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postheadericon Armed Citizen Stabbed In Neck And Head By Teen, Then Shot At Suspect. The Rest Of The Story Will Piss You Off.

SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA — A gun owner confronted a teenager attempting to break into his car outside his apartment. The teenager turned around and stabbed the man repeatedly in the neck, head, and back before the gun owner drew his handgun and shot at the teenager.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Tyler Aaimer Spencer Nichols, 17, turned himself in and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, four counts of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle and three counts of larceny.

That teen was held on $ 25,000 bail. That’s the criminal equivalent of a slap on the wrist, and that’s the “piss you off” part. For such a crime, a higher bail amount would seem reasonable. No?

Thankfully, the victim was able to get treatment and was released from the hospital.

This is a case of a gun owner trying to do the right thing and stop a teenager from breaking into his property. Unfortunately, he was dealing with a violent thug that wouldn’t hesitate to stab a stranger in the neck. This thug will be a welcome addition to a juvenile correction facility, no doubt.

As for the man, he nearly lost his life. This could have ended much worse considering the extent of injuries he sustained.

A defensive mindset is needed at all times. Never assume just because the person doing the crime is a minor that he will be less prone to using violence. If anything, he may feel he has more to prove.

If you’re not comfortable defending yourself with a gun, you need to hold back and wait for police. It’s okay. In fact, in a lot of cases, it’s probably best for the gun owner to stay back and let police handle it. Rushing into that sort of situation will inevitably put you at greater risk. And it’s with that risk you may be forced to defend yourself against someone who has no compunction about taking your life.

A defensive mindset. Every gun owner needs to have it. Protect yourself, protect your family, don’t put yourself into a risky situation you don’t need to be in.

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postheadericon Young Man With A History Of Violence, Hopped Up On Drugs, Tries To Grab Homeowner’s Gun — Guess The Ending Of This Story

SLIDELL, LOUISIANA — A 22-year-old hopped up on cold medicine began acting irate and bashing a man’s truck in his driveway. When the homeowner came out, he told the man to leave. Instead of leaving, Seth Flores tried to grab the man’s gun. He was shot once in the neck and five more times center of mass. By the time police arrived, he was dead.

According to WWLTV 4 News, the homeowner will face no charges.

Prior to the incident, Flores showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s house and harassed her and her mother before they called 911. He fled the scene and then showed up at the homeowner’s property.

The mother of the ex-girlfriend lamented Flores’ death, saying that he shouldn’t have been shot.

“A life cannot be replaced,” she said. “I believe that he shouldn’t have been shot. He (Hicks) should have just shut the door and called the cops.”

Sorry, hun. That’s not how real life works. This isn’t a Lifetime Channel or Oxygen Network television movie. When a man grabs for another man’s gun, that’s a threat against his life.

What if Flores, in an altered state of mind and already acting aggressively, were to have taken hold of that handgun?

Does anyone think it would have ended well for the homeowner?

The homeowner did what he had to do to protect himself. Flores, under the influence of drugs, decided to present himself as a clear and imminent threat on another man’s property.

The minor details of why he was angry are irrelevant. That’s the thing about emotions: you’re free to have them. No one can tell you what to feel. But the second a person acts upon those emotions and does so in an aggressive, dangerous way that affects other people’s lives, it becomes their problem.

Fun facts about Seth Flores: he has a criminal history of violent behavior. This isn’t a man who makes rational decisions when he gets angry. Whether or not the homeowner knew that background or not is outside the purview of this article. The point is: there’s a man with a history of violence banging on the front door and breaking property. When he’s asked to leave, Flores tries to grab the homeowner’s gun.

Lover’s quarrel? Case of mistaken identity? Who knows? But more importantly, after Flores decided to threaten a man on his own property — those details stop mattering.

As for the gun owner, he’ll have to deal with the emotional ramifications of his actions for the rest of his life. It’s doubtful he would ever want to take another man’s life. He probably also didn’t want a madman smashing up his parked vehicle and trying to kill him.

As for the police that showed up, they likely would have had to deal with Flores’ violent behavior. After all, one of his previous charges is assaulting a police officer. Poor decision making skills and a penchant for assault… What’s not to love?

Defend your home, your property, and yourself as you see fit within the context of the law. Don’t take chances with violent people. That is all.

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postheadericon Two Permit Holders Get Into A Car Accident. The Rest Of The Story Is Unsettling.

WESTLAKE, KENTUCKY — Just because a permit is issued doesn’t mean anyone has the right to use it to provoke and intimidate other people. That’s a hard lesson one concealed carrier learned when he reportedly got into a verbal altercation with a couple at a traffic light. Westlake police allege the man purposefully crashed into the couple’s vehicle multiple times before the driver of the vehicle pulled over. William Keener, 67, the alleged perpetrator of the event, got out of his vehicle and approached the couple with a drawn .45 caliber Kimber semiautomatic pistol.

A passenger in the vehicle announced he had a concealed carry permit and handgun, to which the offender then announced that he did as well and challenged the elderly gentleman, 71, to draw.

Thankfully, five police officers arrived to break up the incident and Keener was charged with two counts of felonious assault, two counts of aggravated menacing, two counts of possession of criminal tools and criminal mischief according to court transcripts obtained by WKYC 3.

He also has a protective order against him to keep him away from the couple.

Who the heck knows what got into this man… Keener is somebody who probably shouldn’t be allowed to carry concealed if that’s the way he’s going to act.

We all get stuck in frustrating situations but with the responsibility of a concealed carry permit and firearm, it’s our responsibility to resolve those differences reasonably. Brandishing is something we’ve ardently spoken out against and it’s a practice used by bullies and idiots to intimidate. People defending their own lives have no need to brandish — they just aim for center mass when the time comes.

As for the concealed carrier on the victim’s side, he took every opportunity to try to avoid the fight and complied with police. The couple avoided the conflict for as long as possible, as well, from what little is known through the news report.

We never know who we’re going to be confronting but definitely exercising caution, contacting authorities, and trying to de-escalate are pretty safe strategies to avoid an outright conflict that can be avoided.

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postheadericon TalkTalk cyberattack: The story so far

The TalkTalk cyberattack has attracted a lot of media attention since it was first reported that a serious incident had taken place. We cut through the noise and offer a concise summary of what has transpired.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Older Story, New To Us: Man Holds Bad Guy At Gunpoint After He Was Assaulting Woman On NYC Subway

This story is admittedly new to us, but it’s been around for a while (over a year). The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association released a statement on this video earlier in March 2015, and it was too good … Continue reading
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postheadericon The utterly crazy story of the death threat hacker (involves a cat)

A cat leads to a notorious death threat hacker finally being caught and jailed in Japan.

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postheadericon Facebook hoax – how to tell instantly if a story is fake

Two-thirds of young people first learn about major news events via Facebook – but as cybercriminals cash in with hoax stories and links, it can be difficult to tell ‘real’ content from fake. Our tips can help.

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