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postheadericon Hacker who stole celebrity emails, sex videos, movie scripts gets five years in prison

Alonzo Knowles was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty in a separate case involving the hacking of female celebrities’ online accounts

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postheadericon Two New Gun Control Videos Were Released This Week And We’re Trying To Determine Which One Is The Worst

If there’s one truth about YouTube, it’s this: If the owner of a video disables comments and upvotes/downvotes, it’s a video that should not be trusted. Agreed?

Alright, moving on.


The first video was produced by the Brady Campaign and features a Alice In Wonderland theme. We’re off to a great start, I know.

In the video, Alice shoots herself in the face. Yea, really.

I understand that they want to get people to lock up their guns, but using a theme such as Alice In Wonderland is just… creepy and weird.

The video is said to be a response to a recent NRA publication titled Little Red Riding Hood (Has A Gun), but that story is about good vs evil. Granny is ready to take that wolf out. reports;

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, [The Brady Campaign] responded with a frank, well researched argument about how these portrayals are unproductive and offered alternate suggestions for crafting a more nuanced, accurate argument.

Naw… I’m just kidding. They produced their own fairy tale which features Alice of Wonderland fame shooting herself in the face.

And of course, they’ve disabled user comments. Their video likes aren’t looking too fantastic, either.

ScreenHunter_373 Apr. 14 16.08

Their likes vs dislikes aren’t looking too healthy, either.


Moving on to what I’m really writing this article about… video 2.

The second video comes to the world from States United to Prevent Gun Violence. This is the first I’ve heard of them, and they sure do what to make a point. I feel the point was missed, though. By a long shot.

In the video, they fake a new action movie FILLED WITH GUNS!!!! and dupe people into thinking it’s a real movie that’s just been released. Once the theater fills and the movie starts rolling, everyone in the audience is in for a rude awakening.

Give it a watch, and then let’s continue.

Yea, I know. I’ll just start with the obvious parts.

The Glorification Of Guns

Their main argument is that our culture glorifies guns in Hollywood and beyond. Everyone seems excited to see this new blood, guts and guns movie. But what’s wrong with that, really? I appreciate a great action movie and if it has guns in it, so be it.

Fact check: I’m not a criminal, but I enjoy movies with guns. Shocking!

One of my favorite movie franchises is the Ocean’s trilogy. You know, Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13. Even though I have a slight obsession with the movies (that and the movie 21, which is based on the true story of some college kids and a professor knocking over Vegas), I’m still not about to go rob a casino. Or do anything illegal, for that matter. Do you know why?

Fact check: I’m not a criminal.

Just because you like something, or like the idea of something, doesn’t mean you’re destined to act out that very thing. There’s such thing as entertainment and for the vast majority of folks, that’s where it ends.

We’ve Covered Most Of The Stories They Displayed

And for good reason. We share these exact stories and videos so that people can have a better idea of the crime that happens in our country. And to be prepared for it if they choose to do so. Remember, each real ‘scene’ that they showed in the video above was perpetrated by a bad guy and not a law-abiding gun owner. You know, the other 99.99999% of people with guns.

It’s Still Not The Guns, And It Never Will Be

Mid-video, they flash the following words on screen:

ScreenHunter_377 Apr. 14 16.23

If I could make a correction to their misdirected point…

ScreenHunter_377 Apr. 14 16.23

What it boils down to at the end of the day is what it always has… bad people exist and will try and do harm to others, whether they have a gun or not. In these particular examples, the bad guys used guns. But what if the victims were able to fight back in an effort to save themselves and others? Would they still be against guns then?

I should create the same movie, but with real-life stories of law-abiding gun owners successfully defending themselves against the same bad guys we see in theirs. I wonder how the crowd would react with that motion picture.

The Reactions Weren’t Thought Out

When interviewed after the presentation was over, a few people gave their thoughts to the camera about what they just saw. Let’s take a look at a few of those responses.

