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postheadericon Homeowner’s Son Shoots Three Teen Home Invasion Suspects With AR-15

WAGONER COUNTY, OKLAHOMA — When a group of three teen thugs invaded a home, they likely did not expect what they got — the homeowner’s son, armed and ready, with an AR-15.

According to authorities at the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, three people, all wearing masks, broke into the home via the back door, reports WPXI.

Their plan was to burglarize the home, but that was not to be.

Two of the suspects were 17, and one was 18, according to WPXI. It is unfortunate that they had to lose their lives at such a young age, but one of them was armed with a knife, and another was armed with brass knuckles.

There was no choice.

A fourth suspect was arrested — 21-year-old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez was booked on three complaints of first-degree murder and three complaints of first-degree burglary. It is believed that she was to be the getaway driver… if anyone had gotten away.

Rodriguez was in the wrong state to pull getaway driver. as WPXI reports:

“In Oklahoma, those believed to be committing a felony that results in a death can face murder charges, even if they did not actually kill anyone.”


Now, we may disagree on whether or not the woman deserves charges for murder, but there’s no question that these intruders got what they deserved — and she did help with that.

What do you think?

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postheadericon Early Morning Heist At The Bellagio Gets Tense When Suspects Can’t Start Their Car

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — It’s been a busy day on the Las Vegas strip after armed robbers sacked a Rolex store inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Three men are believed to be connected to the event and they began their robbery at approximately 1:30 a.m. and used sledgehammers to smash the glass encasing the Rolex watches.

Guests and visitors, according to CNN, were not hurt during the incident itself but after the robbers escaped to the parking garage to get their vehicle, the vehicle failed to stop. This prompted them to attempt to carjack a vehicle.

The men were wearing suits and at least one had a pig mask on. They have not been identified at this point but one of them is believed to be in custody.

Las Vegas police were extremely quick to respond and within moments, locked down portions of the strip around the Bellagio.

One of the most recognized casinos on the strip, the Bellagio has a staunch no firearms policy for guests and visitors. In fact, most every hotel and casino I’ve heard of that’s one the strip doesn’t allow firearms to be carried in by guests and visitors.

The way they allay those concerns is by having added armed security and police which are traditionally fast to respond to incidences. However, no armed service can guarantee safety. These robbers weren’t likely looking for a fight so much as to snag those watches.

In instances like that, stay out of it. Take cover. Find a place to barricade yourself until police arrive. I’m basically ascribing the same policies I’d use in an event that happened later that same day on the strip. That involved a lone individual who shot and killed one person and severely injured another. He surrendered to police later this afternoon after they cordoned him off.

As concealed carriers, we’re obliged to follow the law. That means when a private establishment says ‘no firearms allowed’, then, unfortunately, we have to abide so long as that signage is alongside the intent of state law.

We have to rely on our situational awareness and good planning to figure these things out. Because this event happened at 1:30 a.m., most of the patrons in the casino were likely more than a little inebriated. This creates a static chaos as people’s inhibitions are lowered and their judgement is impaired. Thankfully, everyone pretty much stayed low and stayed safe.

Gun free zones, man. Gun free zones…

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postheadericon 70-Year-Old Store Owner Shoots Robbery Suspects, Killing One; Not As Soft A Target As The Robbers Had Hoped

HOUSTON, TEXAS — As a local Houston store owner tried to get into his car, two armed robbers ambushed him. He drew his handgun and shot at both of them, killing at least one. Houston police arrived at the scene to find a deceased male matching the description given by the store owner. The whereabouts of the second robber are unknown at this time.

via ABC 13 Houston News

“When the first units arrived they found a black male shot on the ground behind the business,” said officer T.R. Jackson. “That man was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. It’s possible that male and another male attempted to rob our complainant out here.”

The store owner is a 70-year-old male who had just closed down his store for the evening. He was licensed to carry a handgun and police have filed no charges against him as they believe it was an act done justifiably out of self defense.

Despite his age, the man was more than capable of handling himself. That’s situational awareness and the daily reminder to always carry a gun.

It’s amazing how armed robbers have a tough time hitting someone who can hit back. Their success rate goes up exponentially when the person they’re ambushing is unarmed and afraid.

No doubt, if that man had owned a store in the Houston area, he’s seen his share of robberies and attempted robberies in vicinity of his place of business. This brings a real sense of grounded reality to a person because the idea of criminals attempting to hurt or kill people for their possessions is no longer theoretical. It’s a guaranteed probability.

