As I put on my Monday morning quarterback Jersey, it is my opinion that Philando Castile should be alive today.

I believe there was a better way to handle the initial stop. If he suspected Philando was a suspect in a robbery, there were ways to conduct that stop in a way that would have completely avoided the shooting altogether, but Yanez neglected to do so.

Beyond that point, things get a little fuzzy for me. Other than Yanez’s testimony, there is nothing I read about the trial or any newly revealed facts to suggest that Philando was going for his gun.

However, I don’t know what Yanez saw that made him think Philando was going for the gun, I wasn’t there, and I only have his words to go by. Sadly, Philando isn’t here to tell us other than his last dying statement of, “I wasn’t reaching for it”.

Personally, I feel because Yanez pulled Philando over under the suspicion that he was a robbery suspect coupled with the presence of a gun, it put Yanez in a heightened state. I feel he lost control of his wits and overreacted. This now brings me to the question of race.

Do I think Yanez felt threatened by the fact that Philando was black? It’s very possible Yanez was indifferent about Philando’s race. However, because of the negative stereotype reinforced in the media about black men and guns, it wouldn’t completely surprise me if Yanez felt more threatened by Philando because he was black. This is the same negative stereotype that I’ve been trying to combat for years now.

Legally, I’m left asking myself, was Yanez failing to conduct a proper felony stop reckless or negligent enough to warrant a Second Degree Manslaughter conviction? As a lawyer, I’m hard pressed to think so. But the young black male in me says hell yes.

Admittedly, I don’t have all the facts the jury had; I didn’t hear the testimony the jury heard. Maybe after hearing his testimony they believe Yanez honestly felt his life was in danger and justifiably so. However, I have to be honest and say, he shouldn’t be able to just walk away freely without legal consequence I just don’t know what that consequence should be.

I so badly wanted to keep race out of this. There are so many professional race baiters who thrive on and become rich from increasing the racial divide in this country. Because of this racial opportunism, it makes it hard to call out the more insidious elements of racism in this country vs. the isolated incidences where race doesn’t play a factor.

Then again, considering other examples where “race” was legitimately a factor In previous shootings, I think it would be irresponsible not to consider race as a possible motive in this shooting.

All that being said, Philando Should be alive today. In my eyes, Yanez screwed up big time. I don’t feel he was out to take a black life that day, but it doesn’t matter because his actions cost Phliando his life. My legal mind can see why they couldn’t get to Manslaughter in the Second Degree based solely on the facts at hand, but Yanez walking away from this case a free and clear man is just wrong.

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postheadericon Choose a VPN Server Location: Which Server Should I Use?

Thinking about purchasing a VPN FlashRouter? Unsure of when you choose a VPN server location, which to choose? Look no further!

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postheadericon ISP privacy – how much should it cost?

ISPs have started to monetize customer information quietly while selling them bandwidth. The temptation is strong, as that kind of aggregate data has real value on the secondary market, but what about the customers’ privacy?

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postheadericon Your Bond With Your Carry Gun Should Look Something Like This

Loving the firearm that you carry is great. Knowing the firearm that you carry is essential.

There should be a bond between firearm and concealed carrier, and it should remain strong at all times. Sound funny? It’s not meant to. Knowing how you interact with your firearm, and how it interacts with you, is an extremely important part of successfully carrying that firearm.

Hold it close

Each pistol available to the public has a different feel. Generally, we decide on the perfect carry firearm by the way it feels in our hand. It’s not 100% of the reason, but it should be a huge deciding factor. After all, we don’t want to be practicing with something that’s continuously uncomfortable and doesn’t fit our hand. That’d be silly.

Know what to feed it

Some pistols are picky with what they eat. If you haven’t been shooting the same ammunition at the range as what you carry each day, you don’t have a good bond with your firearm. Making sure that the ammo you carry is properly fed through your firearm is a must, and I don’t mean just a few rounds. Take it through the paces and really feed it your carry ammo. I know it can sometimes be expensive, but I’d rather make sure my pistol eats the ammo instead of finding out that it chokes in front of the bad guy.

Let it breathe, but keep it secure

We’re talking about retention here. This bond is between yourself, the firearm and the holster you choose to carry. Retention is an important part of any carry system, and you don’t want that retention to be too strong or not strong enough. Your draw should be practiced daily, not only for muscle memory, but also to make sure that your holster is still in tip-top shape. For example, if a screw on your holster loosens up, it could change the retention drastically. That’s not good if you’re out and about, so be mindful of your retention each day.

Know how it feels and what it does when you sit down, lean over, or any other movements that you make. It should stay close at all times and show no signs of ever leaving you. It’s love, really.

Keep it clean

After each trip to the range, I like to give my firearm a good cleaning. Some call this overkill, but I call it cleanliness. It simply comes down to regular maintenance, because we all know that if we take care of things, they’re generally going to last longer than if they’re neglected.

Know how it handles

With your carry firearm, you should know exactly how it feels while you shoot your self-defense ammo. You should know exactly how much recoil there will be and you should know exactly when the trigger is going to break. You should also be aware of any malfunctions and if one is found, it should be fixed as soon as possible, before you ever carry it again.


You shouldn’t have any surprises with your carry firearm. You should be in-tune with it and know exactly what to expect when handling it. And, if something goes wrong, being able to remedy the issue is important as well.

This is your baby, and potentially your life-line if you ever need to use it for self-defense. Having that understanding is an important step to successful carry.

Some people laugh when I say “Have a bond with your firearm”, and all I can do is sit back and hope the advice is taken.

The conclusion? Don’t just purchase your concealed carry firearm and throw it on your hip. Use it, learn about it, understand it. With that, you’ll be confident and ready.

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postheadericon Why You Should Use Custom Open Source Firmware on a WiFi Router?

In this day and age, there’s no good reason to count on your router’s stock firmware. FlashRouters explains the necessity of custom firmware.

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postheadericon 8 things you should know about spyware

WeLiveSecurity takes a look at what you need to know about spyware – the malware secretly prying on your online activities.

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