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postheadericon Armed Vegas Man Stops Kidnapping With His H&K VP9

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — A man who made a habit of carrying his firearm every day is now credited with successfully thwarting an attempted kidnapping in his neighborhood.

That man, Justin Pearson, told his story to reporters;

“We heard this real loud noise outside,” said Pearson, 36. “I opened up the door, and this big BMW goes flying by — 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. I dialed 911 immediately.”

As he always does before leaving his house, Pearson, a concealed-carry weapon permit holder, put his pistol on his hip. The 911 operator asked for a license plate number, so Pearson moved down the street to get it.

“He had lost control of the car and almost went into a house at the end of the street,” Pearson said. The BMW then turned around and stopped in front of a neighbor’s yard, where a 6-year-old boy was standing.

As Pearson is on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, he sees the man get out of the car and grab the boy.

“He was a very big dude, and I’m not a menacing person by any means,” Pearson said. “I don’t think I could have physically stopped the guy. It would have been super ugly if it was just me versus him.”

“I carry a concealed firearm everywhere I go,” Pearson said. “I lifted up my shirt and put my hand on my gun.” “‘Hey, stop!’ I said, real loud. He turned and looked at me. There was just enough of a delay for the kid to get out of the car. I know he saw the firearm.”

Pearson had control of the situation with his still-holstered H&K VP9, making the suspect decided to drive away instead of pursue the kidnapping attempt. And the (not so) best part? The police took 17 minutes to arrive after Pearson had stopped the kidnapping. We are not placing blame on the police, because we know that they have a difficult job and cannot be everywhere when needed. But we are saying; they can’t be everywhere when needed.

As it turns out, the kidnapper was the boy’s biological father, and he did not have parental rights nor permission to take the boy.

Pearson didn’t even need to draw his firearm in order to prevent this kidnapping from progressing. Simply having it with him, and the suspect knowing it was there, was enough to stop him in his tracks and send him fleeing.

As a side note to this story, the author of the sourced article seems to be a very pro-2nd Amendment person. It was refreshing to see his comment at the end of the article that highlighted the importance of armed citizens;

These kinds of stories rarely make the news. But they happen more often than we realize and underscore an important point. Concealed-carry weapon permit holders prevent crimes.

Thank you, author Victor Joecks, for being a journalist who leaves a little important commentary to your article in hopes that it will change someone’s mind. It’s refreshing to see!

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postheadericon Convenience Store Employee Stops Armed Robber In His Tracks

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OHIO — An armed, masked robber entered a convenience store at approximately 10:30 p.m. and pointed his gun at the employee working behind the counter. Thankfully, the employee had a gun of his own.

Unfortunately, in his haste, he tripped and fell behind the counter, firing a single shot into the ceiling. According to police statements, the only other employee working was in the back with his headphones in. He didn’t even come out to see what happened.


The thief, though, realized he was dealing with an armed — albeit clumsy — employee. He beat feet and didn’t steal a single thing. Witness testimony helped identify a possible suspect in the area but the thief managed to evade police on foot.

No one was hurt according to

That thief knew when to cut his losses. He was likely hoping to hit fast, grab some money and merchandise, and flee the area before anything could snag. He didn’t count on an armed employee willing to defend himself.

It could have been a lot worse for that thief. Methinks he may have a change of heart as to his favorite profession after this close call.

As for the employee that fired the gun, we’re absolutely positive that guy is going to appreciate his decision to carry while at work.

And for the guy sitting in the back with his headphones in? That guy needs to hit the unemployment line pronto. A complete lack of situational awareness could have cost him his coworker’s life. Albeit, perhaps he never valued it that much to begin with, but that’s still a woeful disregard for the well being of both himself and his colleague.

In conclusion, one night, one crazy sequence of events, and the result was no one hurt, no one jailed, and no one immediately fired. In so many ways, this could have ended completely differently — but we all understand that it’s because one person decided to not be a victim that this story ended this well.

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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Juveniles From Robbing Burger King — Same Juveniles Responsible For Crime Spree

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — A licensed concealed carrier drew his concealed carry firearm and successfully defended himself and the cashier after five juveniles, two armed, attempted to rob a Burger King at gunpoint.

According to RTF 6 ABC News, the two armed teenagers pointed their guns at the cashier and reportedly told her to open the drawer. A customer drew his concealed carry pistol and told the two armed criminals to drop their firearms. One of the teenagers turned his gun on the concealed carrier. The concealed carrier fired five rounds, one of which grazed the arm of the crook. Both armed robbers dropped their firearms and fled to a nearby Ford F-150.

Indianapolis police caught up with all five teenagers and they all allegedly confessed to not just the attempted robbery at the Burger King, but a string of up to nine businesses in three days.

Two of the gang are old enough to be charged as adults. Antonio Cowherd and Mikel Kendrick are both 19 years old and can look forward to a nice long stint in Indiana corrections.

Major Richard Riddle with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced that this group was believed to be the primary suspects in the armed robbery of multiple gas stations, a Family Dollar and a convenience store spanning the distance from Indianapolis to nearby Plainfield.

Not only did this concealed carrier put an end to potentially a string of criminal enterprises, he was able to protect himself and the cashier from harm. This is what happens when people carry concealed. Armed robbers have to walk into a business and hope to goodness there isn’t an armed citizen willing to stand up to them. When there is one, they drop their guns like cowards or they get shot. All that posturing and thug life mentality really amounts to absolutely nothing when faced against a legally armed citizen.

All five are alive — for now — but make no mistake. They’ll either learn their lesson in corrections and go about their lives or they can look forward to running into another concealed carrier down the line. That’s on them. In the meantime, we protect ourselves, our family, and our businesses. We have to. They’re obviously not going to stop.

