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postheadericon The Ultimate Gun Control Video: I Carry A Gun Because…

The holster company Urban Carry has created a video that everyone should watch, whether they’re pro gun or not.

Backed up by statistics and references, these folks did the dirty work and created a fantastic video to share with the world.

“I carry a gun because a gun-free zone makes it easier for predators to target their prey.”

This and much more. Give it a watch above, and share it far and wide.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon [VIDEO] WORLD’S FIRST: MythBusters Film Pistol Firing Bullet At 73,000 Frames Per Second, Ultimate Slow Motion!

If you’re a person who likes firearms, this video will not disappoint. Adam Savage is nearly rendered speechless by incredible slomo footage that captures a bullet being fired at 73,000 frames per second. Shot at these speeds, the video reveals … Continue reading
Concealed Nation