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postheadericon Video: Features and Specs of the Springfield Armory Saint Edge Rifle

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Employee And Thug Exchange Gunfire In Smoke Shop Robbery Attempt

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — A store clerk was shot in the arm during a gunfire exchange with a masked robber, and the clerk’s being armed likely saved his life.

In a world where some people will do anything to get some money, it’s only fair –and right– to arm ourselves against them.

The story goes as follows;

Authorities said a man wearing a mask entered the Smoke 4 Less shop on Avondale Drive at about 8 p.m. on Sept. 28 and fired a shot at an employee, who returned fire.

The employee sustained a gunshot wound to his arm, and the man fled without taking anything.

About 30 minutes later, police officers responded to an armed robbery at a Hardees at 4607 South Alston Avenue in which a man with a gun entered the restaurant and demanded money, authorities said.

It isn’t known whether the same person was responsible for both incidents, but I don’t believe in coincidence. It’s very likely that the same person is to blame, and lends more credit to the fact that he was desperate to get money from someone… somewhere.

After being in one gun battle, he had some pretty fearless actions as far as going to another location. It’s this determination that warrants the need for more armed citizens.

There was no mention on the clerk’s condition, but we hope that he makes a full recovery from his injuries.

As a side note, it appears in the video that the clerk needed to rack the slide to chamber a round. Whether it was a malfunction or not may never be known, but it’s a good exercise to see if you’d be ready to rack the slide in a stressful situation. Some will fumble, some will fail, and others will make the action happen as smooth as butter.

It’s part luck, but mostly training.

It also appears that the clerk saw the danger coming and had the firearm in-hand before the thug entered the shop door. That’s important right there, as he seems to have been aware of what was about to happen.

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postheadericon “Full Auto” Rigging Video Nearly Sets the Internet On Fire

There’s nothing worse than watching the media, after virtually any gun-related event, try to marry their combination of firearm ignorance and desperate need to push an agenda.

Sorry to be that “The mainstream media sucks!” guy, but, well, the mainstream media sucks, at least when it comes to having a handle on how guns work.

In the video below, published a mere two days ago, YouTuber Andy Orlando explains just how to take your semiautomatic firearms and make them fully automatic — in classic anti-gunner style.

It’s as ridiculous as it is entertaining, and although I’ll need to put a viewer discretion warning in there for profanity, it’s worth a watch.

And the best part? Some folks actually fell for it. They’re on Facebook, they’re on YouTube, and they’re all unbelievable. Be watching for them — it’s hilarious.


What do you think about this video? Please share this on Facebook and let us know your thoughts!

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postheadericon Avoid Verizon Video Throttling With a VPN

Verizon video throttling continues with assorted restrictions on streaming Netflix and YouTube. Avoid throttling by using a VPN FlashRouter.

The post Avoid Verizon Video Throttling With a VPN appeared first on FlashRouters Networking & VPN Blog.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Changing Your Grip For Better Accuracy

USCCA’s ‘Into The Fray’ series of videos offer some great insight into firearms and concealed carry. Their latest episode gives some terrific pointers that show how changing your grip can give you better accuracy when at the range.

Below is a written explanation of the change, and you can also watch the video above for the demonstration.

We all know that the one-shot stop is basically a Hollywood fantasy, so it should come as no surprise that we want to get multiple rounds on target quickly. The best way to do that is to change your grip to help keep the gun on target. I learned this method from Jason Speller at his DRAW school. It is so simple that it makes me wonder why no one came up with it before. Take your support hand and rotate the hand down about 45 degrees as you grasp the pistol this prevents the muzzle from dropping greatly during recoil. Yes, I know the muzzle rises during recoil, but with the traditional two-handed grip, we tend to push it back down too far, guiding follow-up shots lower. This hand rotation prevents that. Give it a try. You will like how quickly and accurately you can shoot.

Is this something that you’ve done? Are you going to give it a try? Tell us in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Let’s Play A Game: Armed Robber Or Plain-Clothed Detective

A motorcyclist, who was apparently going a little too fast, had an encounter with a man when stopped at a red light. The encounter really shook up the driver, and you can see just what happened in the video above.

Local news tells us the story;

Alex Randall, the motorcyclist who posted the video on YouTube and Reddit, says the plain-clothed detective approached him on foot while pointing a pistol, and he says the detective did not identify himself, or show his badge.

In the video, Randall says he stops at a red light at NE 145th Street and 5th Avenue NE, and the detective is seen on Randall’s helmet cam pointing the gun while asking, “How you doing?” The detective told Randall he was driving his motorcycle recklessly, putting people in danger, Randall said.

I am sure that the officer was truly annoyed with the supposed high-rate of speed at which Randall was accused of traveling, but it doesn’t warrant the pulling of a firearm.

“I turned and looked, and he’s there with a gun,” Randall said. “I was totally unprepared for someone to be standing right next to me on the street like that.”

I am not defending Randall’s actions, of course, because he would have been putting lives at risk if he was being irresponsible with his driving. While I wouldn’t speed (like that), I have to wonder how I’d handle a situation where a plain-clothed officer drew his firearm on me.

Having seen no ID or any sort of confirmation, Randall had no idea who he was really talking to — and who really had a gun on him. Was this an armed robbery attempt, or was this truly an officer? In the video, there’s really no way to tell.

Sheriff John Urquhart spoke out about the video, saying that what he saw was very troubling and needed to be addressed.

“That’s not the culture I want, that’s not the culture I will tolerate, and I will take swift action when I hear about it,” Urquhart said, adding that the video will be a teaching tool.

“What I’m going to do with that video, is I’m going to show it to every single new recruit that comes into the sheriff’s office, and I have 70 or 80 a year. I want them to know specifically what they’re not allowed to do.”

What do you think about this encounter?