Carry every single day, everywhere you legally can.

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postheadericon Ex-NYPD Officer One Of Lucky Few In NYC To Carry Firearm, Stops Armed Robbery At Bar

QUEENS, NEW YORK — Patrons picked the right pub to pop in for a brew. When an armed robber ran in at closing time, approximately 3:53 a.m., and began robbing the place, an ex-NYPD cop pulled out his legally owned handgun and shot the robber in the head. Police arrived to find the 30-year-old robber dead.

The pub appears to be frequented by a lot of retirees, so their opinion about firearms and self-defense may be a little different from some chic upscale joint in Manhattan. But, then again, maybe that armed robber should have done his homework prior to trying to sack the joint.

“Guy shouldn’t have been robbing the store. I’m sorry but the guy shouldn’t have been robbing the store. The cop shot the guy trying to rob the store. Well, unfortunately that’s what it came to,” said one bystander to NY 1 Time Warner News.

According to NY 1 News, the man who shot the robber had been retired from the New York City Police Department for going on 40 years. That former police officer had been retired for more years than the robber had been alive.

Police have not made any arrests in connection with the shooting and the investigation is ongoing.

Just goes to show that when bad guys aren’t afraid to get their hands on guns and rob people when they’re vulnerable, there’s only hoping in New York City that a former police officer happens to be frequenting your favorite watering hole.

Not specifically mentioned in the report is whether or not the last round of the evening was courtesy of whatever was in the dead robber’s pockets. That’s what you get for dying in a bar in Queens.

As always, we strongly suggest never drinking and carrying a concealed handgun. Have a designated buddy keep an eye on things for you while you enjoy a frosty cold one. If you haven’t been retired from the NYPD for 40 years, just assume a pair of sober eyes is the right call to make.

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postheadericon Off-duty Officer Stops Mass Stabbing In Massachusetts

TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS — Neighbors were allegedly helpless to watch as a man violently entered a woman’s home and stabbed her and her daughter. They stood by and watched as he fled the scene only to steal a vehicle and then drive it into a nearby Macy’s. The stabbing continued until he was finally shot and killed by an off-duty police officer.

Standing by and watching a violent crime take place and doing absolutely nothing — that’s a “gun free zone” mentality. Thankfully, at least one off-duty police in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts demonstrated a willingness to intercede and stop it according to WMUR.

The slain murderer, in this case, appears to have gone completely out of his mind according to witnesses talking to WMUR. After the first crash that happened in the neighborhood of the mother and daughter, this bad guy allegedly stole a vehicle and raced around like a mad man doing whatever damage he could manage until being put down like a rabid dog.

via WMUR

“I came out and I heard girls running and people screaming, ‘There’s a guy,’” she said. “We’re used to guys entering the store, so we thought he must have had a gun. I ran with them. I was scared.”

Great. Get to safety. Watch helplessly as more people get attacked and mauled by a mad man. This is precisely why we need more responsible, trained concealed carriers and why imposing arbitrary gun restrictions on otherwise law-abiding citizens is both ridiculous and inane.

“All of a sudden, he walked into Bertucci’s and I saw him just start stabbing people,” one witness said. “And there was someone with a chair trying to throw it at (the suspect). There was an off-duty police officer there, and he actually shot him and kept him down.”

To the man in Bertucci’s that got up and attempted to protect himself and others: good job. You may not have known there was an off-duty police officer right behind you ready to put this guy down, but you stood and fought.

We generally advocate avoid, deny, and then fight. People have families they want to go home to, places they want to go, things they want to do. That’s understandable. And it’s impossible to know what conditions gave way to create the sort of madness within this man whereby he felt compelled to attack multiple people in multiple locations on a spontaneous whimsy. That said, I will always applaud and respect deeply those who are willing to sacrifice their own well-being to defend the lives of themselves and those around them.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrying California Man Stops Knife-Weilding Robber

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — A concealed carrier got more than his fair jolt of adrenaline when a crazed man with a knife charged him as he tried to get out of his truck. According to the victim, he pulled up to a gas station when he saw a man approaching him. When he asked the man’s intentions, the man allegedly took out a double bladed knife and charged him. The concealed carrier quickly closed the truck door and the knife got embedded in the frame and snapped. The attacker wasn’t phased. He went to pick up the pieces and press the assault.

Thankfully, the concealed carrier remembered to carry everyday. It could be the single thing that saved his life.

Via ABC 30 Action News

“I got out and I asked him ‘hey what are you doing?’ He looked at me and yelled and came at me with a knife, and I jumped back in my truck and he stabbed my door. The knife broke and he picked up the blade. When he picked up the blade, I rolled my window down and pointed my gun at him and told him to back off. He just looked at me, turned around, and took off running,” said the concealed carrier.

His alleged attacker, Jason Gonzales, took off running down the street. He was later apprehended a quarter mile down the road by deputies and charged with possession of his broken knife alongside assault with a deadly weapon.

It was nothing the concealed carrier was preparing to deal with when he woke up that morning.

“I’m still shaking. Like I said, it’s something you don’t wake up thinking you’ll going to have to do.”

This is a situation that happened in broad daylight, out in plain view. If this concealed carrier had not been prepared to defend himself, it’s very likely he could have been severely injured or worse. It’s a situation none of us want to be faced with but it’s also the reason why we have to carry every single day.

“The way things are going now, I’m not going to let someone take me away from my kids just because they are on drugs or want $ 20 or whatever’s in your wallet.”

It’s not just about feeling safe, it’s about actually being able to protect yourself when someone — for whatever reason — decides he wants something you have and isn’t afraid to hurt or kill you to take it. That’s a lesson first and foremost in the minds of any concealed carrier and we hope it’s only more reinforced by this event.

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