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postheadericon [BREAKING] Vehicle Smashes Into Students At Ohio State University, Violent Spree Ensues — Stopped By A Police Officer With A Gun

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Nine injured and one dead after a man drove a vehicle into students on the campus of Ohio State University. He then allegedly got out and proceeded to stab several bystanders before being shot to death by a police officer.

The attack began at approximately 9:52 p.m. when a driver drove his vehicle onto the courtyard outside the materials science building on the campus of Ohio State University.

via FOX News

“I didn’t see anything with the shooter, what happened was it was outside of MacQuigg Lab,” Kovacich told The Lantern. “The guy ended up just coming and hopping the curb with his car and trying to mow down a couple people. He lost control, and I think he ended up hitting three people, and then people were around the car. Somebody asked him if he was OK and the guy just hopped out of the car with a butcher knife and starting chasing people around.”

A campus security police officer shot and killed the suspect within minutes of the attack. Authorities believe the attack was pre-planned and the perpetrator is believed to be an 18-year-old Somali man.

An active shooter warning was issued for the campus at OSU by 9:56 a.m. and lifted by 11:14 a.m. After the campus was secured, authorities allowed the students to return home for the remainder of the day. Classes were cancelled.


via the Dispatch.

We live in an unstable world unfortunately,” OSU President Michael Drake said.

But he was reportedly appreciative of the fast response of law enforcement to the scene.

Beware Bad Advice: Books Don’t Stop Bullets

In the midst of a mass shooting or mass violence situation, a lot of bad information is going to get pushed out through social media. We’ve seen some ridiculous things such as “use books as body armor” and using a backpack as a bullet shield.

We’re really sorry to say this but: books don’t make good bullet shields.

The best advice for situations like a mass shooting on campus is to barricade in place and wait for law enforcement.

via FOX News

Rachel LeMaster, who works in the engineering college, told The Associated Press a fire alarm sounded before the attack.

“There were several moments of chaos,” she said. “We barricaded ourselves like we’re supposed to since it was right outside our door and just hunkered down.”

Initial reports claimed there were multiple shooters and plenty of other wrong information. That’s why you should never depend upon unofficial social media channels to get a good assessment.

Evade, barricade, and communicate with law enforcement.

Concealed Carry Punishable By Felony Charges On Ohio Campuses

Ohio is one of the few states that charges permitted concealed carriers with a felony if they walk onto campus. The attacker, in this particular case, used a butcher knife and his vehicle to attempt to kill innocent people. Thankfully, a police officer just happened to be nearby.

Had a police officer not been nearby, it would have been up to students and faculty to flee the scene or fight an armed man without the benefit of a handgun. If a student or faculty member had used a gun, he likely would have faced felony charges for possessing it on campus.

That’s why we need concealed carry on campus.

These situations aren’t going away, folks. It’s up to us to make sure the laws benefit those law-abiding citizens. Otherwise, it’s just bad guys who carry onto “gun free zones”.

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postheadericon University of Texas Professors Lose Bid To Ban Concealed Carry On Campus

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Governor of Texas signed a law into effect which prohibits public universities from banning concealed carry on campus. This took effect August 1st. Despite no issues thus far and no indication of issues, professors have sued the state for a preliminary injunction to be granted to restrict a state-granted right.

This lawsuit is so unpopular and unwarranted that the Attorney General of Texas has stepped in to join the motion to dismiss the case.

via San Antonio Current

“There is only one apparent basis for their fear: Plaintiffs think the adults in their class who have been licensed by the State to carry handguns state-wide are ticking time-bombs who are likely to commit acts of violence if they are allowed to carry a handgun in class where they are exposed to the Professors’ ideas. That is ridiculous,” Paxton wrote in his motion to dismiss.

Without any provocation or actual proof of a threat, three professors have filed their motion with federal court.

This just in: the federal judge has shot down their preliminary injunction.

The professors will still have their day in federal court but they will not be allowed to stop legally armed citizens from carrying their handguns onto campus.

Here’s the thing: both the University of Texas system and the State of Texas disagree with the professors’ motion. They have asked the federal judge to dismiss the case outright.

Texans have to undergo a very stringent process before they are granted a license to carry a concealed handgun. Even after being granted, their records are held under high scrutiny and any violation of the law can be used as grounds to revoke that permit — up to and including failing to pay a debt*.

*”…defaults on state or city taxes, governmental fees, or child support. SOURCE: Texas CHL FAQ

Even with Texas’ very proactive measures to ensure each CHL holder isn’t predisposed to criminal behavior, there are academics who are seriously afraid of living in a world where people are free to defend themselves with lethal force if threatened.

The University of Texas alleges that the professors cannot proceed with this case because no federal law has been broken, thus there is nothing to sue.

To make matters worse, a student-run organization has allegedly begun protesting on campus under “Cocks Not Glocks“. The group somehow seems to think passing out adult toys will substitute an inalienable right upheld by both the United States Constitution and Texas law.

The bizarro world of people we’re dealing with is just astounding. It’s a cognitive dissonance that has nothing to do with the right to defend yourself or the responsibility each concealed carrier takes not just for his own life but for those around him.

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postheadericon University of Calgary bows down to ransomware demands

The University of Calgary has handed over $ 20,000 CND to cybercriminals, who had launched a ransomware attack on the institution.