  1. “When you see what really happens, it’s kind of pretty disgusting and disturbing.”
    I couldn’t agree more, and I’ll even say that it’s real life. Because it is. No person of sane mind would disagree with this first comment and if they do, they’re likely one of the bad guys.
  2. “It was horrible, actually. I found it way too disturbing.”
    Again, this is a valid statement made by anyone with a heart. We’re on track so far.
  3. “You’re waiting for someone to save the day, and you’re waiting for everybody to, you know, stand up and we’re all ok. But it’s not like that.”
    Wouldn’t this be a great argument for guns in the hands of the good guys that were unfortunate enough to be looking evil in the eyes? It’s a good enough argument for me, I’ll tell you that.
  4. “You’ve got to be crazy to think that somehow guns are making us safer.”
    There are hundreds of stories that make the news each year that demonstrate guns saving lives, and thousands more that are not reported on. Just because we don’t see it on a daily basis doesn’t mean they don’t happen. I am in a position where I see bad guys doing bad things each day, based on the stories I cover. Adding a good guy with a gun into nearly every scenario is game-changing… for the good guy.
  5. “Go watch this before you buy a gun.”
    As if this gentleman is saying that everyone who goes out and buys a gun is going to head out to murder people with it. That’s not how this works, and it’s not ever going to be like that. I propose a documentary on alcohol-related car accidents and any other negative effects of alcohol with the theme; “Before you decide to drink alcohol, watch this movie.” We know that everyone who has a drink will wind up killing someone, right? Wrong. It’s called being responsible, and the same responsibility comes with gun ownership.

This video also doesn’t do too well in the comments section, or the like and dislikes. Why is that? Because both were disabled for this video. I didn’t even know you could hide the likes/dislikes count from a video until today.

ScreenHunter_378 Apr. 14 16.41

Once again, a lot of time was wasted with the creation of a video that really doesn’t prove anything. At all. If anything was proven, it’s that more people should be in a position to defend themselves against the crazies. With guns.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Most Popular Netflix Instant Videos of 2013 You Might Have Missed

House of Cards - Best of Netflix 2013, Best TV 2013

House of Cards

2013 was a banner year for Netflix Instant. As more and more people cut the cord and ditched their cable packages, the streaming media service cemented their stature as one of the premium ways to consume movies and television.

Better yet, Netflix Instant also took its most noteworthy steps into the world of original programming (as the section below will discuss), garnering multiple Emmy nominations for dramatic and comedic series that premiered on their network. It’s no wonder services like Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime are hustling to demonstrate their original programming chops, having seen Netflix succeed so completely throughout 2013.

While we certainly have a lot of affection for other streaming media channels, we think it was Netflix Instant’s year, so we’re going to focus on the best they had to offer in 2013.

Best Netflix Instant Original Programming

Arrested Development on Netflix Instant- Best of Netflix 2013, Best TV 2013

Arrested Development on Netflix Instant

House of Cards – Let’s start here, since most people tend to ignore Lilyhammer’s existence and choose to believe this was Netflix’s first original show. The acting was meaty, the intrigue was over-heated, and some of the twists beggared belief, but there’s no denying that we (and many, many others) shotgunned through the first thirteen episodes of this political thriller like the time to do so might soon run out.

Arrested Development – As huge fans of the series when it originally ran on Fox, we were frothing at the mouth with anticipation when Netflix announced that new episodes would be forthcoming. Arrested Development‘s fourth season didn’t quite live up to our expectations (what could?), but it wasn’t for lack of ambition. The choppy, disjointed Arrested Development is still better (and a whole lot funnier) than the vast majority of network TV comedy.

Orange Is the New Black – Here’s one that floored us, no qualifications. Orange Is the New Black gave us a handful of interesting characters in the first few episodes, and then just kept packing more and more of them in to its confined quarters. Ostensibly the story of a privileged white woman with a wild past that belatedly lands her in prison, Orange Is the New Black slowly and patiently revealed the humanity of the initially scary characters that surrounded her, creating a universe that was a pleasure to dwell in (from a distance, of course).

Marc Maron: Thinky Pain – If you only knew Marc Maron from his invaluable WTF Podcast, you’d certainly know him as a prime, self-obsessed ranter. However, you might not have as clear of an idea about what a skilled and entertaining comedian Marc Maron is and has been for years. Thinky Pain is evidence that few in Maron’s field can tap into the humor and pathos of the constantly agitated the way he can.

Best Movies (and Miniseries) of 2013 Streaming on Netflix Instant

For this section, we’re only going to be focused on movies that were released in 2013, lest you think we weren’t aware of the many other great movies on Netflix Instant. And, of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list of our favorite movies of 2013 (we’d recommend Inside Llewyn Davis or The World’s End here, but what good does that do a person watching Netflix Instant?). Anyway, get streaming!

