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postheadericon 2 Thugs Make Run at Auto Parts Store, One Survives

ROSELAWN OH — When a pair of thugs attempted to rob an O’Reilly Auto Parts store, they weren’t counting on someone inside being armed.

And now, one of them is dead.

As FOX 19 reports:

Police said two armed suspects entered a Roselawn O’Reilly Auto Parts around 8:30 p.m.

One of the suspects was shot by a person already inside, they said. When officers arrived at the scene, they found that person, 18-year-old James Hutsell, Jr., in the parking lot.

Fire officials were unable to revive him. Police have not released many details about who the shooter was, or the sequence of events that led up to the shooting.

It is not clear whether or not that armed citizen was an employee or a passerby, or a concealed carrier or not.

Although it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not the citizen was an employee or not, I’d bet dollars to donuts that they are a concealed carrier.

Regardless of what he was, however, I am sure everyone else in the store is grateful he or she was there at the right place at the right time.

Score one for the good guys.

Regardless of the background of the shooter, it’s a powerful reminder:

1. Stay armed when you’re at work, if at all possible.

2. When you’re running errands, stay armed.

In fact, you might want to stay armed whenever conveniently possible — just a thought.

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postheadericon “This Gun Saved My Life”: Disabled Vet Survives Home Invasion

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA — Waking up to the sound of intruders attempting to enter his home, a disabled veteran readied his M&P Shield 9mm and prepared to respond with deadly force. Once inside, the robbers saw that the homeowner was armed and quickly ran off, spraying fire into his house. The homeowner returned fire but the would-be burglary suspects had already made their escape.

This homeowner credits his survival of this encounter with his handgun, according to WTOC 11.

“This gun saved my life,”  the homeowner said to reporters. “Without this gun, I might not be here right now.”

While police are investigating the crime scene for any information that can lead to the identity or whereabouts of the armed robbers, the gunowner claims that the armed robbers identified themselves as the police. Using his surveillance system, he was able to remotely see the robbers and confirm that they were not likely officers of the law.

The police are supposedly taking this matter seriously because in addition to the felonies associated with breaking and entering and firing on an occupant of a dwelling, the culprits were also impersonating police. It makes for a hairy situation and it’s a warning to homeowners to double down on safety precautions to properly identify potential friend from foe at the entryways of one’s home.

According to the man and his surveillance footage, as the armed robbers were breaking down his door, they were also identifying themselves as police. There really is nothing that criminals won’t do to try to gain an advantage when sacking another person’s dwelling.

Realizing that they weren’t going to stop and they were likely armed, the vet had little choice but to ready himself.

“I immediately grabbed my 9 millimeter Smith and Wesson M&P [Shield], loaded it up, and waited for them to come all the way in,” he said.

If he hadn’t been able to return fire or prove ready resistance to the home invaders, this situation could have ended much more brutally. These guys knew there was likely someone home and they were obviously armed. Thankfully, this home owner had the right idea.

  • Surveillance systems to monitor entryways

Not only can this save your life, it can also prove documentation and proof to help identify your assailants and intruders

  • Personal protection firearm ready and a good defensive position marked out

If your assailants are so kind as to knock on the front door with their feet, do them the favor and take up a good defensive position with ample cover and concealment.

One additional recommendation: consider self-defense rounds. Frangible copper or jacketed hollow point add an additional layer of damage to soft tissues while reducing penetration through thin surfaces throughout the house.

All in all, good job homeowner.

Carry everyday and stay prepared — especially at home.

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