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postheadericon Gas Station Employee Shoots At Smash-And-Grab Thugs

CLEVELAND, OH — A man working at a 24-hour gas station in Cleveland, Ohio, had the shock of his life when a group of thugs attempted a smash-and-grab at the ATM in the gas station.

As reports:

The incident happened about 3:30 a.m. Thursday at the Marathon gas station on Lorain Avenue at Fulton Place.

Employee, Ala Allan, 31, said his brother, Ahmed Allan, was working at their father’s gas station when two vans pulled into the parking lot.

One van tried twice to smash through the front doors and into the ATM, Allan said. The impact caused the door to splinter.

Ahmed Allan is a conceal-carry permit holder, according to his brother. He grabbed his gun and confronted the suspects.

Ala Allan said his brother fired four shots at the two men. One man ran away and the other drove away in the other van, Allan said.

Police have not said if they have made any arrests.”

Although having a van smash into your place of work is extremely unlikely to happen for most of us (or at least, I hope so), there are still some extremely valuable lessons to be learned from Ahmed Allan.

1. This guy was carrying at work.

I know this is not an option for everyone, but if you can do it, do it. Every day.

2. Never let at attack shock you.

In an ideal world, attacks wouldn’t surprise us either, but that just isn’t a realistic expectation. But if, say, a van comes careening into your store, don’t panic, get thinking.

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postheadericon Armed Citizen Draws And Fires On Felon With Gun At Gas Station During Altercation

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A convicted felon with a criminal record longer than a roll of toilet paper pulled a gun out on a man at a gas station after the two allegedly got into a verbal altercation. That felon just happened to pick the dude with a license to carry concealed. And that’s when things turned real bad for Delvin Jamar Broner, 36. The concealed carrier was well within his rights to draw his pistol and shoot the armed felon based upon Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws which do not require a person to retreat so long as he is in a place where he has every right to be and feels threatened.

via WFTV 9

“I don’t know what I would have done is someone had pulled a gun out on me like that,” said a witness. “He’s alright then right? That’s the law. Zimmerman pulled it off.”

While we wouldn’t necessarily use the Zim-Zam to condone or advocate for someone else’s completely unrelated case, it is refreshing to see that concealed carry license holders are taking their responsibility seriously. Carry everyday and, in Florida’s case, defend yourself if you feel it is warranted.

However, we’d like to point out another recent situation where a concealed carrier and another guy got into a shoot out at a gas station. Both were wounded severely. That situation was a bit more sketchy than the sounds of this one but the point is the same. If you see a fight escalating, three basic principles to take are this:

  • Avoid: When possible, avoid the conflict. Put distance between yourself and who ever is aggressively posturing towards you. De-escalate whenever possible, even if that means leaving before you’ve concluded your business.
  • Deny: Don’t give your opponent the opportunity to catch you out in the open. Give yourself room to move to cover or concealment. Don’t give the bad guy an easy line of sight.
  • Defend: In this case, the felon drew first. He made that call — and it did not work out for him. And likewise, if you are caught in a situation where the only feasible solution is deadly force — use it decisively. Shoot to neutralize.

Police are still investigating the crime scene but initial reports suggest the concealed carrier immediately contacted 911 and cooperated with police over the course of the investigation. It sounds like this guy did everything that was within his rights to do and responsibly at that. Best of all, he was able to walk away afterwards. In a defensive gun use situation, that’s the best anyone can hope for.

Carry everyday, know when to Stand Your Ground and when its prudent to retreat, and keep on being responsible.

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postheadericon Finally, A News Station That Recommends Having A Gun On Their “How To Survive A Home Invasion” Segment

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player KPRC2 News is out of Texas, and they did a great thing by putting together a segment detailing ways to survive a home invasion. The kicker: they actually recommend being armed. Unlike some other reports … Continue reading
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