Best Comedies on Netflix

It's A Disaster: Available on Netflix Instant- Best Movies 2013

It’s A Disaster: Available on Netflix Instant

It’s A Disaster -Here’s something you didn’t know you wanted: a wonderfully droll comedy about the apocalypse. David Cross (from Arrested Development) stars as a man meeting his new girlfriend’s friends over their weekly brunch, which takes a surprising turn when they slowly realize that the end times have begun right outside the door. One of the great joys of this movie is watching Cross (excellent as a straight man) navigate the social minefield that is watching close friends casually snipe at each other, but the cast is uniformly excellent, making the most of a clever script.

Prince Avalanche – Director David Gordon Green used to make beautiful, lyrical, little indie movies (George WashingtonAll the Real GirlsSnow Angels) before he bizarrely moved on to big studio comedies of varying quality (The Pineapple ExpressYour HighnessThe Sitter). Prince Avalanche is his return to form, telling the almost non-existent story of two line-painters (Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch) working through a stretch of Texas devastated by fires in the eighties. Odd, philosophical, mysterious, and completely disarming.

Frances Ha – It took the winning Greta Gerwig to finally bring a light touch to Noah Baumbach’s typically mean-spirited films (we like them, truly, but woof, Nicole Kidman’s character in Margot At the Wedding…). Gerwig co-wrote Frances Ha with Baumbach and stars as the titular Frances, an enthusiastic but existentially adrift 27-year-old struggling to make it as a dancer in New York City. A sweet, funny, and insightful movie about that time of life when you feel like you should have it all figured out but you know you’re nowhere close to that goal.

Best New Documentaries Netflix Instant 2013

Computer Chess – It was a little over a week ago that we first mentioned this sleeper gem. Here’s what we had to say:

A great little curio of a movie that came out earlier this year, Computer Chess is a dryly funny, faux-documentary about a man-vs-machine chess tournament set in 1980, populated by wonderfully esoteric characters and other oddities.

And wouldn’t you know it, all of that is still true. Seek it out.

Room 237  – For huge fans of The Shining (like us), Room 237 was a great opportunity to pore over a classic and consider some of the subtextual tricks director Stanley Kubrick may have been employing. For others, it provided the chance to listen to some crackpot theories, and a few intriguing ones, about a thirty-year-old movie. Room 237‘s purpose – to explore some remarkably intricate and often remarkably strained theories about The Shining – might have seemed like a chance to laugh at a few loonies with loony theories, but it was a fascinating study about just how much people will deliberately twist their brains to make something that they really, really want to believe conceivable.

 Best New Dramas Streaming on Netflix

Upstream Color: Best of Netflix 2013- Best Movies 2013

Upstream Color: Best of Netflix 2013

Side Effects – This movie may make for a weird final note in Steven Soderbergh’s directorial career, but it’s a sleek and intelligent example of film noir nonetheless. We’ll warn you that the less you know about the plot going in, the better, but the story revolves around a depressive woman (Rooney Mara), her psychiatrist (Jude Law), and the tricky nature of treating mental health with pharmaceuticals . The twists certainly come quick and often, and Soderbergh’s usual deconstructionist eye is well-applied to this slippery tale of deceit and murder.

Upstream Color – As with writer/director/star Shane Carruth’s other movie (Primer), not knowing what’s going on in Upstream Color is part of the point. Seemingly, Upstream Color is about a woman (Amy Seimetz) whose life is turned upside down after she’s abducted and hypnotized, and the man she meets (Carruth) who may have had the same thing happen to him, but it’s such an unusually and originally assembled movie that it’s hard to commit even to that description. Nonetheless, Upstream Color is a beautiful, mesmerizing, startlingly unique science fiction drama, one that uses the confusion it causes as a necessary part of its otherworldly spell.

Top of the Lake – Jane Campion’s much-heralded (rightfully so) return was a seven-episode miniseries that cast Elisabeth Moss as a detective searching small-town New Zealand for a missing, pregnant 12-year-old girl. Moss soon finds her case intertwining with a local crime boss (Peter Mullan) and a battered women’s shelter run by a mystic (Holly Hunter). It’s a fascinatingly and patiently told tale that has a great many interesting things to say about gender issues.

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