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postheadericon OH THE IRONY – Armed Robbery Occurs 400 Ft From Georgia Southern University On The Day Gov. Vetoes Campus Carry Bill

Just hours after Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed a bill that would allow campus carry, an armed robbery perpetrated by four suspects happened in apartments just a few hundred feet from the Georgia Southern University campus.

But it wasn’t on campus, so we’re ok. Right?

Earlier this morning, the school released the following information on their website:

On Tuesday, May 3, at approximately 11:45 p.m., an armed robbery occurred at the 111 South Apartments off campus. The suspects are four black males, three wearing ski masks and one wearing a “Jason”-type mask. They fled on foot toward Rucker Lane. Anyone with information should call the Statesboro Police Department.

The complex itself has a ‘no guns’ policy for it’s residents, rendering them helpless in events such as this one. This ‘no guns’ policy is common among student housing across the country.

While no information was given as to whether anyone was injured, we can only hope that the victim(s) of this armed robbery are alright.

Let this serve as a real-life reminder that the bad guys are out there, and we should be doing what we can to protect ourselves when they show up. That includes campus carry.

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postheadericon Concealed Carry At University — This One Gun Owner Reached Out To His University’s Vice President

Recently, one Alabama university student took issue with an email circulated to his inbox by his university. In that email, the university (which does not allow concealed carry) advised students to:

  • Act aggressively against an active shooter
  • Use improvised weapons against someone armed with a firearm

Do you know what would have been better? Actually being able to defend your own life through the use of your own firearm.

Here’s a snapshot of that letter sent from the university to students who pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to get a higher education:


That’s precisely the conversation that took place in one subreddit before that student went ahead and submitted the following letter to his university administrators.

To whom it may concern:

I have read and reviewed the recently distributed notification concerning active shooter situations on campus. It greatly concerns me that there are policies in place that prohibit law abiding citizens from carrying a weapon upon them for self defense. It is more concerning that this notification not only recognizes the possibility that these “rules” may be broken, and an active shooter situation may arise, but recommends that I “act aggressively” towards the shooter. It seems counterintuitive to instruct students, who evidently cannot be trusted to protect themselves, to place themselves in harm’s way without proper means of defense, using only “improvised weapons.”

You deny these individuals their constitutionally protected right, and yet ask them to defend themselves by “throwing items.” This notification is very hypocritical and I sincerely wish this institution would consider allowing law abiding students to concealed carry while on campus.

As the holder of an Alabama Unrestricted Pistol Permit, I have been subjected to the most stringent background investigation my state can provide. Through this investigation, the State of Alabama found that I can be trusted to possess a concealed firearm on my person. Despite this finding, I am unilaterally stripped of my right to bear arms the moment I step on campus, even though no tangible measures are taken to ensure the University of Alabama is actually gun free. The States of Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin have all passed legislation permitting concealed carry on college campuses. None have experienced a spike in violence on campus. I urge the University to review its policies and consider allowing the possession of concealed firearms by licensed students and faculty.

And while we all waited with baited breath to see what response would come of it, there’s a certain expectation that the administrators of universities have completely written off the safety and security of their students and faculty on campus.

But, after waiting, a response did finally arrive.

And here it is:


Is it the response we really wanted? No. Absolutely not.

But here is where we start to break through these walls — by starting the discussion with those who actually run the university.

You’re the one paying tens of thousands of dollars (or much, much more) to attend that school. Why do they get the right to restrict your constitutional freedoms?

In short: they don’t.

Make it a point to vote with your dollars and definitely deliver why asking students to literally throw themselves at armed attackers is an impractical idea when there’s a much simpler, easier option right in front of their noses. Allow campus carry.

And conversely, as a faculty member working on campus — why should an active shooter have the right to hurt you, your students, or your fellow colleagues? What right does the university have to tell you it’s your job to hunker in a corner and wait for whatever gruesome end comes?

They don’t.

And it starts with holding this conversation with university administrators.

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postheadericon University of Texas President Announces New Campus Carry Policy To Take Effect Aug 1st

By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns As you may have heard, many University of Texas-Austin faculty members have expressed their outrage at the impending outbreak of Second Amendment freedoms on their leafy urban campus. One aging prof quit at … Continue reading
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postheadericon Here Is Why Rice University In Texas Will Remain A ‘Gun Free Zone’

Rice University President David Lebrun has sent out a letter to faculty and students letting them know of his decision on allowing concealed carry on campus following the passage of SB11, which allows private institutions to opt-out of campus carry. … Continue reading
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postheadericon Econ Professor Quits As Concealed Carry Comes To University of Texas

AUSTIN, TEXAS — An economics professor with over twenty years of teaching at the University of Texas in Austin has decided to resign due to his fears that the recently passed Texas law concerning concealed carry on campus will endanger … Continue reading
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postheadericon Back to university: cybersecurity now a major concern in higher education

Cybersecurity in higher education was top of mind and top of the agenda at the latest Campus Technology conference, in Boston.

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postheadericon University of Buffalo study examines the psychology of phishing emails

A study by the University of Buffalo has revealed that ‘information rich phishing emails’ may be more effective due to their ability to alter recipients’ cognitive processes, reports

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