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postheadericon CES 2018 cybersecurity: Now in every single ‘whatchamacallit’

Not content anymore to just have a bed made of soft plushy stuff, now you can adjust everything about the bed, from electronically sitting up in bed to the lighting surrounding your nap: connected digital technology everywhere.

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postheadericon 300 Guns Stolen From Unlocked Cars In One Year… In A Single County

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA — Having a firearm inside your vehicle can be a great way of being prepared, but what about when you’re not in the vehicle when the gun is? If this is the route that you take, you’d better be damn sure that your firearm is as secure as possible.

Leaving your doors unlocked isn’t a secure method.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood started his first public crime trends meeting with this exact discussion, and he couldn’t believe the numbers when he first heard about them.

“I didn’t think the number would be staggering. That’s 300 guns out in the street,” Chitwood said.

A recent incident involved a deputy who went to the movies and left firearms in his personal vehicle. When he got out of the movies, he discovered his firearm was gone, Chitwood said.

Chitwood was familiar with the local gun theft problem during his decade as Daytona Beach police chief, but said he didn’t expect the numbers of guns taken out of unlocked vehicles to be that high.

But not all firearms were stolen from civilian vehicles. Some were even stolen from unlocked police cars. It seems that everyone is to blame, and negligence is running rampant.

“Those guns aren’t falling into the hands of lawful gun owners,” Chitwood said. “They are out there with thugs and criminals who aren’t supposed to have firearms that are in turn used against citizens.”

According to a national survey conducted by researchers at Harvard and Northeastern universities, there are about 270 million privately-owned firearms in the United States. Of that number, 2.5% of owners have said they have had a firearm stolen in the past 5 years. That amounts to roughly 400,000 stolen firearms each year.

There isn’t anything illegal about keeping a firearm inside a vehicle in FL while you’re not around, but common sense would dictate that you lock your door. And, of course, have the firearm out of sight and preferably locked in something as well.

“Our appeal is to the common sense of gun owners, overwhelmingly, gun owners are law abiding folks who follow the law,” Chitwood said. “But sometimes you have to follow more than the law and that’s common sense.”

It’s something that can be easily avoided in many of these cases by simply locking your vehicle. It’s common sense, and is irresponsible not to do so.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Husband And Wife Duo Put An End To Armed Home Invasion — With Not A Single Shot Fired

AKRON, OHIO — A husband and wife awoke to the sounds of someone breaking into their home. Both worked as a team to identify the intruder and subdue him by pointing firearms at him until police arrived. DeJuan McCraney, 38, of Akron, was taken into custody without incident and will be charged with breaking and entering.

According to, police allege that McCraney was armed with a 9mm pistol he brought in his jacket pocket. Reports also indicate that McCraney had a prior conviction in 2001 for attempted murder.

This couple likely had absolutely no idea what caliber of bad guy they’d be dealing with. Because they acted in unison and could work as a team, they were able to end this situation with no shots fired.

Make no bones about it. This was an armed felon who had no compunction about the taking of life. If they showed up weak or expecting mercy, they’d have been woefully wrong.

No man is an island. We need other people to survive. Our family should be those people. As good as any of us are with a gun or as able bodied as we may think we are, every single one of us can fail. We can falter. We can miss.

That’s why your greatest asset is your family. If they’re able, if they’re willing, they can protect you as you protect them.

Every single time I encounter one of these stories, I’m thankful for all the brave men and women out there that are willing to work together to protect one another. That’s what makes this country so great and it’s yet another reason why gun ownership and training is such a boon for every family.

Not only do you have their back — they can have yours as well.

And when dealing with violent, armed criminals who think they can beat, rob, and kill their way to success — something every career politician seems to avoid actually discussing — the only thing standing in their way are people like you.

Responsible concealed carry, responsible gun ownership… It’s the hallmark of a free country and it’s worth keeping.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Cyberattacks affect ‘nearly every single company’

Around eight in every 10 cybersecurity executives admit their company has been compromised by a cyberattack in the past 24 months.

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