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Anti-Gun Art Turns Gun Owners On

The video above shows us some artwork that was unveiled at the DNC last year. The creator, Michael Murphy, probably didn’t suspect that it’d appeal to gun lovers across the country.

A friend sent this to me on Facebook and after I watched it, I immediately loved it. At the time, I didn’t realize that it was meant to be an anti-gun statement.

I’ve seen a few videos of this artwork, and some start with either the handgun or the silhouette of America. Regardless of the direction seen, it speaks to me that America is alive and well. It also shows that America is filled with responsible gun owners, hunters, and those who seek out viable means of self-defense.

It’s a fail that we can appreciate.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] The​ ​Thompson​ ​Submachine​ ​Gun’s​ ​Rich​ ​History​ ​and​ ​Range Experience

Any movie or historical enthusiast will tell you the Thompson submachine gun is an American Icon with a rich history with military, law enforcement, civilians and gangsters. Developed in 1918, John Thompson sought to replace the bolt action rifle with an auto rifle chambered in .45 ACP. Over time and with some financial backing, the company Auto Ordnance was created.

Thompson, with the help of other designers, envisioned a hand held one man operated submachine gun. Once their vision was realised, the Thompson submachine gun became a reality and production began in 1921. Over time, the “Tommy Gun” made it’s way to the United States.

The Thompson was attractive due to it’s fast rate of fire. I was amazed at how fast the Thompson fired. Notice in the video above how quick a 30 round stick magazine was spent. However, the Thompson was criticized by some for it’s heavy weight, poor accuracy past 50 yards and it’s lack of penetration with the .45 ACP.

The Thompson submachine gun gained popularity with depression era gangsters and the law enforcement officers who pursued them. It quickly became known as the “Tommy Gun,” “Chicago Typewriter” or the “Annihilator.” As the years passed, the Thompson submachine gun became a famous part of American history.

I had an incredible opportunity to experience a “Tommy Gun” myself. I say “incredible” because Thompson submachine guns are rare, expensive and subject to NFA regulations which makes it near impossible for the average American to experience this rifle let alone own one. In today’s market, a decent condition Full Auto Thompson is priced between $ 20,000 – $ 25,000.
The Thompson’s also became famous with their high capacity drum magazines that the Hollywood film makers loved to feature. The rifle I fired was equipped with several 30 round stick mags which I found easy to reload and continuing to fire away.

The video above explains the features, controls, magazines and shooting impressions. To experience a Thompson, people may have to go to a range and rent this rifle for a hefty price as a range officer looks over their shoulder. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who owns this rifle and was more than happy to let me show it off. If you ever get the chance to experience a full auto Thompson submachine gun, by all means check it out. Spend a few extra bucks on ammo because the 30 round sticks sure go fast. American Icon and Hollywood favorite? No doubt. A blast at the range? Like an experience I will never forget.

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postheadericon VIDEO: So, What Do You Carry? Do You Carry Uncommon?

When I tell folks that I write for a website dedicated to concealed carry and responsible armament, they will ask me, more often than not:

“So, what do you carry?”

Of course, I then have to answer them with an obnoxious answer: I carry a relatively obscure, semi-compact handgun that is rarely carried based off of another “path less traveled by” firearm that’s not very often carried.

So the question I get all the time is, “What’s a Tristar T-100?”

That’s a completely valid question, and it brings up a really important point — there are tons of awesome firearms out there, and often we don’t pay attention to the less mainline firearms series.

I thought I would take a moment to put out a video that YouTuber Sootch00 made and published a little over two years ago — it’s very well done, and gives great information on a firearm that, in my humble opinion, really ought to be a better-known defensive tool and fun shoot.

Even more than that — I want to ask you, the audience-at-large — what’s that handgun or long gun that you keep or love that is a little less common? Please let us know in the comments section on Facebook and Twitter!

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postheadericon Intense Video Shows Officer Being Shot Point-Blank, Assailant Sentenced To 35 Years

Being a police officer is a job filled with unknowns, and you’ll see in this video just how quickly a good day can turn bad in an instant.

Officer Quincy Smith, of the Estill Police Department, was responding to a call about a suspicious person at a store. When he arrived, he was told that a man had been trying to steal groceries from customers. He was given a description of the man, and it didn’t take long to track him down.

The officer had a body camera, one that he had purchased himself, on his glasses. That camera captured everything that the officer was seeing, and helped tremendously when it came time to go to court.

His assailant, Malcolm Orr, 29, was found guilty of attempted murder and possession of a weapon and sentenced to 35 years Wednesday following a two-day trial.

In the video above, you can see the interaction between Orr and Officer Smith, and how quickly things turn potentially deadly.

“Come here, man. Come here for a second,” Smith says.

As he gets closer to Orr, Smith notices that he has his hand in his pocket as if he’s carrying a weapon.

“Take your hands out your pocket!” Smith yells. “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna tase you. I’m not playing with you!”

Orr takes a few more steps before finally revealing the weapon — a 9mm handgun — and opening fire.

“Shots fired!” Smith screams, while running back to his vehicle.

“I am hit. I am hit in my neck someplace,” he says. “Dispatch, please tell my family I love them.”

Officer Smith was shot at 8 times, and Orr is just another thug who could care less about someone’s life. Luckily, Smith survived the injuries sustained, and was able to see Orr brought to justice for his crimes.

During the trial, it took jurors less than 45 minutes to come back with their guilty verdicts.

In my opinion, 35 years isn’t enough for the crimes committed. Orr was looking to kill, and should be locked up for the rest of his days.

In closing, I’d like to thank Officer Smith for his service to his community, and am happy that he survived this horrible experience. And, a thank you to all of those who serve to protect. They put their lives in danger each day, and are unfortunately faced with thugs such as Orr.

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