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postheadericon Experts share perspective on the state of journalists’ cybersafety

These days, journalists and publishers are increasingly concerned about protecting themselves, their work, and their sources. Rightfully so, for we live in a time when nearly every aspect of publishing occurs online.

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postheadericon State sponsored cryptocurrency: Could it ever be a reality?

Cryptocurrencies work on a decentralized methodology, there is no sever or centralized place that holds account details and transactions.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Joe and his Walther PPS M2 and Glock 30s in a Badger State and We The People Holster


Walther PPS M2 in a Badger State IWB
Glock 30s in a We the People IWB

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postheadericon [BREAKING] Vehicle Smashes Into Students At Ohio State University, Violent Spree Ensues — Stopped By A Police Officer With A Gun

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Nine injured and one dead after a man drove a vehicle into students on the campus of Ohio State University. He then allegedly got out and proceeded to stab several bystanders before being shot to death by a police officer.

The attack began at approximately 9:52 p.m. when a driver drove his vehicle onto the courtyard outside the materials science building on the campus of Ohio State University.

via FOX News

“I didn’t see anything with the shooter, what happened was it was outside of MacQuigg Lab,” Kovacich told The Lantern. “The guy ended up just coming and hopping the curb with his car and trying to mow down a couple people. He lost control, and I think he ended up hitting three people, and then people were around the car. Somebody asked him if he was OK and the guy just hopped out of the car with a butcher knife and starting chasing people around.”

A campus security police officer shot and killed the suspect within minutes of the attack. Authorities believe the attack was pre-planned and the perpetrator is believed to be an 18-year-old Somali man.

An active shooter warning was issued for the campus at OSU by 9:56 a.m. and lifted by 11:14 a.m. After the campus was secured, authorities allowed the students to return home for the remainder of the day. Classes were cancelled.


via the Dispatch.

We live in an unstable world unfortunately,” OSU President Michael Drake said.

But he was reportedly appreciative of the fast response of law enforcement to the scene.

Beware Bad Advice: Books Don’t Stop Bullets

In the midst of a mass shooting or mass violence situation, a lot of bad information is going to get pushed out through social media. We’ve seen some ridiculous things such as “use books as body armor” and using a backpack as a bullet shield.

We’re really sorry to say this but: books don’t make good bullet shields.

The best advice for situations like a mass shooting on campus is to barricade in place and wait for law enforcement.

via FOX News

Rachel LeMaster, who works in the engineering college, told The Associated Press a fire alarm sounded before the attack.

“There were several moments of chaos,” she said. “We barricaded ourselves like we’re supposed to since it was right outside our door and just hunkered down.”

Initial reports claimed there were multiple shooters and plenty of other wrong information. That’s why you should never depend upon unofficial social media channels to get a good assessment.

Evade, barricade, and communicate with law enforcement.

Concealed Carry Punishable By Felony Charges On Ohio Campuses

Ohio is one of the few states that charges permitted concealed carriers with a felony if they walk onto campus. The attacker, in this particular case, used a butcher knife and his vehicle to attempt to kill innocent people. Thankfully, a police officer just happened to be nearby.

Had a police officer not been nearby, it would have been up to students and faculty to flee the scene or fight an armed man without the benefit of a handgun. If a student or faculty member had used a gun, he likely would have faced felony charges for possessing it on campus.

That’s why we need concealed carry on campus.

These situations aren’t going away, folks. It’s up to us to make sure the laws benefit those law-abiding citizens. Otherwise, it’s just bad guys who carry onto “gun free zones”.

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postheadericon State Rep Wants Concealed Carry Fee Discount For Veterans

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS — Legislation introduced in Illinois would provide a half-off discount for veterans when applying for their state concealed carry permit. The cost for residents, currently $ 150, would be knocked down to $ 75 for veterans.

The bill, HB6111, is currently making its way through the House.

Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) is sponsoring legislation. “This bill is a way to give back to those who have served and sacrificed so much for our freedoms,” Rep. Bourne explains.

Illinois became the last state in the Country to allow concealed carry, which became law in July of 2013. The process to begin filing applications began a few months later. State police granted 55,486 permits in 2015 statewide, compared to 95,546 in 2014.

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postheadericon BREAKING: Mississippi Poised To Become Newest Constitutional Carry State

Today, the Mississippi House voted 85-35 to concur with Senate amendments to House Bill 786, sending the legislation to Governor Phil Bryant (R) for his expected signature.  Despite months of misleading attacks by New York gun control advocate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun state groups, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, lawmakers overwhelmingly approved HB 786 this session.  Thank you to those NRA members and Second Amendment supporters who contacted their elected officials in support of HB 786 throughout the legislative process!

House Bill 786 by State Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton) accomplishes the following:

  • Expands current permitless carry options to include belt and shoulder holsters.  (Legislation passed in 2015 authorized Mississippians who are eligible to possess a firearm under state and federal law to carry a pistol or revolver without a license in purses, handbags, satchels, other similar bags or briefcases or fully enclosed cases);
  • Allows church authorities to develop security programs that designate enhanced carry permit holders or those with military or law enforcement backgrounds to protect places of worship and receive the benefits of existing protections under the state’s “Castle Doctrine” law; and
  • Prohibits state or local enforcement of federal executive orders or agency regulations not approved by Congress which conflict with the Constitution of the United States or the Mississippi Constitution.

Once Governor Bryant signs the bill, Mississippi will become the ninth state to pass legislation recognizing a law-abiding adult’s ability to carry a concealed pistol or revolver for personal protection without government-mandated permitting or fees.  (West Virginia and Idaho passed permitless carry legislation earlier in the year, their respective laws take effect this summer; HB 786 takes effect upon the Governor’s signature.)

NRA-ILA would like to thank Senate and House leaders, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves (R) and Speaker Philip Gunn (R), as well as the sponsor, state Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton), and key committee chairman state Sen. Sean Tindell (R-Gulfport), for their leadership on this important bill.  If you haven’t already done so, please send them a quick note of thanks for their key support.

This article was originally published on and is republished here with permission.

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postheadericon Florida State Campus Gun Bill Approved By Senate Committee

In another win for the pro-gun population, a Bill was approved in Florida that would allow people with concealed firearms licenses to carry on State College and University grounds. Another addendum was mentioned that will allow non-license holders to carry firearms … Continue reading
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