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postheadericon Sheriff Urges Citizens To Carry Firearms Following Texas Mass Shooting

POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA — Sheriff Grady Judd tweeted that their county offers active shooter scenario training shortly after the massacre at a Texas church, and encouraged citizens to attend and to arm themselves if they are legally able to do so.

Sheriff Judd has made headlines in the past, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind on topics that are important to him. The video above shows just how Judd operates, and of course you have people who both agree and disagree with him.

But on the topic of concealed carry, I’d bet that he has most people in his corner. His active approach to getting citizens their concealed carry permits –and important training– are something that we would love to see across the Country.

So regardless of where you live, take Sheriff Judd’s advice if you don’t already have your permit and/or training: Get the permit, get armed, get trained, and be prepared.

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postheadericon WATCH: Hero Who Engaged Texas Mass Shooter Sits Down With Louder With Crowder In Exclusive Interview

Stephen Willeford is a hero in every sense of the word and after watching the interview above, it’s apparent that Willeford is a well-rounded and very loved individual. He’s a family man, and an active member in his community. He is humble and puts others ahead of himself.

He is also a man of action, and did not hesitate to grab his firearm in order to do the right thing: Stop a massacre that was happening right next door.

Mr. Willeford offers details of the incident, including simple facts such as him leaving the house armed and barefoot. When asked why he was barefoot, his explanation was simple:

Every time I heard a shot I was thinking, that was assigned to someone else. That shot was assigned to… he was shooting at another person every time I heard a shot fired, and I didn’t have time to put shoes on.

As soon as Mr. Willeford got close to the gunman, he noticed that he was wearing a Kevlar vest. Having his wits with him, Mr. Willeford fired shots at the space between the front and back of the vest where the Velcro is located, which is the vulnerable spot on these vests. In other words, the sides are not protected by Kevlar.

And later, autopsy reports would show that Mr. Willeford hit the suspect twice; once in the leg and once in the torso.

In closing this article, Mr. Willeford got a little political towards the end of the interview when it comes to gun control and restricting what citizens are able to own. Mr. Willeford is a bright individual who gets it, even more so because he was personally faced with a madman.

If I had run out of the house with a pistol and faced a bulletproof vest and Kevlar helmet, it might have been futile. And I ran out with an AR-15, and that’s what he was shooting the place up with. And I hate to politicize that, but that’s reality.

Please give the video interview a watch. It’s worth every minute, and I am grateful that Mr. Willeford gave his account and was so open about his experience when faced with a mass shooter.

Mr. Willeford is a hero, and we praise him and his quick actions that day.

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postheadericon Active Shooter at Texas Hospital turns up No Shooter and No Victims

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Multiple calls were made to 911 of an active shooter inside Ben Taub Hospital in Houston. When police arrived, they found no one with a gun and no victims, but they did find patients being evacuated and scared employees and visitors.

One caller gave a vague description of a man with a gun. There were reports that people heard gunshots on the 2nd floor of the hospital.

After police searched and cleared all 6 floors and the basement, the all-clear was given to return to the hospital. If there was an actual threat, it wasn’t there anymore.

ABC 7 Chicago provided a timeline of events from today’s scare:


Around 2:00PM: Houston police received a report of a shooting in progress.

2:13PM: TWEET FROM HPD: We are responding to reports of shots fired at Ben Taub Hospital; SWAT and PIO enroute #hounews

2:41PM: TWEET FROM HPD: Officers in the process of searching the hospital; no reports of injuries at this time #hounews

2:48PM: TWEET FROM CHIEF ACEVEDO: At Ben Taub report of active shooter. No victims located. Active search continues. All patients and employees safe at this point.

We are awaiting word of any bullet holes or other evidence that would show shots actually being fired. The police presence was said to be felt quickly, and the evacuation was smooth.

Check this space for updates.

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postheadericon University of Texas Professors Lose Bid To Ban Concealed Carry On Campus

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Governor of Texas signed a law into effect which prohibits public universities from banning concealed carry on campus. This took effect August 1st. Despite no issues thus far and no indication of issues, professors have sued the state for a preliminary injunction to be granted to restrict a state-granted right.

This lawsuit is so unpopular and unwarranted that the Attorney General of Texas has stepped in to join the motion to dismiss the case.

via San Antonio Current

“There is only one apparent basis for their fear: Plaintiffs think the adults in their class who have been licensed by the State to carry handguns state-wide are ticking time-bombs who are likely to commit acts of violence if they are allowed to carry a handgun in class where they are exposed to the Professors’ ideas. That is ridiculous,” Paxton wrote in his motion to dismiss.

Without any provocation or actual proof of a threat, three professors have filed their motion with federal court.

This just in: the federal judge has shot down their preliminary injunction.

The professors will still have their day in federal court but they will not be allowed to stop legally armed citizens from carrying their handguns onto campus.

Here’s the thing: both the University of Texas system and the State of Texas disagree with the professors’ motion. They have asked the federal judge to dismiss the case outright.

Texans have to undergo a very stringent process before they are granted a license to carry a concealed handgun. Even after being granted, their records are held under high scrutiny and any violation of the law can be used as grounds to revoke that permit — up to and including failing to pay a debt*.

*”…defaults on state or city taxes, governmental fees, or child support. SOURCE: Texas CHL FAQ

Even with Texas’ very proactive measures to ensure each CHL holder isn’t predisposed to criminal behavior, there are academics who are seriously afraid of living in a world where people are free to defend themselves with lethal force if threatened.

The University of Texas alleges that the professors cannot proceed with this case because no federal law has been broken, thus there is nothing to sue.

To make matters worse, a student-run organization has allegedly begun protesting on campus under “Cocks Not Glocks“. The group somehow seems to think passing out adult toys will substitute an inalienable right upheld by both the United States Constitution and Texas law.

The bizarro world of people we’re dealing with is just astounding. It’s a cognitive dissonance that has nothing to do with the right to defend yourself or the responsibility each concealed carrier takes not just for his own life but for those around him.

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postheadericon University of Texas President Announces New Campus Carry Policy To Take Effect Aug 1st

By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns As you may have heard, many University of Texas-Austin faculty members have expressed their outrage at the impending outbreak of Second Amendment freedoms on their leafy urban campus. One aging prof quit at … Continue reading
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postheadericon DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Homeowner Confronts And Shoots Intruder, Plus Many More Examples

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS — A home intruder broke into a guy’s home at 9 PM and was shot twice.  As county law enforcement reported to KHOU, surprise, surprise, the homeowner is home, sees the dude breaking in through the door … Continue reading
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postheadericon Here Is Why Rice University In Texas Will Remain A ‘Gun Free Zone’

Rice University President David Lebrun has sent out a letter to faculty and students letting them know of his decision on allowing concealed carry on campus following the passage of SB11, which allows private institutions to opt-out of campus carry. … Continue reading
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postheadericon Econ Professor Quits As Concealed Carry Comes To University of Texas

AUSTIN, TEXAS — An economics professor with over twenty years of teaching at the University of Texas in Austin has decided to resign due to his fears that the recently passed Texas law concerning concealed carry on campus will endanger … Continue reading
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postheadericon Campus Carry For The Big Win In Texas!

It’s been a big sore spot in the national discussion of the right to bear arms. For many universities across the country, students and faculty are denied their lawful right to maintain a weapon on their person – for personal … Continue reading
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postheadericon Texas Home Invader Dies On The Job

CLEAR LAKE, TEXAS — We cover quite a few home invasion stories, and most of them are stories of armed occupants taking care of criminals who enter (or try to enter). This story is different, though, because the alleged intruder … Continue reading
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