That’s a big reason why business owners and everyday citizens decide to carry a handgun. It’s as simple as knowing that some day, it could be you that the bad guys come to rob. They’re not afraid of using deadly force against you — why shouldn’t you have the ability to protect yourself?

A decision to carry a gun every single day is one made out of great responsibility. It’s not just about protecting your business or your customers, it’s also about protecting your family. If they lose you, nothing in the world can replace that. When you get up in the morning and put that concealed handgun in your holster, you’re making the willful decision to come back to them.

Good work on behalf of this business owner. For the robber who got away, he’ll not likely be returning any time soon. And for the one that stayed, he’ll never hurt anyone ever again.

Carry every single day — at your place of business, in your home, and everywhere else in between.

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postheadericon UPDATE: Active Shooter Reported At Crossgates Mall In Albany NY, No Suspects Yet

ALBANY, NEW YORK — Local news are reporting an active shooter at a popular mall in Albany NY, just a few miles from Concealed Nation headquarters.

Details are slim at the moment, but witnesses say the entire mall is on lock-down and that the shooting took place near the Apple store.

We will have more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: 8:09pm EST

Local news is reporting that the two men taken into custody have been released and were not involved in the shooting. Police say that no one is in custody.

Multiple stores are still in lock-down as they wait for police to safely evacuate them.


UPDATE: 4:17pm EST

According to some photos shared on social media, at least two people have been taken into custody.


Back in December of 2015, I interviewed Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple on the role of armed citizens in active shooter situations, and he had this to say:

During an interview with WNYT last year, Sheriff Apple told reporters that it was a matter of when, not if, an active shooter situation would happen in Albany County. When I asked about his response and whether other municipalities across the Country should have the same attitude, he stood by it and provided a little more detail. “Do you think the people over in San Bernardino were ever thinking it would happen to them?” says Sheriff Apple.

He mentions that not much is in San Bernardino as far as a target, which points to the real possibility that something like this could happen anywhere. “Right here in Albany County, we have the Capitol seat. We have the Governor’s office 100 yards form my office. I firmly stand behind my words that not if but when it does occur, I want to make darn sure that the 305,000 people living in this county know what to do.”

As Sheriff who oversees the County, he shared one of his biggest nightmares with me regarding an active shooter situation. In the city of Albany, there are numerous large malls and with the upcoming holiday rush, his fear would be an attack at such a location.

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postheadericon Suspects Try Robbing Liquor Store, But The Clerk Had Other Ideas

PARK CITY, KANSAS — Roland Ross, 28, and Michael Phillips Jr., 37, probably didn’t expect Federal charges after failing to rob a Park City liquor store at gunpoint. Likely, they figured being armed and threatening the clerk with a classic line like “if he was ready to die because this was a robbery and to give them all the money” would be a surefire way to make at least a couple hundred bucks. What ended up happening, though, is a cold taste of reality.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Ross and Phillips entered the MGS Liquor store while under the full watch of surveillance video. When one of the men allegedly asked the clerk whether or not he was ready to die — he probably didn’t expect the clerk to pull a gun and shoot him in the chest… Because that’s precisely what happened. And while the man managed to escape, he left blood soaked hand prints all over the door and in his vehicle. He left his buddy to deal with the fallout. His buddy, however, figured correctly that he wasn’t going to get one over on this clerk and he was already man down. His accomplice surrendered to the clerk and waited for police to arrive.

Now both of them will be facing federal charges in connection to the robbery. If convicted, they could each spend up to 20 years in federal prison and not less than seven consecutive for the brandishing charges.

The one robber who was wounded allegedly tried to play off his injuries to “getting poked by a stick” while out on a run but medical professionals quickly figured out there was a bullet lodged in his sternum.

There’s no way you can play off a bullet wound as anything other than a bullet wound — at least not for long.

But, then again, that’s what happens when you directly threaten someone’s life. These guys came in and had plenty of options and they chose the “gun in your face, money in the bag” approach. That’s not a safe bet. When you place a person’s back against the proverbial wall and give him no options — expect him to act quickly and violently.

Both robbers get to live and both of them get to live out severely long sentences in federal prison. Hope they’re better at dominoes than they are robbing liquor stores.

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postheadericon Why We Carry: Family Comes Home During Burglary In Progress, Suspects Shoot At Them While Trying To Get Away

RICHLAND COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA — A family of four were pulling up to their home Wednesday night when they noticed a vehicle parked out front that they did not recognize. They innocently pulled up behind the vehicle. What happened next … Continue reading
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